How can I increase my milk supply?

Is it just over for me? I’m trying everything to get a better supply. Just when I think I’m heading in the right direction I go to pump and get LITERALLY NOTHING. Yesterday I was getting close to an ounce each time. I know that’s not a lot but for me right now it is. I’ve literally been trying everything. Any tip or trick I’ve done. Is it just not gonna happen for some women? I can sit here and squeeze milk out all day long and it fly across the room, but I can’t do that for more than a few minutes and it hurts my hands so bad. I’m ordering brewers yeast tomorrow, that’s kinda the last thing I can try. Idk what else to do. Someone give me some kind of magic concoction to make more milk. And yes, along with all the supplements, hydration, everything, I’ve been pumping every 3 hours. Sometime at night I can’t hear my alarm and I don’t pump for 6 hours but is that REALLY what’s stopping me from making milk? Ugh help PLEASE.

I used a supplement that was a combination of fenugreek and blessed thistle, along with pumping after each feed

Stress can be the biggest hindrance. Also sometimes women don’t produce through pumping it just doesn’t stimulate the body enough. You may have to put baby to breast and forget pumping. You also need to eat and drink a crazy amount while sitting there pumping.

And if none of this works and you end up going another way to feed baby. You did everything you could. You’re making sure baby is fed in an appropriate way and that’s really all that matters.

From your post, it doesn’t sound like you’re not producing, it sounds like maybe your let down isn’t great when pumping. Are you also nursing? That should help with supply, if you’re able. If I answer from my experience, it would depend on the age of your baby. If withing the first few months and you’re able to, just focus on nursing. Your body reacts different to pumping and its not uncommon to not be able to pump a ton at first, even though your supply is actually fine. My other advice (fb scientist and Dr’s don’t drag me…just personal advice that worked for me but I haven’t researched thoroughly lol) I believe your let down is driven by a hormone release in your brain. Which is why when we hear our baby’s cry or even see them that can cause let down or leaking. When you’re going to pump try to relax and even look at a cute photo of your baby or watch a video. I know it sounds a little crazy, but your brain is a crazy muscle. Once I really started to focus on this pumping became much easier. Maybe this will help you too, I hope so. Good luck Mama :heart:

The more you nurse your baby , the more you produce .

This was me, no matter what I did I never put out enough. I went crazy and spent so much money on things to try and produce more milk. I drove my self into a mental state that was unhealthy. Sometimes it’s just biology and nothing can change that. Best of luck momma.

Drink a ton of water constantly. I’d go through two or three big gulp sized glasses every morning at work and could pump two bottles full at lunch in about 30 minutes.

Beer and tea for lactating moms (I think raspberry tea? Traditional Medicinals tea makes one) are also supposed to help. My husband’s aunt who had 7 kids brought me a 6-pack of Guinness as a present!

Relaxing is key also, so whatever you can do to be calm is helpful. Baths, meditation, soothing music, listening to recorded baby sounds, deep breaths, watching or reading something funny, having hubs give you foot or shoulder or head massages—any or all of these or whatever works.

Good luck! And if nothing works, don’t stress! Formula babies have been turning out just fine for ages.

Nothing builds supply better than baby latching. If you’re only pumping, try a hot shower and a hakka, or a manual pump, instead of the electronic ones. Some women just don’t react well to those.

How are you pumping? Automatic, hand pump, hand expression? Is your flange size correct?

Try pumping at the same time everyday. And you can try pumping every 2 hours or if you have baby latch to feed after baby is done eating start pumping right after you’re done it should help boost your supply if your body thinks that baby is still hungry.

You not being able to pump anything doesn’t say anything about your supply

I can’t pump anything EVER but that doesn’t mean your not making enough milk. My baby is 6 months and I stopped pumping around 3 months .Your body makes enough for what your baby needs so unless there losing weight , trust your body mama.I wish someone would have told me that ages ago.

Should be pumping more frequently is your babu feeding from breast also . Thr closer together u pump the more milk u produce

If your baby is six weeks or more, you’ll only produce the milk they need. If you need to pump because of work etc, try first thing in the morning before feeding. Have a drink and look at a picture of your baby to get the milk flowing. I breastfed for eighteen months but I often couldn’t pump more than a little bit.