How can I make my kids transition to his room easier?

Currently pregnant with my second son and we started to prep my first born room so when the new baby is here his in his own room. I’m legit having just a full mental break down over this. I have co slept with him since the day we brought him home from the NICU! The thought I won’t be holding him and seeing him sleep next to me anymore just killing me inside. Has anyone felt this before when transitioning to their own rooms?


Bed share with them both?

When my 4th was born my 3rd was still sleeping with us. He wasn’t ready to make the transition yet, so they both slept in our room for awhile. It wasn’t too long before he was more ready, and it worked out just fine in the meantime. Do whatever works for you and your kids!


Our first was 23 months and had just transitioned to her bed and was potty trained but slept in our bed a lot still. We put the bassinet in with us and let her continue to go back and forth from her new room and our bed. No big deal. She regressed with potty training a few months too so expect that.


Used a crib sidecarted for my new baby and kept my 1st baby with me in bed was a lot easier in us


Yes I started with a twin bed at the foot of our bed…then moved it to the wall when I was ready…then further away until he is in his own room…worked great for us…just like our babies get separation anxiety so do we…it will be just fine

my kids never slept in our room they came home from hospital right to their crib. and were sleeping from 10 pm to 6 am at 2 weeks


I transitioned my oldest to bedside, then a cot in the room, naps in his own bed, etc. Eventually he started sleeping in his own room.

Totally still possible. Maybe a twin floor bed next to yours or have him sleep on the opposite side of you.

You’re asking for trouble sleeping with a baby. As far as the older one have you tried a separate room? Sounds like you have the problem.

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Kids need to learn to be independent and sleep without their parents