How can I limit my sons screen time?

After ideas on how to reduce my 5 year old boys screen time…please no negativity as I’m hard on myself about it as it is. I have a small baby and find myself getting caught up in doing busy mum things… my boy has unlimited screen time however is happy to leave the screen to do activities with me when I can or any “chores” he needs to do. He’s not so good at entertaining himself outside of his tablet. I guess I’m looking for tried and proven ways of weaning him off and getting him to entertain himself elsewhere. Any advice?? Please be nice!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I limit my sons screen time?

Put a time limit on screen time


Make a chart of daily activities.

Take away the device and put it out of reach. He’ll figure our how to entertain himself.


There are time setting on most electronics these days for parents to put in force. That may help you be able to come up with other activities. Also there are tons of charts for activities based on ages online that you could maybe print out or make with him.

Honestly you just take it from him. You don’t need to wean a child away from a device. You as a parent just take the device away and put it away. Out of sight out of mind. Get him age appropriate toys


What sort of things is he interested in? You can find toys that promote those interests and get him off the screen for a little while.

Don’t let him have it till all homework and chores are done

Hide it for a while until he gets used to not having it. Take him to the thrift store and let him pick out some stuff and create a busy area.

There are tablets that have limits. You can set the limit and when it’s up, it turns it off and he cannot play anymore that day. It also has times that the tablet can go on, for example between 8am and 8pm, but won’t turn on after that so no worrying about late night playing etc


Cover a wall with paper and give him crayons, finger paints…blocks, Legos, have him build a fort. outside if you can chalk, bubbles, sprinkler, bug hunting, scavenger hunt for his favorite toys, make a flower box garden green beans and radish grow fast. Cloud watching…


Honestly mine only get it for abt 1hr before bedtime. Other then that they can play in there room with there toys, building blocks, sit out side while they play, colour, paint… I have 4 and have mom stuff.

Put the tablet away.

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Just take it away , let him play outside , buy him puzzles, lejos , coloring stuff , interactive toys, taking to a park , sign him up for sport etc


Let him know that the tablet will turn off after one hour (or whatever time you think is best. The tablet comes with a daily timer. Set it for one hour and then provide color books, pen and paper, megna-blocks or other things that he can play with. When my boys were young we didn’t have much money. I’d tape paper rocks to the floor and play the floor is lava. Or use freezer paper to finger paint. Here’s how to set the timer on your child’s device
On your child’s device, open Settings . On Android versions 8.1 (O) and later, tap Digital Wellbeing & parental controls. …
To view the current settings, tap Daily limit.
To edit Daily limit settings, sign in or use your Parent Access Code to verify that you’re a parent.

You’re the mom if I’m not mistaken!


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Um, just take the tablet off him… :flushed:


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Literally just take away his tablet. He’ll have a breakdown about it, then figure out other ways to entertain himself (if you’re busy with the baby).

Get a bunch of activities for him to do like crafts, coloring books, games, bubbles, chalk outside, just take him outside and let him be a kid. Get him some shovels and trucks and let him play in the dirt, turn on the hose, let him get dirty.


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Just put it away at night and don’t bring it back out the next day. Go play at the park or
Outside ,
Take a walk, bike ride, books,
Paper and crayons, hide and seek, play dough, painting, ask him to do random things while you’re doing the dishes like random dances … I do that to my kids so they can be distracted while I do something lol

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I simply send my children to the neighbors yard to play with their kids all day until they’re hungry or have to potty. It’s nice for both of us because we both have babies
So if you have neighbor kids, try that
**Edited to add we don’t send our babies to play, only the big kids. The youngest 2 that play are 3.5

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Set a timer on the tablet.

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Don’t be hard in yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Let your son play on his tablet and don’t stress about time limits. Get out when you can. It’s exhausting balancing babies and young kids. See if you can find a mom friend to trade off on play dates. Eff the haters

Bulky sized Lego’s, age appropriate puzzle’s, definitely not play dough or slime, magic marker set. Get him to be creative so he can stimulate his sense’s