How can I increase my milk supply?

Tell me it’s okay…. I have been breast feeding for three months now… I happened to get a clogged milk duct on day 3 and hadn’t came out… I just feel like I’m drying up. I’m beating myself up just the thought of having to give her formula…


Anything with coconut in it!

Don’t beat yourself up. Fed is best. The first months are the most important and you’ve made it thru that.
That being said, I hope someone has some advice that works because if you chose to BF it’d be fabulous for it to work out for you without the stress💜 Good-luck on this!

Water and oatmeal every morning

I feed all of my 4 children both formula and breastfeeding milk. Never beat yourself up about anything. I found it good doing both as I could feed better when I was out with the formula but fed from me at home or just did it alternately.

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Brewers yeast, blessed thistle, mothers milk tea, and fenugreek. Took all of them for me. But wow. Really did the trick. Also try to pump or feed as often as you can.

I pumped every three hours for 144 days

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Hey Mama. Is your baby nursing, or are you having to pump? I struggled with this a lot with my second child because he couldn’t latch. My mom made me lactation cookies and they helped a bit, but I was on a rigid pump schedule. I wasn’t able to sustain a generous supply and he preferred formula over milk

Gallon + water per day. 3 meals plus snacks. At least a 3-4 stretch of sleep each night. Keep latching babe so she can keep calling for more milk :heart::heart:


Mother’s Milk tea, lactation cookies. Target has a lactation drink mix in 2 flavors.
Above all, remember that you gave your precious baby all you could and the most important thing is that she is fed!


Feed then Pump babe’s every 2 hours for the next 48 hours then every 3 hours after 48 hours.

Try a beer. One a week helps with production

Mother’s Milk tea helps. Other foods can help, lots of water! Pumping to help amp up supply. Consult your lactation specialist. I’ve breast fed all 4 of my babies but my last child I did need to supplement with some formula to help with her weight. It’s not the end of the world, and stress can cause your supply to decrease as well. Hang in there Mama :heart: it’s ok


Why do you think your supply is low? Is she having wet diapers? Are you judging by pumping? Don’t freak out or give up momma. I use to all the time, pumping really stressed me out. When exclusively breatfeeding its normal to only pump an ounce or so, sometimes less. That doesnt mean your supply is low. I also worried when I stopped leaking and lost the “full” feeling, but that is normal as well as you progress further into your journey. As long as baby is gaining weight and having normal diapers try not to worry so much :heart: wishing you the best of luck

All that matters is she is fed and happy. Please stop beating yourself up, we can’t always control our bodies.

Body armor drinks worked wonders for me


Fenugreek tea or get the seeds


You are trying and have succeeded for 3 months your baby has had all the goodness in that length of time, if you have to change to formula from now it’s fine, enjoy your baby as long as it’s fed that’s all that matters.

Drink lots and lots of water, I read blue Gatorade too. Every time you nurse, pump after, even in the middle of the night. When nursing on one side, use a haaka on the other at the same time. If baby isn’t nursing as often, try to pump on a schedule (like every 2 or 3 hrs)

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Be very cautious of Fenugreek - it can actually dry you up.


All that matters is that your child is fed. I know how heartbreaking it can feel when you really want to breastfeed, but sometimes nature has other plans. A full and happy tummy is all that matters, I promise. That being said, you can try fenugreek vitamins, warm compresses, pumping…


Had same issue… pump ever 2-3 hours round the clock…yes, throughout the night too. That will DEFINITELY UNCLOG AND INCREASE your supply!


Fenugreek, odouls beer, mothers tea. Lots of massaging in the shower hurts but will unclog u. Have baby nurse on it too, pump, pump, pump


Pump in between feeding. Any stimulation to you breasts will bring the mink in. Take hot as you can stand showers. Let the hot water run over your breasts. Rub your breast. Bottom line is stimulate your breast and your milk will come in. The more stimulation the more milk. Drink lots of water and juices.

Oatmeal. Your best bet is googling. They have products in grocery stores around the baby section that do work.

Old timey remedy , milk some breast milk out into a container and pour it in running water like a creek or river. Your breast milk should increase.

Dark beer, extra water, and steel cut oatmeal. Be cautious of antibiotics, benadryl and wait on using fenugreek. Lactation consultants will tell you it can have the opposite effect.

The first 3 months is a oversupply, around the 3 month mark you will have a natural drop as your body is now realizing how much it needs for baby. If you want to increase supply then let baby cluster feed or mimic cluster feed with a pump. But body responds better with baby. Stress is a milk killer though.


Also remember if your baby is making wet and dirty diapers you’re making enough

Call me crazy but the Starbucks pink drink helped boost my supply! I also drank a ton of water, body armor drinks, coconut water and made some no bake lactation balls! I also wanted to add… is baby having enough wet diapers in the day? Is baby latch hurting you or are you having discomfort? A nipple shield helps with that. You could also try pumping as well when you can to tell your body to produce more milk. Its all about stimulating to tell your body to produce more. Wishing you the best!

A warm shower and massage helps.

I had to pump every hour to 2 hours to build up my supply, massaging helped as well, like you i started producing less at about 4 months & had to supplement with formula. FED IS BEST, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior for not being able to continue breast feeding!

Lactation cookies, really yeasty beer. ( 1 8oz beer won’t harm baby)
Hydration, hydration, hydration!!! Liquid Ivs, water, body armors.
Also make sure you’re eating good :heart: and remember no matter what, FED IS BEST :heart: you got this

Why do you feel like you’re drying up?
Milk regulates around this time for most so we don’t tend to have such a hard letdown or as much, if any, engorgement. Pumping often becomes more difficult around this time, too.

Ok listen. I just went through this. I got mastitis I was in pain for so long. I bought a hakkaa pump, did Epsom salt nipple dips to get the clog out and I pumped and pumped and pumped as much as I could. I also took sunflower lechin that keeps you from getting clogged again. Message me if you need to. I’ll tell you everything I did. And I’m happy to say I’m finally exclusively breastfeeding again.