How can I make bath time easier on my toddler?

My toddler despises bath time…what is something I can do for her to make it more bearable? She freaks any time water gets in her eyes and its just a scream fest til bath time is over


I used to lay my kids down and washed their hair that way


Use a facecloth to wash their hair and don’t do it more than once a week.

Patience…if you are telling her that she’s fine while she’s flailing and screaming, you are making it worse. Let her rinse her own hair with a cup, while cradling her head and if she will allow, you holding a folded wash cloth over her eyes. If that doesn’t work, use a bath pillow in very shallow water to wash and rinse her hair, allow her to hold wash cloth over her eyes. There really is no reason to get water in her eyes if it upsets her. Yes, you’re bigger and can force the issue, but what is the point of making bath time so unpleasant?:woman_shrugging: