How can I keep my toddler in bed?

I need some help! My son is 2 years old and he use to put himself to bed so well, we are currently struggling on going to bed unless I’m physically in the room with him. If I try and walk out before he is asleep he screams and cries “mommy I need you”. We have kept the same routine bath,book,white noise and pitch black with a small night light. Any suggestions or any mommy’s going through this?


I’m in my sixties & I used to have some unsettled sleep under 5. Just love your children. This too will pass. We never really know how others feel or react however support & comfort can be helpful.


My son uses a baby gate to keep his son in his room. Yes he cried a few times, but he learned he could still see/hear everything, he’d settle down and sleep.

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yea with my 9 year old :rofl::smiling_face_with_tear:

I would add in cuddling with them

1st. Of all, has anything changed in your home? If not then try a night light or hallway light with door cracked.

My son is doing this. I have been slowly inching my way to the door every night he lays down. I started sitting next to his bed and now I am about halfway between to the door and his bed. It gives him time to get use to the idea of me being further away

Sit in his room and read a story then go x

I started telling my daughter stay in bed and momma will be back to check on you in 2 minutes. Then 5 minutes. Then 10 minutes. While she doesn’t know how to tell time she realized momma will come back to make sure she is okay…it works most nights.

Put a child lock on the inside of the door and shut the door. Baby proof room first