How can I make my child okay with cats?

Kids and pets question. My 5 yr old is so excited that we now have a kitten. He keeps telling me how happy he is about it and how much he likes the kitty. We got one of those toys for it that’s a fish on a string and my son loves playing with the kitten with it. But when the cat actually gets near him, he pulls away and freaks out and wants it away from him. I have no idea why he does this other than maybe because we haven’t had pets before. He hasn’t had any bad experiences with cats though so I don’t understand and I don’t know how to handle this. Any tips??


He’ll get used to it and get over that quickly. My daughter was the same way! But then the love took over. I think it’s just kind of scary at first for some kids to have something unpredictable running around that they can’t control. :heartbeat:


Hes just scared have him sit on the bed or couch and let the kitten on his lap or beside him he may just be afraid of getting scratched while playing which is understandable just show him the kitty loves him back


My daughter did this with a kitten she had begged for . and think about it, to a little kid those claws are huge. LOL give him time he’ll get used to it


Time and patience, have him sit with a blanket on his
Lap so the cat can stand on him with a layer in between while he nicely pets it. It’s ones of those things he’ll get over with time :slight_smile: