How can I increase my sex drive?

Hey ladies, I need to know if anyone else has felt this way. So I had my son on 5/23/22, 4 months ago and ever since then I have no sex drive at all. I used to have a high sex drive even while pregnant and now there’s just nothing. I do find my boyfriend just as attractive as ever, even more now that he’s a father and a good one. He wants to have sex and I feel like I’m just letting him down. He is very nice about it and never pushes me to do anything. Anybody else feel this way too? Like your brain wants to do it but your body doesn’t?? Also I’m on birth control, the Nexplanon arm implant. I don’t know if that affects anything. Please help!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I increase my sex drive?

It’ll pass it’s just all the changes in your body and hormones. From having a baby and adjusting to a new baby life, also not sure if you are but breast feeding decrease libido

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I’ve had nexplanon since I had my son too (Dec 2020), so not sure if it’s related but I had no drive for like the first 6 months. It takes time for your body to heal as well as getting used to having a new little one in the house.

It’s the birth control

Take the implant out hunni it did that to me

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Birth control can affect your libido

It’s the implant. Same thing happened to me!

Yes! It’ll take a bit. I’d force myself so then he was also pleased but once I got going it was fine. So idk what the deal is. Still that way three years later.


Once I do it then it comes back lol

Read romantic erotic books :rofl: sounds crazy but my wife isn’t complaining anymore! Melanie Tettleton


Your hormones haven’t leveled out since the baby and tossing the birth control in. Probably through it all off.

Plus caring for a baby is really takes a ton out of you. I found my self touched out alot.

Your lucky to have a partner that tries to understand.


It’s definitely the birth control… I’m sure that your body is not back to normal yet either from having the baby… but every time I’m on birth control it takes my libido away


Definitely birth control… and please pay attention it doesn’t move outta place… I had one and moved causing blood infection and swelled my arm up bigger then a golf ball

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A lot of women buy the make it juicy capsules but i prefer the yoni sensations oil. Theres something about her products in general though that just boost your confidence and sex drive. Even if i just use the body butters and body oils, it puts me in the mood haha

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It’ll just be the new adjustments, baby, tiredness, homrones. It’ll come back x

I was not on birth control never have been and this happened to me after both of my pregnancy which were 12 years apart. Sometimes it happens…. You may have a touch of Postpartum depression which can affect your libido.

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It could be the hormones in your body tryjng to regulate itself but i think it’s the birth control. It’s typical for birth control to affect libido. Mine has been affecting mine for months now. But I’d rather have no drive then a wonky period.

If you’re breastfeeding that will also cause for you not too have any…

Take that out asap that is a horrible birth control. Not to mention many cases it goes farther up and can cause definite problems.


The birth control paired with just having a baby can cause low-to-no sex drive. I didn’t have a sex drive at all after I had my son & I hardly have one now a year and a half later

The nexplanon made me crazy. Take that thing out.


Are you breastfeeding? Suffering from ppd? On bc or anti-depressants? Hormonal changes may mean you need some lube

I wasn’t on birth control after my daughter & still had no sex drive. Could be everything from just having a new baby!

I’d talk to your Doctor. Probably the hormones & birth control med.

It’s just your hormones. They’ll go back to normal after awhile

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Almost 4 years pp and still having this problem. Good luck.


I was this way when my son was born. He’s 8 months now. My sex drive came back a few months after he was born. If you have PPD, that can cause your sex drive to be low.

Talk to your OBGYN. Your hormones are off balance because of child birth . He or she will help you not Facebook

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See your Dr. Your hormones haven’t settled yet so it’s normal but have your Dr check to see if you need to take a supplement.

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I lost mine pretty much after my fourth child… Couple years later I ended up having a hysterectomy, and now all the doctors will tell me is because of menopause, which is BS because that was years ago now… I think it all has to do with hormones

Nexplanon effected my sex drive, even a year postpartum. The day I got it removed I felt a difference.

You can dm I had same issue and also have the implant but the implant isn’t the cause not for me anyway

If your brain wants to do it. Use some lube. You will get into it as you go along. Very unfair to your boyfriend. Also call your doctor for a complete physical and bloodwork. Good Luck.


It’s your hormones. Mine didn’t come back for about a year after each kid.

