How can I make my daughter confident?

How do I give my daughter the confidence to stand up for herself? She’s 4 and a total sweetheart. But she gets pushed around a lot by a certain kid. Both my husband and I told her it’s okay to tell the other kids no or to leave her alone. We also told her that it’s okay if she screams that the kid did something she didn’t like. It’s frustrating knowing that I can’t help her. I have talked to the daycare and her teacher about the kid. They both are aware of the issue. All I know is that they tried talking to the kids parents but there hasn’t been a change in the kids behavior.


I am with Aimee on an extra curricular if you can. Martial arts is great but maybe even dance or gym something that can help boost confidence it’s amazing how much kids shine and grow in all aspects when they do something they love

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Repeat repeat repeat.
Look in the mirror make her say I’m brave smart beautiful. Build her sass so high no one can knock it down… make sure when she’s looking your brave and say no to people and make her aware you did it.
Take her to the play ground and when you see it happening enforce her standing her ground…she’ll get comfortable with it…role play it at home.

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Try role playing. Sometimes they just don’t understand what it means. When you say to stand up for yourself and having them practice can give them confidence.


Try role playing how to handle the situation. Have one of you play her and the other play the other kid. You and your husband might want to practice a little to remember to use 4 year old language when role playing. After she sees you two demonstrate a few times, have her practice “confronting” whoever’s playing the other child. Practicing will help her feel prepared with what to say and how to handle it.

I might be able to give you some suggestions please like this comment so I can come back to it later

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Sorry your going thur this.
I put my daughter in martial arts, it helped so much.


Take her to karate classes , she will learn how to defend herself and to be confident

Role play and practice. U be the mean kid and have her practice saying no. Or telling a teacher. That way when it happens she will be more confident in the situation and how to handle it

The teacher or helper should control this situation.

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Tell her to punch him. He will leave her alone.


I know this may sound strange but does she have one on one time with her Dad like getting ice cream together, parks, bowling, etc. years ago I was watching a talk show and it said that kids get their confidence from the opposite sex parent. I am not the prettiest gal in the room and I have been overweight for about 20 years, but I have a LOT of confidence. My Dad was a long haul trucker but when he got home he would always take me and my sister to go do fun things. Even after my parents divorced he would still make a point to be there for us and I swear that’s why I have the confidence that I do. By saying this I’m not insinuating that your husband doesn’t adore his daughter I’m sure he does, it’s just what I think helped me in life❤️

From someone that went through bullying as a child better nip it in the bud or your going to have one angry child on your hands and a huge therapy bill

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He needs to be removed from that daycare…but the daycare people probably don’t want lose the income…I would tell them either he goes or you will pull your child out and file a complaint against them. Put her in pre school.

It’s not your daughter’s fault. Find out the parents of the other kid and talk to them nicely about their kids behavior. Maybe they have something going on at home or have some undiagnosed behavior issue


Unpopular opinion. I give the school two chances to fix the situation. After them two chances, I will go bxuxlxlxy the parents. I will be damned if my child goes thru the same torture i did cause my school didn’t care. My cousin even married one of my bullies. :woman_shrugging:

Our children gain confidence by seeing their parents be confident. So at this age it would be appropriate to role play the situation. Have dad be the other kid and you be your daughter. Show her how you would like the interaction to go. Do it everyday for awhile. But it sounds like the issue is the other kid. He may have behavior issues that you don’t know about. The parents are probably trying.

Throat punch the Lil shit!!! Lol

Lean on the school and you keep leaning. You don’t let a 4 year old get bullied.

you go in and you demand something is done. kids this little need us as parents to help them. my oldest had this happen in prek and i told her start pushing back. cause no one was doing anything. it got to where she didn wanna go to school cause this kid was targeting her and picking on just her and i went to the person in charge of everything and they ended up getting him extra services cause apparently he needed it. be the voice of ur baby cause at this age she cant atm.


Who is responsible for the daycare? Talk to them and not the staff.

How sad at such a young age kids have to basically be bullied. Keep in close contact with the teacher and please keep us informed how things work our and what actually worked to,get it stopped.