How can I lose weight?

Hey mamas. I’m having such a hard time losing weight, and it is really affecting my life overall. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I just cannot figure out how to get the weight off. I will be super motivated to go to the gym for a week, and I start to feel really good, and then my depression hits me like mad and I will gain back all of the weight I lose the week before and then some. I guess my question is, what weight loss tips, tricks, etc have worked for you? Especially if you struggle with anxiety and depression. Please no bashing, I’m really trying and am just at a loss here.

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Honestly if ur on meds that will make u gain weight. I switched to wellbutrin for my depression and anxiety and lost 25lbs. It’s an appetite suppressor.


Lots of water, fresh air, and walks. :heart:


Try to make sure u push yourself to the gym even when your depression is bad it might feel crap at the time but will help

It’s all about getting the nutrients you need in your body to perform at its peak. No matter how good we all eat, we all have deficiencies. I’ve been using a product called thrive for almost a year and I promise it’s changed my life for the best! If you have any questions, message me and I can get ya thriving! Ohhh, & It’s free shipping weekend too! I’m also a fitness instructor who can help you with some wonderful workouts to get you moving. I just love helping people reach their goals.

WW. (Weight watchers) I struggle with bi-polar and aniexty and I’ve learned start out slow. Weight watchers goes by a point system and they are very encouraging.
Dont go all in, if you have a bad day and eat like shit or refuse to exercise dont beat yourself up. Begin the next day and keep trying :slight_smile:

To go even if you’re depressed. If you’re gonna be anxious and depressed no matter what and no matter where you are, then keep your schedule with working out as it’s been proven to help with both.

Our company has been featured in the weekly times and it’s on the move helping MILLIONS of people feel better & look better.

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I agree, I’m on keto and I feel so amazing, I’ve lost 60lbs in 8 months and feel the best I have in years! Even if I never loose another pound I will continue this diet because the other aspects like inflammation, fatigue, and depression are so much improved. I have crazy amounts of energy!

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Youve got to be fully mentally all in it. It sounds like you may have some depression, it’s never a bad idea to discuss w your Dr a good diet and wrkout plan for you. Explain the mental stuff too, you may just need a little something to help you get moving for a short time. And add lots and lots of sunshine in your life! Makes so much difference

When I was on antidepressant and other such meds especially Risperdone or Seroquill I ballooned up to about 200lbs. I quit taking everything and lost weight pretty quick. My depression can still be pretty rough some days but I try to find ways to pull myself put of it. I make myself get off the couch put on some good music and find something to occupy my mind.

I switched to home cooked meals. Propel water Gatorade. Mainly crock pot meals. And eat maybe once a day. If I get hungru during the day its a beef jerky stick or tomato. Cut out soda. And got on topimax.

I do fasting, I only eat from 11- 3. Drink anytime after or before. I try to stick to just water and diet soda. I also deal with depression and anxiety and this has worked great for me. My son is 1 and I’m already down from 158 to 120 and I have only done the fasting for two months. Good luck momma

Try keto it is great for mood stability, energy, stamina not to mention fat burning! and overall well being it was the key to my success

I struggle with anxiety and depression, too, but I have found the gym is the only thing that keeps me sane. I often don’t feel like going but I make myself anyway. I only lifted weights before I had my son but started doing cardio after having him because I needed to lose 55lbs. Lifting followed by cardio and cleaning up your diet can help boost your endorphins. Try a group fitness class (I’m addicted to spin). They may seem intimidating at first but the women there are incredibly supportive and can help motivate you to go.

Always consult your doctor before going on any diet Talk with your doctor and figure what is best for you…that’s my advice everyone is gonna have an opinion but I would not start a diet that was given over the internet talk with your doctor.

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Where are you from my man is personal fitness trainer license and everything if you want PM me I’m sure he would be happy to train you

Look up intermittent fasting!

Ignore these people shouting ‘diet!’ These fad diets are usually not healthy. We need a balance of all things such as carbs, sugars, proteins, vitamins to burn fat efficiently. Cutting out things like carbs doesn’t help, just makes the issue worse (carbs are fuel!) Instead, limit those things to a small portion. Unused carbs become sugar.
Lots of water, drink a glass before meals to fill up a little to eat a little less.
Eat 3 decent healthy meals a day and small healthy snacks inbetween. You can’t burn fat without the fuel from calories. Snacks should be things like a serving of peanuts, yogurt, peanut butter on wheat, a light salad or fruit.
No eating after 8pm, your bodies metabolism naturally slows at night to prepare for sleep.
Eat every day. Not eating just makes you retain the fat cells and water you have in your body because it thinks it starving.
Simple activities like doing laundry, sweeping, and mopping is awesome, light aerobic exercise. And your house gets clean in the process!!

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It’s hard but you just have to stick to eating right. Cut out carbs and sugars
I know how hard it is because when I get depressed I want pizza , beer and candy but then I gain fast.

Also you have to at least eat 3 small meals a day not eating will not help you lose weight unless your totally starving your self
I use to eat once a day and I gained
Once I ate 3 small heathly meals a day I lost

Slimming world. It’s not very well known in the us but in the UK its huge. My mum lost close to 210lbs on it over 4 years. After my first baby I put on 70lbs and managed to lose 50lbs of it on slimming world over 6 months. You can eat just about anything on it, even take out, so it doesnt make you feel like you’re missing out. You get a daily allocated syn count so you can choose what you wish to binge on within those syns. If you dont use the syns, you loose more weight faster. It takes a little getting used to but once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes really easy. You also have an online support group of slimming world members. Once a week you weigh yourself and submit your weight loss/gain which you can make private or public, you can then share food ideas and theres a “slimmer of the week” award to the member who looses the most amount of pounds which pushes you to try harder the next week. You also get awards which are shown on your profile for your weight loss. After I have my next baby I’ll be joining it again.

First off if you have not already done so seek medical help through Dr and /or counseling for the depression & anxiety. I highly advise against any of the “diet” supplements as they work by accelerating the heart rate to trick your body into believing its in a constant state of exercise. This stresses the heart out and can cause thickening and heart health issues.
While higher protein and lower carbs will help tremendously just be careful going full low/no carb as if not done correctly can lead to kidney issues (as its hard to process that high a volume of protein) and once reintroduce carbs you will just regain the weight plus some.
Always remember that the weight didnt go on over night and wont come off over night. You’ll have good and bad days. Just dont let the bad bring you to a complete stop.
Lots of water. Technically adults should be drinking
.5 to 1 oz of water per pound of body weight. Min of 60 oz preferably 100-120 oz

Go for a walk, every day even if it’s raining. Make sure you walk at least 3 miles or 5k ( it’s the same almost) some days it’s going to take an active God to move you after about a month you’ll feel it getting easier. And just try to eat healthier overall. More vegetables leaner meats. Water water water, don’t drown yourself in it but refrain from sugary drinks as much as possible.

I don’t really have advice, just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I have horrible anxiety, and have always struggled with my weight because of overeating due to depression when I was younger.

Eat 1200 calories a day and u will loose weight

Have you ever looked into ItWorks? We have so many different products that can help you lose weight including keto products and even have a naturally based supplement to help with stress! Pm me if you would ever like more info or have any questions :relaxed:

I think you need to focus on treating your depression first and foremost. Otherwise every little set back is going to cause you to spiral back downhill. Focus on your mental health and controlling your symptoms. Small walks throughout the day will help with both your depression and weight loss goals! Start small and use things that will benefit both your mental health and your weight loss goals!!!