How can I help with my 23-month-old with her tantrums?

My 23-month-old is hitting and tantrum’ing. It’s crazy. Before I had my 3week old baby, it would have driven me crazy, but now it’s more “she’s wild.” I know it’s from the new baby, but the behavior is still accounted for, and she can’t behave like this. I’m afraid of when she starts daycare back up. I haven’t had a two-year-old in 7 years. And I kinda didn’t do so well the first time. It was all inconsistent and random. I’m out calling. I’m trying to get tips. Please send me your modern-day tips on how to ease these with a firm tone and consistency. I like using distraction, but it only works for 5-10mins. How do you calm your babies?


I tell her “no, be niceeeee” and I rub her head or her arm and show her “nice” behavior. She’ll quickly go back to be affectionate. But the kids in her daycare are all hitting and biting smh🤬

So, she’s almost 2, and jealous of new baby? Maybe let her help with baby, so she doesn’t feel left out? What specifically is she tantrumming about, as that will also affect how you respond to her.

Let her know that screaming and crying aren’t how we make our wishes known, and that until she can calm herself down and be polite, she isn’t going to get what she wants.


Im not a “new stile mom” if i tell my child no and they tbrow a fit momma jurks there ass up and tell them either cut it out or were getting a butt busting and/or going home and of it continues i fallaow though, if its over sometjing they want i make them tell me what they want without the fit or they dont get it i do not reword bad behavor at all

I’m guessing she is feeling left out, and at this age probably doesn’t have the words to say how she is feeling. See of you can pick the few moments before the tantrum gets going, sit and cuddle her, even in the throws of a tantrum sit with her on your lap facing you and hug her tight. Tell her you love her, you understand she’s frustrated and it will be okay soon.

A lot of the time when little kids throw tantrums they feel complete overwhelmed and then become frightened because they can’t control their emotions. Don’t give them what they want, but give them all your love.

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I involved my son a ton with the new baby. I also had to start on a really strict schedule and it’s helped a ton


People should stop counting in months after a year. Smh.

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Your 2 year old is just hitting the terrible twos

This may sound crazy but get her her very own baby to take care of…just like mommy…it worked for me anyway…

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Structure, consistancy, and love. Two year olds are growing and learning at such a rapid pace, every day they could and usually do learn something new or accomplish a task they have been working on, imagine all that going on in their tiny little bodies and minds and then add a little chaos from a new baby in the mix. Include the two year old in daily caregiving of their new sibling ask them to be the big helper and talk about what they can do; Bring diapers, wipes a bottle ect… to help. Allow them to Express their feelings we as adults have our “bad” days those days we are extra tired or just not feeling it as adults we forget our littles are people too and have every right to have good and bad days. Keeping a structured daily schedule helps their minds and body know what is next and what is expected of them.

I’ll just leave it at Happy New Year and scroll on.:roll_eyes:

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I sing to my 2 year old who is autistic. It helps her a lot

I only have one kid. But we talked to our daughter when her behavior wasn’t her best. N

With my daughters fits i let her see how they looked one day when we were at home. She started to raise hades so i matched her. If you have a new born… get someone to take them for about 30 minutes to an hour when she is acting out.

But if you dont like that option. When the new baby’s sleeping sit and try to read a book or color something 1 on 1 with her.

Just let her throw her tantrum. Everyone has a bad day, and sometimes little ones have a hard time expressing themselves. After she is done, ask her to use her words to tell you what’s wrong.

I would put her in time out… like a quiet room where she can’t herself… she will scream at the top of her lungs. Ignore her . let her have her tantrum… She will eventually calm down when she does go and talk to her calmy. Ask her why was she so mad… If she can tell you let her. Just tell her what she did wasn’t nice… Keep doing that Everytime she has a tantrum… she eventually figure it out… It worked with my nephew and my niece… Good luck

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Buy her a new baby doll and tel her that her baby. She must nurse it wen you nurse the baby .let her interact as you do it might calm her down

Hell, I’m 485 months old. I still throw tantrums and hit. Tiffany Truelove