How can I keep my 6-year-old in his room?

Hi. So I’m 38 weeks pregnant and I have a 6 year old son who is still not comfortable sleeping alone and wakes up every night looking for me. Before I was pregnant I would walk him back to his bed and either come back to my bed when he fell asleep or fall asleep and wake up with him in the morning. Now that I’m pregnant my husband basically just switches with him, my son gets in bed with me and husband goes to sleep in my sons room. The thing is I’m so anxious about when the baby is born. I don’t want to be waking up with the baby and my 6 year old son. My husband says he’ll help but im just dreading it so much. Has anyone been in a similar situation and how did you handle it?

As weird as this sounds what helped my five year old son was checking on him when I went to bed after he was in a good sleep. Go in, adjust his covers, stroke his face or anything to make him stir but not wake up. It breaks up his sleep cycle and now he rarely wakes in the middle of the night unless he has a nightmare or something. Before I started doing this he woke up most every night.

Put a mattress.on your floor and tell.him.if he wakes up to lie on the mattress and go back to.sleep a friend did this with her daughter

Put up a baby gate in front of his door. (can be something tougher)
Talk to him about schedules and get one of those alarm clocks that show wake times/sleeping times.

Let him know he’s a big brother & needs to be a good leader💙 Create a reward system. Something simple. Chocolate chip pancakes for example. Those little mini ones. Pop like 3 or4 on a pancake. Or a chocolate shake with banana to keep it healthy.

My 7yo, 4yo, and 8 month old sleep in bed with me.
We also make a little bed area in my room for my 7yo, and he will also sleep there.