How can I keep the ants out of my house?

Not mom related but I’ve been noticing lots of ants inside of my house as of lately maybe the last 2 weeks. Never had this issue before and I’ve been living here 2 years. What is the best way to get rid of ants and keep them out


We had that issue 2 summers ago. Spray and vacuum daily is how we got rid of them. We had a lot of rain so they were searching for higher ground.

Sugar, I don’t know why but it worked for us. We sprinkled a little bit at their entry point and it stopped them coming in

My husband got this and we have not seen a single ant since he put them around the house in corners kids couldn’t reach. It’s been about 2 months.

Black pepper or cinnamon were you see them

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Baby powder with corn starch works

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I used unscented ant spray, and ant traps

Buys some terro ant traps set where you see them coming in


You find out where they are coming in from and seal it up.

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Call your uncle. He will know what to do.

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Buy liquid toro ant killer pot it in small pieces of cardboard and place around where you see the ants. Theres also ant killer crystal you sprinkle around whole outside of house. They bring it to the ant house and it kills whole ant hill. Terro T100-12 1 fl. oz. Liquid Ant Killer

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Cinnamon. Window sills and door ways. I also sprinkled it outside around my house.

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We’ve always used grits. Just sprinkle some on their mounds and after a while you’ll notice they’re gone. We do this b/c it’s safe for kids/pets/garden etc.

We’re having the ant issue too. There are ant farms in the yard. I’ve read boing hot water & vinegar.

My Mother used to vacuum all she saw and then place WHOLE CLOVES in those same spots.

I use Raid. I also heard they won’t cross a chalk line.

Which kind of ants? Follow them outside and find their nest. Sprinkle grits on the nest and it will kill them. I did this with carpenter ants followed a maze through my yard till I found the nest. It worked for me.

They found a food source in your house and will continue to return until you figure out where. We were having the same problem on our acreage there are so many hills outside. I did a deep clean everywhere , honestly sucked lol. And make sure no food was on the counter, even bananas. And at night wiped down the crumbs off the counter and made sure no dishes were in the sink. After a few days they were gone! I definitely don’t keep up to it everyday now but I still haven’t found one in weeks!

If I see ants. I turn on my vibrating massager. The heavy kind. I turn it on for 15 minutes and the ants are gone for the year.

Get the indoor outdoor barrier spray. I had a major infestation thought I would need a professional but the morning after spraying I didn’t see a single ant and haven’t for months. I was hesitant to use it because I have dogs and was worried about using chemicals. No issues very impressed

Baking soda n sugar in a dish, the sugar attracts them n the baking soda kills them, worked in my house

I put the Terro where they were going out! The ants carry the terro home and it whips out everyone !! Great stuff. Make to put it out of reach of pets and kids!

Terror ant and roach killer.

Sprinkle cinnamon in your doorways and window seals. They won’t cross it. I haven’t had ants in years because of it.


Close the door lol sorry had to😊

Nippon ant killer. Sorry if this offends anyone who likes ants!