How can I keep my dog from dripping water everywhere?

What are some way you can keep dpg from dripping water all over the house when they drink from their water bowl? there has to be something…i swear she drips everywhere on purpose after she drinks lol


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I keep my dog from dripping water everywhere?

Put the water bowl outside or in a bathroom :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:

You catch them when then are done and wipe their mouth with a rag. I had to do that with my boxer because he would just drool and drip water everywhere all day long. He had his own rag

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Nothing. Its a dog. Dogs do that. Dont have a dog if you cant handle the dog being a dog.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: “on purpose” …k…imma head out


My big dog does it after 20 bowls of all sorts the only thing that solved it was a deep dish or a big pot like a soup pot something deep that makes her have to put her face over the bowl to drink.

Put the bowl in a kennel or plant

I have a bull mastiff so I know the feeling and it drives me crazy! I also have an old towel folded in half under his water so he’s not soaking my floor

They sell a special bowl on Amazon to help with that

You can’t. We have a husky. She practically tap dances in it.


Use A towel? Or rug under the bowl

My bulldog is the same honestly I’ve nearly broken my neck so many times :joy:

My dog is the same . I’ve tried everything . I’ve just learned to accept it and once I see the dog leave the bowl I wipe up the drips off the floor with a rag I leave by the water bowl ( microfibre tea towel) it’s a diff colour than all my others so there is no mistaking it for one of ours.

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Ma’am the dog is just being a dog let it drink his water who cares about some little drops of water … put a bib on them or something Jesus Christ absolutely ridiculous lol there’s never a shortage of the lack of common sense around here clearly… I hope you don’t have children no offense because you’re gonna have shit all over the floor 24/7 … Ma’am , why don’t you ask The Dog ??? this is the most ridiculous shit I’ve ever heard in my life like I know that you could’ve come up with another question the more pertinent than why does a dog drop water droplets after he drinks water?? Ma’am I’m pretty sure The Dog doesn’t even pay attention so that means you need to get off your lazy rear end and clean it up ? I mean the time it take you to post this ridiculousness you could’ve used it it all up already so see it all works out

Some dogs drool more then others.
Nothing you can do to stop it , it’s not intentional :relaxed:.
Put big Matt underneath water bowl.
And to stop her/him from walking away and leaving a trail lol. I agree with another person’s comment. You have a towel by water bowl and wipe his face after he drinks everytime
I own six dogs.
Two English mastiffs, St. Bernard , Great Pyrenees and two bullies.
So I know drooling lol.
My Doberman Luger that passed. Not a breed known for drooling,
Well I swear he would walk away from dish with a mouth full of water and it would leak all over the house lol.
Honestly there is no way of stopping what in many breeds and crosses is part of owning these beautiful souls :relaxed::two_hearts:

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On purpose? Really? I hope you don’t get mad at your dog for it. Her mouth can’t move in positions like a human’s mouth. We can keep from spilling it out. A dog can’t.

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my cat uses his paw to drink then flings the water at me.i bought a fountain dish and he still does it


I saw a video of a dog that had a little washcloth and holder next to his bowl. The dog had been trained to wipe his mouth off! Might be a lot of work that’ll pay off big?

You can train your dog to wipe it’s mouth if you keep a towel in his reach. It’s a process but if you’re consistent it can be done.

Ive heard it all


Put some napkins nearby so he can grab one and wipe his mouth :unamused::rofl:

We have 3 dogs ( german shepherd, Australian shepherd, beagle mix) They flood the floor after drinking. We put old towels down.

I had a Shar-Pei, now that’s a slobbery mouth when drinking…I had a towel by his bowl to wipe him up quickly.

I have 2 same…on shiny tile…

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Go to This.

You’ve got to be kidding me with these questions :woman_facepalming:t4: it’s a dog you chose to get a dog let it go. All dogs do this


Dont want a mess…dont have a dog smh.

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Can not recommend this bowl enough.

Mop it up …u have a dog…some people shouldn’t have children or pets and that’s very obvious!!!

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Because they’re literally the stupidest animals on earth. Why do they lift on leg and piss on their feet and then walk through it? Yeah, because that totally makes any sense :+1:

If you don’t want the mess, don’t have a dog. :woman_shrugging:t2: It’s a dog. They don’t have opposable thumbs to grab a paper towel and wipe their mouth after drinking. You’re gonna have slobber and hair everywhere.

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Dogs can’t move their lips like humans do so of course they dribble water after drinking. Especially if the dog is a breed with larger jowls. You can’t change their physical anatomy so you can’t exactly teach them not to dribble their water. It just comes with owning a dog. Invest in paper towels.

I put a boot tray down that catches most of the water…

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Put it outside lol. A tray underneath helps. But really, that’s what you get with a dog. They’re sloppy!

I saw something on FB one day where they trained the dog to wipe his mouth on a towel that was balled up and sticking out of a bowl like a big bubble. It looked cool and I’ve been thinking about trying it. I believe it is a system and is sold for that purpose. Sorry I’m not more help.

I honestly don’t understand the bitchy comments. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want a clean house and dry floor with a dog or kids. She didn’t say anything bad about her dog, she was just looking for a solution.

That’s just what they do! :paw_prints::heart::droplet:I have a Swiffer beside my bowls

I was thinking about getting a drying mat for dishes and put it down! My dog makes a mess top! He’s part lab and pit he’s a big boy!

All dogs do this. They don’t have the ability to seal shut their mouths like a human can :joy:.

OMG!!:person_facepalming:These questions keep getting funnier!!

Put the water outside or get a rug

Try a weighted water bowl.

I put my dog’s water dishes in a boot tray.

I saw a video of a dog who was trained to dry his mouth on a towel after he drank from his bowl

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Keep a swiffer mop handy at all times. Its really not that hard.