How can I make my hair healthy again?

Had lovely LONG brown hair. Dyed my hair pond shop blonde colour. And I feel like every day I’m losin length. What can I do to get it to grow again? Shall I dye it back brown.


Use biolage!! You can get it at ulta. The ultra source kind. It worked wonders on my bleached hair!

The color has nothin to do with it

The bleach in blonde likely harmed your hair. Don’t colour it as it will futher harm the hair. Get some good shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner and hair masks and coconut oil. You’ll need to use these to bring your hair back to healthy. It will take awhile to do so but worth it in the end. Don’t go blonde without a hairdresser doing it. Go to the hair dresser and have it cut to a nice shape and try get rid of any bad ends. It will be a lengthy process so get it back


Going from personal experience the more bleach used on your hair the more it can dry and break off, Id suggest using a gentle shampoo and and to use conditioning masks (I use the garnier banana one) you can use a tangle teaser brush so it doesnt pull to stop more breakage and use some form of heat defense. I had my hair balayaged with bleach and has kept on growing long x

Bondi boost rapid repair system. Read the reviews amazing stuff!! :heart:

Are you professionally getting it colored?

Take biotin vitamins & eat healthy. I’ve heard keratin treatments for hair do wonders.

My hair was fried after bleaching it for a year, so much so that it would just break off when I brushed it. My daughter, who’s a cosmetologist, bought me the Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner and I noticed a difference after the first wash, it’s really great stuff. I’ve used it for over a year and I’m still obsessed with it!!

Monat has a restructuring line that would benefit you a great deal in getting your hair healthy and your length back!
Using our Monat Black 2 in 1- it will help create a healthy hair follicle to promote new hair growth.
If you have any questions- PM me :grinning:

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Whatever you do, don’t allow someone to throw their pyramid sheme at you. Multi level marketing is repulsive.


My hair stylist said wash hair once a week. I’m thinking :nauseated_face:. She said you cut back washing until you get to once a week.

It’s steady growing. The roots should be fine. However processing your hair can cause breakage.

Don’t wash it everyday. Maybe twice a week. Rinse off the other days but only wash your hair twice a week max. You’ll see a difference very quickly. Mine is longer than I wanted so I need it cut.


Limit hair washing to at least every 3 days or longer if you can. Hair masks every time you wash it or use conditioner for extene - I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Shea moisture black castor oil mask for bleached hair. Before you wash, oil treatment with oil of choice - coconut oil, avocado oil, etc. for at least 30+ minutes beforehand. Also use leave in conditioner or a little bit of oil in between wash days.

Coming from a stylist, 1. Do not throw a dark color over your processed hair, it will only dry it out further and cause more breakage. 2. Get a conditioning treatment, or a mask. The treatments done at a salon will generally last in your hair between 4-6 weeks, but the masks you find at sallys will be good for bi weekly use as well. Wash once a week and use a dry shampoo inbetween washes until the natural oils do their job to remoisten your hair, then go to twice a week. Olaplex is definitely a great choice for hair repair after bleaching, and using keratin to rebuild the proteins lost will also help. Good luck :slight_smile:


Whatever you do don’t dye it back. That’s the worst thing you could do as it’ll further damage your hair. Also don’t wash it every day

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Ugh don’t do Monat, it’s a predatory company with pending lawsuits.


Get ‘It’s a 10’ from cosmo

Initially do a mask treatment, and I recommend from personal experience, a custom shampoo and conditioner. I used function of beauty after bleaching and coloring my hair, and it helped keep it healthy and encouraged growth. I stopped using it, and noticed I have dry, split ends.

Go look up the rice water regiment and also you need to Dee condition your hair

I’m assuming you meant platinum?
In order to go from brown to blonde you had to bleach your hair. Thee is no fixing the damage from bleach or permanent hair color because it sinks down into the cuticle to work. You fried your hair (happens to the best of us). If you are losing length it means it’s all breaking off. Cut off the damage, use a semi permanent color to go back to a dark color if you want, and regrow.

I buzz/pixie cut my hair every 3 or 4 ish years and it grows back so shiny and healthy. But I’ve also never dyed my hair, I don’t blow dry or straighten or curl it either (unless super special occasions) . I deep condition wash every 3-4 days.

Jaidene Bianca Bourne Read this, washing your hair once a week helps your hair grow more, as I do this wash my hair once a week… May help you.


Ravin Dean Hannah Bond Jackson this might help y’all

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With my hair I grew it out enough and chopped it all off and rocked a pixie cut for a while and it’s grown back alot healthier and stronger and I missed my natural dirty blond

Horse main and tail shampoo and conditioner best best stuff ever :heart: also only wash 2 times a week or even limit to 1 time a week of washing your hair