How can I keep my baby comfortable on our flight?

My husband and I are planning to visit his Brother in NC. We have to board two planes. Each flight will take 2 hours each, and we will have to wait at the airport for about 1.5 hrs. I have a two-year-old and 17 weeks pregnant. I heard when the plane takes off babies’ ears will pop. Is this true? What did you do to comfort baby and helping cope with pain if his ears do pop? Any ideas to keep him busy on the plane and while waiting at the airport??


Give him a bottle or soppy cup to drink from during take off and landing. Also lots of stuff that he enjoys playing with when home to keep him occupied


I have traveled with the ear pain before but neither of my kids (5 & 1 at the time) had that problem so I’m not sure if that’s completely true. They said chewing gum for adults helps with the ears from popping. Maybe you can give your 2 year old something to munch on when the planes takes off. Favorite show with headphones may helps to keep them occupied

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He needs something to drink for takeoff and landing. Lots of snacks and toys lol

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We just got back from a long journey yesterday with my 2 year old. One of the legs was 5 hours. Have lots of snacks. We used a divider container and put different stuff in it that we know he likes! Have a sippy of something for take off and landing to help with ear popping. You could always give Motrin before the flight to help with discomfort. My son has tubes so I think that helped. Download his favorite shows on iPad, apps for toddlers. Mine really enjoyed “duck duck moose”. Stickers, small pack of play doh, paper with crayons, favorite stuffed animal. Dry erase book. You’ll be surprised how fast 2 hours goes by! Cruise through the dollar store to find stuff he’d like but don’t show him til the flight. And ration them so he has something new to play with about every 30 min! My son loves airplanes and loved looking out of the window! If you can bring your stroller on board that’s great for cruising through the airport to kill time. Bring lots of hand sanitizer and wipes! We also brought a little spray bottle of Lysol. We wiped EVERYTHING. Even the paper items in the seat pocket cuz he always likes to play with those. You are allowed up to 12oz or sanitizer and TSA will need to test it. I had my husband board first to prep/clean our seating area then I boarded with my son at the very last second. Hope this helps!!

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A bottle, sippy or pacifier will help that since hes not old enough to chew gum.

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My son was uncomfortable with his ears popping on the plane. He was 1.5 years old. & I think it kinda upset his belly taking off. He screamed the whole hour flight. I tried his tablet, snacks, a drink, my phone, toys, money, he just SCREAMED & I’m pretty sure everyone hated me by the time the plane landed :upside_down_face: just make sure they get some energy out in between. Let him/her run around the airport a bit. Stretch their bodies!

Just pray your baby is in a good mood. Mine is fairly behaved & hated plane rides.

I have my little one snacks to eat as we took off and landed. It bothered my older one and I when we landed.

I gave my boy a zippy cup or had the sucking on something during take off, I also brought musical books and toys (put tape over speaker, brings down volume, also just make sure you make it a fun experience for them… it was more tough for us when we had a night flight day was easy but the night flight was dreadful for me, then again it was just me a little dude

We took a dummy and a milk bottle and my son did great on an 8 hour flight x

When we flew with our 2 yo.
We gave him fruit snacks and a soppy cup to help with his ears popping when we accended and decended.

we kept the whole Expiernce “fun and exciting” we let him bring his favorite toy and let him look out the window, and eventually he ended up napping because of the time we flew

I gave my son a lollipop at landing and take off and had no issues

Pacifier, sucker, juice pouch, bottle, sippy cup - anything they can suck on while the plane is climbing or in the process of landing.

My daughter did not have a problem flying at 2 year Michigan to Florida and back with connecting flights.

I however took lots of fruit snacks and gold fish to keep her snacking while we were taking off and such. Worked well for us!

Sippy cups or a lollipop. I also put mine in their carseat Snacks will work with the chewing motion

I’ve given my son fruit snacks or having lollipops for them to suck on.

Tablet, blippi and a small toy plane

Give him something to suck on at take off and landing

if the ear pain is bad when you take off/land wet tissue in two plastic cups and put over ears. Stops all the pressure being able to get to the ears… I had the worst time with that when I was young and I did it every time… sucking on something on take off and landing is a brill idea too… pacifier would be perfect if they aren’t too old for one. And entertainment wise I used an old phone handset and downloaded loads of apps and books and games… it’s easy to carry, turn it into flight mode and no toys to pick up and find after the flight… You can get kids headphones too that are animal/cartoon themed

Gum or hard candy can get stuck in their throat. DO NOT USE.

I just flew for the 1st time in February to vegas and the pain of the ears was excruciating while flying even with gum or candy…horrible experience

Gummiea worked great for mine

I know its bad for teeth, but fruit gummies or chewy candies can help with ears popping… same concept as chewing gum. Also, pack enough to do on the plane to keep busy. Games to play with you or coloring pages. :+1:

I used to travel a lot with my daughter. The flight from Finland to Los Angeles is about 10 hours (we made this trip multiple times) It’s really not so bad, and flight attendants are usually very kind/helpful. Bring snacks, download some movies (my daughter loves blues clues and Peppa) and itll be over before you know it! If the toddler needs to let out some wiggles, they always let me or other parents walk the kids up and down the aisle. Pacifiers are a godsend as well.

Good luck be careful scary traveling in this world now days

Bring a toy/book. Also get some gum for your 2yo. Gum helps with the ears when you’re flying

When my son flew he was 17 months and he got Tylenol 45 minutes before his flight. His flight time in total was 9 hours. He had a few bottles with him to help with his ears. He spent almost 12 hours traveling

when my babies were little they fell asleep as the plane sped up they were asleep before we got in tbe air

My boy was super young, so I started feeding him just before we took off, he didnt even notice, and was asleep before take off was over, id give him a drink he can suck on or something to eat.

