How can I make my daughters birthday special while she is sick?

Hi there! I’m looking for advice about my daughter’s 4th birthday tomorrow. Unfortunately she has a yucky cold so our plans for mani/pedis with her best friend have to be postponed. I’m looking for ideas for special entertainment for her tomorrow while staying home. We live in a pretty cold area with no yard so outdoor fun is kind of not an option. It’s just me and her father here to celebrate with her and we are at a loss of what to do to make it a special day ALL day for her. Thank you in advance for any ideas you all can give


Mommy and daughter pamper session at home followed by daddy and daughter movie date with all the comfy pillows and blankets and snacks. Order in her favorite food for dinner. Have a family dance party. Fill her room with balloons the night before so she has a fun surprise and it will keep her entertained on and off all day. Have her help you make and decorate a cake or cupcakes. Make a diy piñata out of paper mache, it’s fun making it and fun breaking it open. Let her decorate the house with streamers and homemade decorations


Breakfast in bed with balloons. Fun cup & straw to drink from. Favorite kind of cake, sing happy birthday and a present. Remembering her & showing love is enough.

Serve favorite foods that won’t make her sicker (dairy can make more mucus, broth based soups are usually better than cream soups). Only when I was sick did I get bouillon with alphabet noodles so it became a special treat.

Reassure her the outing with her friend will still happen, so it’ll be like she’ll have two birthdays!

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She gets to pick dinner, get a cake or cupcakes, balloons, board games, movies, whatever she wants. You can have an awesome day just the 3 of you at home…

Make a living room tent with board games, her favorite foods. And movies:) add lights to the inside of tent.

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Make a fun fort and have a themed movie night. Have her pick a movie of her choice and do snacks around that movie theme. If she is up for it she could help you make some of it.

Decorate her room/living room area…maybe if you think she’s into it you and her make and decorate her cake. Doe she like art? Plan a special project around something she is interested in. Set up FaceTime calls so family can still sing her HBD. As moms we feel guilty about stuff like this but truth is 4 is easy to please. I’m sure she’ll be happy with any special effort.

Have a scavenger hunt hide small presents around the house and let her find them and let it lead to the big present, camp out in the living room, have a picnic on the dining room floor., Make some homemade finger paint and all three of you make your favorite picture of each other

Make some crafts. Cook a special dinner together. Watch her favorite movies

I would cancel the party and wait until she feels better. Don’t get the other kids sick because then you’ll have angry moms.

You and she can do something special together without having to get others sick.

Movies, popcorn, pizza, just make a day of it, give her presents and let her pick the movies

Build a fort in the living room or set up a tent with blankets and pillows inside and have a movie :popcorn::movie_camera: day

If she’s creative, plan some indoor crafts. Slime making, playdough making, painting, ect. Then let her plan the menu for the day. Let her wake up to balloons all over her room. Let her help make her cake. If she likes to make tents, build a house tent out of blankets and furniture.