How can I lose weight in a healthy way while pregnant?

Question, I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant and very happy, but does anyone know how to lose weight while pregnant in a healthy manner, of course?


I’m not saying no one can give you advice or opinions, but this kind of question should be asked to your midwife or OB.


Walk lots. Eat healthy


Definitely talk to your doctor.


Walking and eating healthy and drinking water.


I would definitely talk to your doctor about this because your body and pregnancy is different from others


just keep up exercises and have a healthy diet dont push your body to mych with the working out but if you were already active shouldn’t need to lower your level at all unless your dr recommends so. regardless i would bring it up to your obgyn! just do some studying on healthy diet for pregnancy and it should work if not dont sweat it theres always after he/she is born and dont worry about the scale because you could be gaining from the pregnancy (fluids/growing baby and all that jazz) but still losing weight! dont forget wonderful pregnancy bloat too so dont be discouraged or anything your growing a baby if you lose some fat awesome but if not at least you are being healthy for baby!. DEFINITELY TALK TO DR BEFORE ANYTHING… lot of love and congratulations :heart::heart::heart::heart:

It depends on what your BMI is. My midwife while I was pregnant said I could loose 13 lbs a month. Because of my HG I lost over a hundred pounds while pregnant

Talk to your doctor he can give you safe exercises
To do while prego

Losing weight isnt recommended but I had gestational diabetes with my last baby and I had to go on a low carb no sugars diet and for my last trimester I stayed the same weight.

I would speak to a doctor/nutrionist and express your concerns. They will point you in directions where you can gain as little as possible without putting yourself or baby at risk of any complications. I don’t think there isn’t a way to LOSE weight while pregnant and call it healthy ( I’m no doctor or expert) but gaining as little as possible is a go. Again, speak to a doctor/nutrionist or your midwife…not Facebook.


make healthy food substitutions. Do whole wheat, extra fruits and veggies, natural sugars, limit fast food as much as possible

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I don’t know about losing weight but balanced diet w good fats and fiber and drinking water is the most healthy thing to do.

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Walking, swimming and low elevation hiking are great ways to stay active pregnant and promote a healthy lifestyle.

I was overweight with my last pregnancy. I was advised to NOT lose any weight, but try not to gain much either. I saw a prenatal nutritionist who helped with weight management, and meal planning. I upped my gentle exercise, walking, swimming. I managed to gain a grand total of 6lbs throughout the pregnancy (all only in the last trimester) and had a 7.8 lbs baby! So I ended up lighter in the long run, considering you “lose” about 20lbs during childbirth.


Eat healthy, and remember eating for two is a myth. You only need an extra 200-300 cal a day , that’s like a bagel

Workout! Eat less calories. It’s all ok while pregnant as long as you feel good. Listen to Ur body

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Yes! I lost 50 pounds with a pregnancy. Eat 1500 calories a day and make sure you eat those calories with meat- veggies and fruit. Talk to your dr- they will give you a meal plan. Eat dairy if you can also

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Losing weight in any way during pregnancy is bad for the baby’s health.

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You shouldn’t lose weight unless you are over weight and your body will naturally do that or you just won’t gain. You should be adding extra calories for baby

Just eat healthy. I ate a lot of salads with grilled chicken,grilled chicken or steak wraps, and watermelon while preggo with first. Wasn’t possible with my second bc I craved fatty meats and junk food while pregnancy. Couldn’t even look at a salad with second.

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Um don’t … What the frick…

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Sorry for all the hateful comments, I have the same question really. I was on a strict 1100 calorie diet when I got pregnant & was close to my 60 lbs weight loss goal. So of course I had to come off that & my dr said absolutely no less than 1800 calories so honestly I just stopped tracking. So I’ve gained a lot of fat, not actual like baby weight, so I understand. I’d like to lose some fat but I suppose less than two months left i can suck it up at this point and do it after lol


Honestly just eat healthy. It’s for both you and your child. I’m over weight and I tend to loose weight while pregnant. This pregnancy I have actually lost 22 pounds in total and not on purpose. I tend to eat way better while pregnant… wish I could make sure I kept doing it after the baby is born

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Maybe if you make healthier meal choices that can help. Keto is good but idk if it’s good while pregnant. I was told to walk a lot to help with labor and such. Maybe you can try prenatal yoga.

I’d talk to your Dr and see what your Dr says. I am over weight, I was for my first pregnancy-- I lost 25 lbs, all went to the baby and placenta---- I’m pregnant again and I was told not to try to lose weight but to try to maintain my weight, I’ve lost 4 lbs already — I have a hard time with morning sickness

Unless you’ve been working out prior, not a good time to just start working out now. Might put your body in to stress, just eat healthy and properly.

Talk to your doctor of course ! Ask about the gestational diabetes diet , I think that would be a safe option :slightly_smiling_face: you will still gain baby weight don’t worry, but I would definitely talk to your doctor first before starting any kind of diet to make sure it’s safe for you and your little one

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter. I was put on a special diet that was high protein and lower carbs. I lost some weight. She is almost 2 years old now and is perfectly healthy. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s unhealthy to lose weight while pregnant. You just have to do it in a healthy way. I would, however, consult your doctor first before changing your diet.


I’m not sure where you are at weight wise but with my first pregnancy I lost 75ish pounds while pregnant (I was extremely overweight). I did this by walking and cutting out all the unnecessary crap, especially soda. My dr just gave me a couple extra sonos to make sure baby was okay and told me to keep up the good work. I had a full term baby and a very successful birth. But everyone is different! Please talk to your ob.


Eat lots of proteins and lots of veggies. It will keep you and baby healthy. Eliminate sugary drinks and add fruits and water to your diet :two_hearts:

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It’s really the only time you can eat and not feel ashamed for looking fat…that said no I don’t think you should unless under dr supervision.

Everyone’s body and pregnancy is different, so talk to your doctor. I’m overweight but when I was pregnant the doctor’s office stressed that I was not to try to lose weight. You can eat healthy and do the same amount of exercise as you did before you were pregnant but you shouldn’t increase exercise or deprive yourself of calories. At least that’s what was explained to me.

Eat healthy lots of fruits, veggies and protein. Drink plenty of water!! Also exercise (obviously not extreme exercises) maybe try yoga, dancing, jogging, walking, or swimming.

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Id sugges the following:

  1. Eat 2000 calories a day of pure whole or raw foods (avoid processed food).
  2. Aim for healthy fats and protein rich foods over the course of the pregnancy (I.e. avocados etc) as that will help strengthen your body’s ability to break down fat! If that makes any sense.
  3. Don’t calorie restrict as your little bubba still needs the intake! This way the baby will grow well and your frame will look nice around it! .
  4. Exercise in moderation. It is actually good to exercise during pregnancy despite the old wives tales BUT only don’t exert yourself. There are some good pregnancy workouts on YouTube!

Don’t think of it as “losing weight” as it may still show an increase in weight but that’s a a sign that baby is growing well. If you are actually losing weight you will need o see your midwife.

I stayed the same weight over pregnancy but you could see my baby bump was growing nicely but my frame around it was dropping.

Good luck!!! x

The nausea did it for me during the first Trimester

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This is something that should be discussed solely with with your OB or midwife… everyone is different, at different places with their lives. Advice is great to write down and ask to them later but make sure you discuss with dr first

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Talk to your doctor of course, but if you eat healthy and get some form of exercise you shouldn’t gain hardly any weight except for what you need to support for pregnancy. If you eat a ton of sugar and empty carbs and you don’t do any exercise that’s when you’re going to gain a lot of weight.

Same as ever, eat right & exercise. Sorry, no quick or easy fix. Lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein (yoghurt, eggs, fish, poultry, quinoa, beans & brown rice). very little carbs & sugar. Give up sodas (even diet), drink mostly water and unsweetened tea (regular, decaf or herbal, hot or iced) & decaf black coffee or with a little skim milk & stevia.

ALDI, LIDL, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, MOM’s Organic Market have great selection of organics & healthy items, plus frozen, packaged and deli items if you hate to cook, and raw fruits and veggies are excellent. Skip conventional meats & poultry to avoid growth hormones, antibiotics & other gross stuff. Buy organic, grass fed, free range, no hormone/antibiotics or stick to plant proteins and safe seafood.

Sweet Green, CAVA, True Foods, Panera, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean, Indian and Ethiopian restaurants have lots of vegetables and fewer fried foods.

If you’re not already exercising, walking, Tai chi, swimming & yoga are good, but tell the yoga instructor you’re pregnant so she/he can modify some poses for you. Daily movement is more important than how you are moving, and you can do as little as 10 minutes at a time if you total 30 minutes a day minimum. There should be special classes for pregnant women through your local hospital, YMCA, Rec Center, or gym (online for now), or You Tube videos. Check out Carmen Brocklehurst Joy through Movement.

As always, consult with your doctor and take your (insanely huge) prenatal vitamins. You can cut them in half to make them easier to swallow.

I just ate healthy and did a bit of walking (as much as I could do that was safe and healthy) so I was able to lose some at the beginning and maintained the weight when baby was getting bigger. My doctor sent me to a dietitian and nutritionist to help guide me in what to eat and how much

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Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and walk.

Just do healthy eating :blush:

Watch your carbs, eat tons of protein and veggies. Ask about Gestational Diabetes diet, it will keep you full but healthy.

Unless your doctor says to lose weight you don’t while pregnant. You can continue excercise in a safe moderate way but you shouldn’t be losing weight while pregnant imo

Limit the unnecessary, unhealthy foods (carbs and fats), eat recommended meat / protein portions and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink lots of water (try to avoid other drinks until you’ve hit your water goal for the day). Do this and you can eat any time you’re hungry. You really should get specifics (water intake amount, calories, any special health related needs you have, etc) from your doctor though.

Talk to your obgyn about it, they will know what is best for you

Just wait till the baby is born. Then go lose some weight. Unless the doctor says otherwise.

Weight Watchers or calorie counting. My doctor told me that both were very safe for pregnancy

Just exercise (ask your obgyn) and eat healthy. I did a lot of walking when pregnant

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It also helps build endurance for when its time to push

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High protein eggs , chicken , spinach , etc I’m obese and put 10lbs on in my whole pregnancy and lost nearly 2 stone once he was born x

When I was pregnant I used to do low impact cardio videos on YouTube, if you search for your trimester there’s videos suitable for each one. They’re so fun, I loved those videos x

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I was at risk for gestational diabetes, I’ve been on a low carb/low sugar diet, per my ob. I’m 34 weeks and have only gained about 8 lbs.


Exercise, watch your carbs and sugar intake. And drink lots of water.

Walking, swimming, and yoga are all low impact

Prenatal workouts and eating healthy

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Exercise and healthy eating. Avoiding cravings is extra difficult though while pregnant.

Walk it also will help when labor begins

Exercise, eat healthy and plenty of water.

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I’m going through the very same thing. I thought I could lose weight while being pregnant. I’m currently 26 weeks. The best I have is that I didn’t put on any yet. And it’s all by drinking a lot of water and going for regular and long walks. Even did trail walk a week ago. But genuinely I doubt there is any chance of losing weight while pregnant. Main thing is to be as active as your body lets you :wink: you can worry about weight loss when the baby is born. Enjoy these months and just eat everything in moderation. Good luck :wink:

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You can’t lose weight while pregnant. Just eat healthy and don’t over do it.

I lost weight because I cut out all caffeine/soda and drank tons of water so I ended up eating less. Plus small snacks throughout the day helps keep your metabolism moving better. I also tried eating healthier so the baby wouldn’t get a bunch of fast food and cheese or bread. It won’t help though if you pick back up on the unhealthy stuff after giving birth. But just a few ideas.

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Your best bet is not to gain any weight. Don’t try to lose weight now.


Heathy eating habits, walking within your limits and minor adjustments to your daily life.

I gained to much weight. My doctor told me to cut all sugar out and walk daily and I haven’t lost any weight but I’m staying the same weight.

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Eat healthy, gym, and walking! While I was pregnant I was in the gym until I physically wasn’t able to anymore, and I was still walking my dog 3-5 miles a day! But I’ve always been a healthy person… I gained 75lbs, all baby😂 once my little one was born I lost it all within two weeks❤️

I ate nothing but tomatoes with my fourth and lost 20lbs


I lost about 20lbs with my first but it was because I was so sick with him. Everytime I ate, I couldnt cook meat at all, couldnt eat most meats even of someone else cooked it. Sweets made me sick, it was rough but dr wasnt worried cuz I was bigger anyways

My baby didn’t let me eat fried foods and all I wanted was pretzels and fruit lol. Lost 20lbs.