I flew with my 2 year old with no problem. I put his carseat in the window seat. Gave him a sippy and my phone and he watched out the window during take off. 5 mins later he slept the whole flight. I woke him after we landed. Both on the way there and on the way back. Never had a problem

A lollipop pop help but a dose of Tylenol wouldn’t hurt either of you

Give them a drink as it’s taking off. The swallowing of the fluid will help their ear drums from popping

Suck on a lolly pop or a dummy should stop any ear popping .I chew gum

I’m not sure when you’re traveling but I read that children aged 2 years and up will be required to wear face mask! A lollipop will help with the ears popping but I can’t imagine how your going to keep a face mask on the child.

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Make sure you have a stroller so your not holding your child during the layover and carrying him all through the airport. It is exhausting. And you never know when you will be stuck somewhere longer. That way you can push him around and have your hands free. And he can sleep if he wants.
And suckers or fruit snacks. To help with the ears.

I used to fly 23 hours with my three year old. I was fortunate that she either slept or the flight attendant would take her to give me breaks. She also got a packet with things to play with.:call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Drink a bottle/cup during take off. Take small toys for him/her to play with. As for the layover, you won’t be waiting the whole 1.5hrs. By the time you get off the 1st plane & find the next plane your going to be boarding quickly. Atleast thats how it was when I had my kids flying with me.


Bottle during takeoff. Hands down worked every time with my son. He flew on 12 flights by the time he was 2.


Awe!!! Congratulations on the new baby!!! If your toddler is old enough for the window cling stickers, they would be fun for him to play at the window seat. God Bless You!!!

I gave my kids a small lollipop ( dr suggested ) for each flight. They sucked on the pop ears popped all good for the 12 hours flights. We had to change planes 3 times each way.


Make sure to pack suckers. Let the precious kiddo suck on one as the plane begins to back up from the gate and encourage it until plane has reached cruising altitude. Also if anyone you know sells young living essential oils rub valor and lavender behind the ears on the eustation tube area and that helps with calmness and pressure.

I would suggest using noise canceling headphones and bring some stuff to keep your child entertained like a tablet, coloring books And some of his favorite toys to keep him entertained during the long flights

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If he’s 2 he needs his own seat double check if it is FAA approved you can then have him sit in that buckled in. It would be the window seat.

When my kids were little I used to go to their pediatrician and have her prescribe what I used to call numbing eardrops. Just before you board the planes I would put 2 or 3 drops in each ear and they never had a problem with the air pressure

What I would do is keep her up and let her get her energy out that way by the time you are about to board the kid will be asleep and when they wake you can have snacks, ipad, books, crayons to keep them busy :slight_smile:

I have flown with toddlers and a newborn. I never really had any problems with them acting like their ears hurt.

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I’m sure a two-year-old is probably off the bottle but if not sucking on the bottle will help alleviate the pain in his ears

You want them to “pop” nurse or bottle/sippy cup/drink with draw even a pacifier on take off and landing will help.

Walk a lot in the airport. Don’t nap till on a plane keep him up even if cranky. Find food use a really potty airplane one are horrible.

1.5 isn’t much of a layover. Ends up being about a hr with boarding. Take advantage of early boarding to get settled.

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If she is still taking a bottle, have one really for when the plane takes off. If not give her something to chew on.

I flew a lot when my oldest were small. Drinking or food. Anything that helps the swallow / chew is useful. None of my three ever had issues with it.

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There are these things you can find at cvs called “earplanes” basically they are earplugs made for when you’re on the plane. I used them when I was a kid and they really helped me. I also used them on my son when he was only 1.5 yrs old. His ears didn’t pop and he didn’t mind using them. I only made him wear them during takeoff and landing.


If you get totally overwhelmed my pediatrician gave us the ok for a small dose of benadryl but of course check with your doctor. Hope you have a successfull family trip!

Snacks help because chewing and swallowing, blowing your nose also pops your ears. If neither of these help ask the steward for a cup and a warm damp paper towel or napkins. Put the damp napkin in the bottom of cup and hold cup over eat it will help the eardrum pop


On my first flight with my son, he was 4 months old I was blessed to sit next to a pediatrician! He suggested on my return flight to give him a dumdum sucker to suck on while I held it. It would guarantee he would suck on it because it was a new exciting taste and the little sugar in it would be no harm. A little older kid should have the same effect. Take off and the descent/landing we’re the most challenging. Good luck!


Tylenol 45min prior to boarding and sucking (nursing, bottle, pacifier, etc) during take off and landing.

Have them drink sippy cup. Remind them swallow a lot. I flew from California to Colorado with a 1 yr old, had him drink bottle on take off and landing was fine

We did bottles for my 1 year old and gum for my 4 year old. Right on take off and landing. Suckers work well too.

Earplanes! They are amazing, my kids both use them. It stabilizes the pressure in your ears. No pain at all!

Keep baby chewing! Give them snacks during take off and landing

If he still takes a bottle give it to him or if not try a sucker anything that will make him swallow helps with ear popping

We used suckers and it always seems to work

Plug their ears, by putting your hands over their ears, or just put your fingers on the ear and hold tight until plane levels off.

A bottle during take off and landing works well.

Have the baby drink or eat something. That will help keep them from popping or hurting

Melissa and Doug Water WOW, no mess and they’re reusable

Lollipops and sippy cups!

Ear planes (from the drug store)

give the something to drink.

A sippy cup or bottle at taken off & landingbworks perfectly

Pacifier/food/bottle anything that will make them swallow

Sick a bottle or pacifier

Stay home wait till this mess passes

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Find the play room in rhe airport and hope he tires himself.