How can I make godparents legal?

How do I go about setting up godparents legally? I’m in Missouri.


You mean, like… to take custody if you die?
You hire a lawyer and write up a will that declares a guardian in the case of your death or incapacitation.


You make a will and a living will . So they will legally have rights if something was to happen to you and the childs other parent

Must be in your will and it must be notarized

The other parent will be given custody unless there is compelling reason they should not have custody. Even if they are crappy and don’t put forth effort. I don’t know if that is your reason to want the god parents to be guardians but a blood parent will come first


You see and attorney and put in writing what you want to happen to your children should something happen to you. We also gave copies to his Godparents and my best friend. Wanted to make sure my Mother could never try to fight for him!

Godparents have no legal rights in the United States. They are selected by the parent(s) and presented at baptism as taking the role of guiding the child through religious education.
If you are talking about someone to take care of children if something happened to both parents then you need a will in place. You need an attorney.


Make a will that states when you and the child’s other parent die, the god parents are to get custody.

Make a will/living will declare it in that

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Godparents are NOT the same thing as legal guardians…you need to make sure they’re willing to take on that responsibility then set a living will

Godparents have no legal rights. I’d speak to a family lawyer and put something in writing that gives the godparents legal authority to be their guardians if something should happen to you.

Put them as the guardian in a written will.

I would assume you would need a will

We wrote in god children in our will

Yes. Will and testament

You make a will and designate them as the care givers in the event of the passing of both parents. Until you do that those people have zero legal standing because god parents are only recognized by the church, not the state.

Godparents are a religion thing. There’s no way to make them “legal god parents”. You’re looking for the term “legal guardian”, in the event both parents aren’t capable of taking care of a child(ren).

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