How can I help my toddler learn how to use utensils?

I know all babies are different mines almost 2 and still prefers using his hands to eat he gets frustrated when he cant scoop up his food onto a fork or spoon any ideas on how to help him?


Check out the Ryan and rose fork!

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my son is fixing to be 3 he still uses his hands most the time just keep letting him try he will get it

Try getting those wider ones. Mine just turned 2 end of Jan and wants to eat everything with a fork he hates getting his hands messy.

Totally normal! My boys 2, 3 in August & still eats with his hands. Kids will be kids :person_shrugging:

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Who cares, as long as hes getting it in his mouth and eatting thats all that matters. My kids know how to use their silverware but would rather use their hands. Its just faster and easier even tho it can be messy.

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Just let him get frustrated he’s learning… the only thing that I can say is just let him learn… give him the opportunity to use a spoon and a fork every time he eats if he still uses his hands that’s okay nothing wrong with that. And remember Mama I know it seems frustrating but when they make a mess is they’re still learning! Give him some time he will get it!

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I always put by her plate a fork or spoon in case she wants to try and I just repeat to my niece. Poke and scoop for a fork. Or just scoop scoop. I also show them with my silverware also. Sometimes they are just so hungry it’s the fastest way to their mouths.

Practice makes perfect. Scooping fruits and granola in yogurt helps because they still work on the big pieces and if they miss they still have something stuck on the spoon. Before you know it this will be just a memory you’ll wish to have back!

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My 5 year old just started really using silverware and he still uses his hands sometimes.

To this day my 6 year old will pick up meat and put it on her fork if it doesn’t go right on the first try lol just offer utensils and he will pick them up eventually

Mine knows how to use them and he will but sometimes he still prefers to use his hands. Makes no difference to me I’m just happy when he actually eats what I make him :laughing:

My daughter just turned 2 and still cant use a fork the correct way… When she gets near her mouth she tilts it up (instead of holding it straight) so all her food falls off… I’m not worried about it whatsoever…

Utensils with handles

Yes all kids r different… my oldest used his hands till he was a little over 3… but my 3rd child has been using a fork successfully since he was about 10 months… my oldest is now 15 & still uses his fingers to help the food on to his utensil

Chopsticks will make him appreciate a fork.

Those baby forkes are a joke go buy a short stainless fork like a real fook. I found one at our super Krogers. The kids forkes don’t pierce into anything. And the spoons are so deep they can’t remove the food unless turning it over.