How can I make my child a morning person?

Is there a way I can make my child a morning person? Mornings are pulling teeth in this house no matter how much sleepo she gets. she is 5 years old and i dread waking her up for school


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I make my child a morning person?

No, there isn’t. 45 years of being a morning grump here.


Some of us are just not morning people. I for sure am not. My son is the same whereas my girls are super bright and early birds.
Some days are easier, some are not. We just try our best to keep to our schedule to make it easier


Me and my hubby and my 4 kids plus a grandkid are night owls. We all hate morning to wake up it is a huge struggle to get up in the morning go work, for school, or whatever we have to go for dr appts or errands.

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Some are and some aren’t. Mine covers her head and tells me she can’t get up cause she’s dead. She’s only 3, and was 2 when she first started that business. But she always LOVED her sleep, even from fresh out of the womb.

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Are you a morning person? If yes just lead by example get up peppy dancing and singing to music. Make mornings pleasant to yelling etc. Is a suggestion. I’m a lifer of being a night owl but was a very successful student always .

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I wake my daughter up with her stuffed animals in a cute voice and give her a few minutes to play with them before she gets dressed and brushes teeth and then it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there (for the most part)… good luck!

I’m 31 and still I’m like that. I am not a morning person. I hate mornings. Always have and probably always will


What works for me is I tell her we are gonna miss the bus. And she just shoots up. If she doesn’t I tell her her school friends will miss her. Before school she refused to wake up and was grumpy like her daddy.

I’m 42 and I still Hate Mornings. Doesn’t matter if I sleep 12/14 hours I still hate it. That is why I have a night shift job. I couldn’t do first shift.


I don’t think u can change that. Bit I think there is ways to help. 2 out of 4 of my boys were not easy to wake up in morning and when they did get up they were cranky ! Try getting an alarm clock so ur child has to get up and turn it off his or her self. Don’t show them snooze button. That helped me alot he was alot happier and so was I! Lol

Never been a morning person…had 4 babies and only had 1 who was a morning person just like his dad…I Wish you Luck

Unfortunately never.
34 and I’ve never really been a morning person. My kids are morning people who are up at 6 am running around and there’s me dragging myself across the floor going nnooo

Put them to sleep early, 730 or 8 pm. No later than 830. First thing I do is turn on the morning cartoon 15 mins before my daughter has to wake up. I dress her up in her favorite clothes while she is still asleep lol. Totally over spoiled lol, I know. Then carry her to the bathroom sink and wash her face. By this time, the water wakes her up enough to brush her own teeth. When she’s done, she goes back to bed and watches cartoons until its time to leave for school. I make it easy for her so she makes it easy for me. I think you just have to find a place that works for the both of you.

My kids would shower & dress the night before so they would be ready when they got out of bed. Most kids clothes don’t wrinkle much. Or you can set out everything the night before (no changing minds in the am). Getting EVERYTHING ready the night before is critical.

Also a rigid schedule helps to avoid thinking much in the morning: 7 am get up, bathroom time done by 7:10, shoes on by 7:15, Breakfast (as pre-prepped as possible & picked out the night before with no changing minds) 7:15-7:30, 10 minute cushion because nothing goes that smoothly or to use for fixing hair, outerwear & backpack on & out the door by 7:45, for example.

My friend puts her granddaughters’ hair in braids or twists or something so it won’t wind up so tangled in the morning, thus less fuss getting it brushed & styled for school.

Also find out if you can create a morning soundtrack that will motivate your child. I needed music with a fast or steady pace to get housework done. Also, she’ll learn at what point in the music she has to be at complete each task so it will help her keep on track. I used to fall out of bed onto a rowing machine when I’d get up and mechanically row until my blood got pumping and my eyes opened. Still wasn’t coherent, but able to function. Maybe your child could do some stretches in bed or some sort of exercise to wake up a little after the alarm goes off.

The less I have to think and the more I can do while only half awake in the mornings the better. Maybe it’ll work for your child too. Always been a night owl; the only time I willingly got up early was when I went to Hawaii, 8 hours different (later).

Make your mood chirpy. I don’t sleep but know my mood brushes to kids. So I get them up light on but is gradual like you’ve 10 min to wake then time to get up. Just better than wake up get up straight away.

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Still not a morning person! Neither is my daughter! So glad she finally started getting herself up around 5th-6th grade!

Some people are capable of change. Some are not. Since she is so young, maybe try to find something she can get excited about for when she wakes up. Children are fickle, but you know your child better than anyone here!

Nope. I’ve never been a morning person. We’re all different, and unfortunately some of us are morning grumpies lol


Lol nope. My Dr gave up and finally said that I am a natural night walker. No meds helped, no change in diet ,exercise, blue light, etc
I am naturally a night owl. Most of my kids are too.

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Make sure she has a consistent bed time no later then 8 pm for that age

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Earlier bedtime so she wakes up naturally

My daughter too. No matter what :person_facepalming:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Nope. I am a morning person. My boyfriend is not. With our son it depends. If he wakes up on his own then yes, he is a morning person. If we have to wake him up, be prepared to have your face head butted

NOPE. 41 here and I’ve been praying to be a morning person my entire life. It ain’t happening.


Arr you not a morning person? I’m not so I don’t blame my kid. She’s 5 as well. She loves going to school but she doesn’t want to go because she’s so tired in the morning or it’s cold. If your kids getting to bed on time than no there’s not much else you can do. We give ourselves a hour so we’re not rushing. 15 min sometime more or less is waking my kid up.

I’m only a morning person when I have to be at work at 4am. When it’s my day off I sleep in until I feel satisfied. I have always slept best between 7am and 11am though. ALWAYS. If I could sleep from 7am to 11am everyday I wouldn’t need to sleep at any other time.

I do find that going to bed earlier helps me get up earlier. Like way early. I have to be up at 3am so I try to be in bed by 9pm every night although I prefer to be in bed by 7 but with a 3 month old and a 3 year old that’s just unrealistic.

My 3 year old isn’t a morning person but when the sun is up she is up. And so is everyone else :rofl:

Maybe tell her when the sun goes down she goes down and when the sun comes up she gets up.

Tell her it’s Friday the night before. No matter how hard it is to wake littles through the week they’re always up with the sun when the weekend rolls around

I’m 38 and still trying to change myself :joy:

I’m 26 years old and not a morning person… tiny can’t make someone want to be happy to get up at the butt crack of Dawn

You can’t? Tf? Man I’m 31 with a whole ass kid and a whole ass job and I STILL ain’t a morning person, shit

School shouldn’t start so early

Good luck in the teen years

Get her an Alarm clock.
And explain when it goes off ,she has to get up
Have bag and lunches ( in fridge ) organised night before, as well as school clothes

3-5yo require 10-13hrs of sleep.

I hate that society runs on a 9-5 attitude we need a community of night owl schools and businesses only open during the night for those that just prefer the night


you cant make someone a morning person… some people just don’t function 9-5 :person_shrugging: