How can I improve my milk supply?

Hi im a FTM i had great milk supply for the first two months after my baby was born (she was six weeks early) i was producing 1000 mls a day! But once we got home from NICU i couldn’t pump as much and my supply dropped dramatically, so i started using upspring milkflow to get it back up, and was wondering if im supposed to pump right after drinking it? How long would it take to get my supply back up? Thank you

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Do you have a lactation consultant? They can be pricey but I found the Wic office usually has one working there.
Super important/very beneficial if you have access to a LC, especially as a FTM.

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Pumping is not an indicator of how much milk you are making. Put baby on breast and your supply will go back up.


Did you change something when you got home

Eating…drinking…pumping same schedule and amount of time?

If you are an exclusive pumper and don’t nurse putting baby to breast won’t necessarily help.
Power pump 2x a day, pump every 3 hrs max (I know, it’s hard) water water and some more water.
I’m going through the same thing currently. Try legendairy milk supplements if upspring doesn’t help you. Fenugreek can actually make some women produce less, and the Legendairy milk is fenugreek free and all organic.
I recommend liquid gold or pump princess!

This isn’t helpful but my milk increased I think being around all the other babies in the NICU. The cries made my milk drop. Just personal experience.

I used legendairy milk organic pills and the drops. You have to actually pump on a schedule to bring up your supply. Pump until nothing comes anymore. I know it’s hard bc the baby needs you this is why it’s so important to have a good support system

I have no help… But i just wanted to say wow!! I only produced like 10ml a day…

Pump often when we left NICU it was harder to pump bc life is busy but we made it don’t give up I pumper 20 min every 2 hours