All you need is an extra 300 calories while pregnant. I gained almost 80 pounds with my first. (Undiagnosed hypothyroid) I’m on the plus size and my last two pregnancies I lost weight. My midwife wasn’t concerned since my babies were still growing. I craved a lot of fruit and salad with my last two pregnancies too. Lost 30lbs with both pregnancies.

There are a lot of different excercises that you can do that are safe while pregnant. I found these to be a lot of help personally, and there are also some healthy diets that will help you to lose weight but keep a healthy weight. Sometimes asking your doctor can help to point you in the right direction. I hope that this was in some way helpful. Good luck momma :heart::heart::heart:

I followed a low carb diet and weighed less right after birth than before I got pregnant.

Change all sugar drinks for water and have more veggie servings per day less heavy meals that include rice bread or starches , the ultimate goal is to not gain weight but maintain and with better decisions like healthier meals will benefit your baby and you and maybe promote weight loss also have a low impact exercise every day and have one rest day
I’m 5 months pregnant and this is the most healthy pregnancy I have ever had baby 4 .

Eat healthy, low carb, do yoga for pregnant, walk daily but I also couldn’t lost my weight lol at least, I felt healthy. :wink:

Im currently 38wk 6days and have only gained 9lbs. I stopped drinking regular soda and upped my water intake. I still eat what I want but portion control and have snacks in between meals. I’ve lost weight while pregnant and my nutritionist is pleased. Baby is now packing on the pounds so I’ve gotten 9lbs heavier in 3wks. You can do it. Good luck :+1:t2:

Just count calories :slight_smile:

If your eating healthier , while being overweight before, it is possible to lose weight while pregnant , keep in mind you do need an extra 300-500 calories a day dependant on what term of pregnancy you are in , if you are already starting at a non obese weight continue with proper nutrition and you will gain 15-20 lbs max during your entire pregnancy , 10-15 of which you lose during birth and the few weeks after where your body sweats out excess fluids . Losing weight healthily for you and the baby during pregnancy is very very dependant on what weight and obesity level you are in before you start , same with exercise during pregnancy . Doctors will recommend … if you were in the gym 6 times a week before that , you can continue , if you never went a day in your life , walks are a better way to keep active over starting a new exercise plan that will over exert your body .

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Low carb. I had gestational diabetes and lost 10 pounds just eating low carb because of my diabetes.

No junk drink lots of water walk never diet when your pregnant just change eating habits

You can’t, but you can avoid gaining by eating healthy and exercising moderately.

If able see a dietitian, the small snacks and light meals along with minimal exercises, are a great way to loose weight. My last child was
The least I weighed in years! That was then though

Drink lots of water. Eat small healthy snacks regularly through the day rather than big meals. Walk 30 minutes a day.

It’s a calorie deficit, make sure your eating a recommended amount of cals, take walks drink more water, healthier recipes are the way to go try to plan out easy ones, like throwing vegetables in a crock pot or other things.

If you qualify you could get help in this area at your local WIC office. (Women, Infant, and Children’s Nutrition Program)

You might check out this link for more: Pregnancy Diet

I did lots of walking and hiking while I was pregnant. I also worked all the way till the last two months of pregnancy. Eat wholefoods. It’s pretty simple when u think about it

Mediterranean diet. If you are eating unhealthy now, this diet will help you lose weight by getting your body HEALTHY!
Also, look up workout apps. I have a few that I swear by! Some are for pregnancy while others are not. Just be smart about workouts. If it hurts, don’t do it.

Talk to your doctor about a referral to see a registered dietitian

You shouldn’t be losing weight while pregnant, in my opinion. Keep active and eat healthy… Major weightloss can be handled afterwards. Good luck.

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You can lose weight, but it might not be easy. Your body (hormones) are not going to allow you to easily lose weight. Exercise and a good diet does the trick, but you may want to focus more on not gaining a whole lot and losing it after baby comes.
My recommendation is walking, and a lot of it. You can do that no matter how preggo you get. Increase your intensity (up hill, or faster walking) for a heavier workout. After baby comes (and some recoup time) start walking again. Take baby in a stroller. “Experts,” recommend 10,000 steps a day (5 miles), so I’d try to double it after baby.