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It’s normal your hormones are out of whack is all so go to your doctor and talk to them n see what u can do

  1. It’s your hormones still doing their own thing at the moment. Your brain is still high level mum mode.
  2. Nexplanon is a killer for libido! This is my 3rd one. It’s mind over matter. Once you get into it it’s great but 9/10 I am not in the mood. But it’s the best contraception for myself.
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Have you mentioned this to your doctor, big culprit of loss of sex drive could be hormones, breat feeding, it can be complicated after child birth. Make an appointment to be checked out, it’s a good place to start.

I had my daughter on 7-30-2022. Just for my sex drive back a year plus later. I am also still breastfeeding so I’m not sure If that helped or not and I finally got my period for the first time since being pregnant last month.

It’s your hormones and completely normal . If your feeling it but your body isn’t just get some lube loool that’s what my ob told me and eventually my drive came back. It took almost a year for me to get my sex drive back to normal .

Could be the BC tbh. Your hormones didn’t get back to normal and then you jumped on BC. I’d talk to your OB about it.

Already on birth control
Baby is only 4 months
Your hormones haven’t recovered from your pregnancy yet. How soon after birth did you get your implant?
You need to see your doctor have your levels checked.

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Low testosterone is one reason for low sex drive and overall motivation.
Get a full blood count because chances are you are deficient in something :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

research a new drug, it might be suitable for your situation

Sometimes you need to just commit to interaction, don’t feel like the expectation is sex. Letting go of that expectation can help you warm up to it naturally. Hormones are definitely a factor, but you can gain intimacy back without jumping into sex immediately.

Sometimes you have to get started before sex drive/desire kicks in. Just do it as nike says… lol… but honestly… it’s truth…

It’s not a listed side effect but Implanon or Nexplanon, can sometimes cause low libido. Roughly one in every twenty people using the implant will experience low libido due to their implant contraceptive. So I would talk to you Doctor


I always say this to friends who ask.
Just start and you’ll catch up and get into it. It’s the starting!


It’s 100% normal. It’s hormones, it’s also tiredness, possibly vitamin deficiency as well. Get rest, make sure you’re still taking the prenatals as if still pregnant especially if breastfeeding. It takes 6-8 months for your hormones to rebalance. There’s still other things you and he can do such as cuddle, give eachother back massages to help ease tiredness tension etc doesn’t always have to be sex but make sure you also remind him every day you love him and what a great father he is so his confidence doesn’t go down. Maybe have him accompany you to a check up and don’t be shy talking to the dr about how that part of you has changed and that you don’t want him feeling worried over it sometimes men need to hear the medical side/reasonings to these temporary changes in your body and hormones etc.

It can definitely be from your birth control! Maybe have him give you a massage, feather tickling, etc. any random things that might turn you on better and lead you to a better start to intercourse. I know for me sometimes, I just have to get the lube out and hope I can get in the mood and eventually once he starts hitting the right spot, I’m great!

Julia Ross-Golen not unfair at all. It can take time for some woman and her partner is respecting that.

It’s most likely the birth control. I had the same problem almost immediately after getting three implant

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Gonna say it’s not listed as a side effect of the implant atleast not from what i was given to read on it and not what the doctor mentioned (I’ll have had it for 3 years come march) I did notice a much lowered sex drive on it though not gonna lie, could be weight gain too. Cause when i put on extra weight after getting it, it only added to the issue. I’ve lost a good bit of weight though and feel much better than I did as far as that stuff goes. I’d go to your doctor though they can figure it out a lot better for you then playing a guessing game haha cause I did that and finally figured I was just overweight and the implant was giving that as a side effect too. Feel much better now I’ve lost some weight but i am getting the implant out in March and hoping that will help me feel better in that department and then the mood swings i hope go away too. Have had way more intense moods since getting on it too. It tapered off some in the last 3 months but still too intense at times. So I’ll be going with a much different bc for next time.

Hormone pellets. I did it once all I thought about was sex. I didn’t do it anymore it was to much for me.

It took me 6 months after my second child (3 years apart) to get mine back…… I did have 2 c sections and I am a working mom

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We adopted and I didn’t give birth, but for the first year my hormones went wacko and I couldn’t stand to be touched. It took almost 3 years to get back to “normal”. Your body needs times.

Different things can cause it

  1. Your hormones still all over the place

  2. Birth control can cause low libido

  3. Maybe subconsciously you do not feel confident enough about the changes in your body after the pregnancy.

    I think that in either case you should try a little harder , starting might be hard / difficult but avoiding the situation is not the solution, as soon as you start doing it again things should start getting better and easier.

Your tiered and don’t feel sexy…give it time it will come back

Congrats on your baby. Probably the birth control. Can you satisfy him till your drive is back?