How can I make my toddler feel more secure in her bedroom?

My almost two year old won’t sleep in her bed. I make sure it’s not too hot or cold; she has a blanket that she loves to sleep with. We have a bedtime routine but she will not sleep in her bed. She will cry until I come in to get her. What can I do to make her feel secure and love being in her bed?


Consistency. She will be okay as long as it’s a safe environment. Let her cry it out.


She will fall asleep. As long as she’s safe, ride it out.


Have you tried soft music or a music box?

Id never let my daughter cry it out but i am dealing with the same thing.

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Sit in the corner of her room with a book and read by a little bit of light shining in from the hallway and just keep redirecting her to her bed. Your right there and she is fine :slight_smile: just reassure her your there, she’s safe and keep putting her back in bed… it takes about a week or so… but they adjust. Worked with all 3 of mine.

I use a bed side lamp and white noise machine

As long as you do not take her out she will adjust to sleeping on her own.


Hang christmas lights in her room

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Get walkie talkies one for you one for the kid

A stuffed animal to sleep with and you lay on the floor next to her bed until she falls asleep. Leave the hallway light on if you can or get one of the battery operated puck lights for the walls to have on at night. Repeat for a few days and every night remind her she can walk to your room so she knows you’re still around.

Toughen up Mamma, you’ve made the crying longer by going to get her I’m afraid. You can try all manner of things, light, white noise, but bottom line is don’t take her out of her bed.


Let her sleep in your room it really isn’t worth fighting over. Eventually she will be ready to be on her own and happily move to her room. I have three grown kids, did this with all of them.


Consistency, don’t let her cry it out.

I rock my son to sleep and then put him in bed. If I lay him down he will just come out of his room. But if I rock him first then they wake up in their bed and eventually realize it’s safe there. That’s what worked for my son.

Stay in there with her​:smiley::heart::heart::heart:

Facts of life:- Every child is different.
You can ask for help and advice but at the end of the day, YOU know your child better than anyone…

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I tried everything I could with transitioning and nothing worked, finally decided to stop getting him and only checked on him making sure he’s okay, reassuring him when I did that he was okay, and it took about a week and a half till he started getting the hang of it and sleeping in his bed

Try laying in her bed with her until she falls asleep


My 8 year old still sleeps with me :joy:. Her dad works nights so we are snuggled up together. I have a 16 year old that slept with me till she was almost 9 and now she sleeps fine in her own little area downstairs. She will want her own bed after a while. I don’t know what I will do when my baby girls wants to sleep in her own bed.

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Our daughter did the same thing at that age. She would get up 11-15 times a night and we were all exhausted. So we just stopped. We made a little pallet on the floor of our room next to our bed, and she slept there every night. We would put her down at her bedtime and go back downstairs and she would stay there because she knew we’d be back. She stopped getting up and would go right to sleep and stay asleep. And then, one day, she decided to sleep in her own bed and that was it. Don’t let people tell you the right or wrong way to parent your child - every child is different, every family is different. Do what works for you. (also for those who instantly go to it: we just had to get more creative about “adult time.” The couch worked just fine.)


Try using a shirt with your scent on it!

I had to get a tent bed and put a blanket around the top so made my daughter feel safe. Shes 4 and always had problems her sleeping in her own bed now she loves it! Good luck.

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Maybe she’s afraid. Lay down with her until she falls asleep. Use a night light and white noise.

My 8 year old still hates sleeping in her room. We’ve noticed that having a background noise helps. Lights, lots of lights. She complains of the dark all the time. So she had a nightlight that lights the hallway. As well as a projector light in her room and fairy lights.

Mine also takes melatonin. I don’t need your input Karen :roll_eyes:. Its dr recommended and approved due to adhd/add and anxiety.

When she was 2 I would have to let her fall asleep in my bed and then place her in hers. Eventually waking up in her own bed she wasn’t so scared.

Even though now at 8 she still fights to go bed. Lol.


Get her a companion to sleep with. Most adults even hate sleeping alone.


Our son has anxiety disorders and try to get him to sleep was a nightmare even when he was a baby. Our therapist recommended putting a shirt that smelled like me on a pillow (we called it night time mommy) and a weighted blanket it really helped make him feel like I was snuggling with him and we both got some much needed rest.

Is she afraid of the dark? Maybe a light or sound machine?

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Play soothing music and use lavender

My son didnt sleeo through the night in his own bed alone until about 6 months ago and he is 5. He has this thing about being alone. We bed shared his whole life and he just has always needed that physical presence until recently.

Hold her in your arms in the chair with a night time video for kids Then lay her down when she falls asleep I have the same thing with my 7 year old and he then sleeps all night

I read a story then hold my little ones hand or rest a hand on her back until she’s almost asleep then sit in chair next to bed until she falls to sleep.
She used to be cuddled to sleep then when she would wake in the night and get in with me. Around the time she turned one I decided it needed addressing. It is consistency that works, I never did the whole leave the room and cry it out thing I don’t agree with it. Make sure little one is tired but not too tired, and do it gradually. I never thought I would get there but shes asleep in 5 mins now, and only wakes if unwel or teething. X

Because she’s a baby!! Let her sleep with you!

Night light with stars ect. Tent bed soft music.

At some point it becomes a power issue and your going to have to super nanny it and just wait out the crying. Or sleep with her forever. It’ll take about ten days of you standing at her door until she’ll give up and go to bed. Your the mom. You got this. Hugs

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Mines 4 and she still falls asleep with me then we put her n her bed now that she sleeps thro the night…i just figure she’ll start out n her bed when she’s ready y fight it soon i won’t it wont b cool to hang with mom so just enjoy it while it last

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Stay with her until she falls asleep

I lay with my 4yr till he falls asleep. Somedays we fall asleep together. But we got him a full size bed to make sure we arnt uncomfortable. Best desision3 ever

With 1 of our kids we used melatonin to get them to sleep we did that for a few days til they got the routine down and it just become the norm. Try a music bear maybe. We didn’t do night lights our kids slept in the dark. Now they have a TV.

  1. Children sleep better in cool temps, around 65°-63°. Long sleeve jammies and a good blanket.
  2. Do the 15-30min routine. Put her to bed, read a story, say good night. Try to stay as boring as possible after the book :joy:, more interested they are in you the harder itll be to get them to bed. Put her back in the bed every time she gets out before you leave the room. It shows them that bedtime means we stay in bed. Every 15-30min, check in (be boring!) and place her back in bed quietly, kisses and hugs and goodnight. Repeat until she tries out and sleeps.
    3.LET HER CRY! It’s an important part of growing up, learning to self soothe. I promise they wont cry forever and they wont be permanently damaged lol
  3. A little light and music. I have a string of lights hung up along with a star projector. For a while we used a small music thing that lights up and spins, on the wall where she can lay and watch it.
  4. Give her a few books and maybe 2 small toys for entertainment, gotta get the focus off of you.
  5. Consistent bedtimes. Whether shes tired or not, set a bedtime and place them in bed every night at tjat time. Itll become routine quickly.
    With perseverance and patience, I promise she will slowly, night by night, it will get easier and less fuss, and will sleep. My 22mo sleeps in his bed every night, minimal to zero fuss. Hes learned to play on his own until he gets tired which is either 15min, sometimes an hour, and that’s okay! Give them the little independence you can at that age.

My son sleeps with a tent over him and a blanket draped over the tent. He’s fully enclosed and has a wind up flashlight to read by. He’s been sleeping like that for 3 years now. He also always has the radio on. Good luck dear!

I tired all of these things with my daughter and nothing worked, until I brought her a big girl bed and she’s slept in that every night since, she just didn’t like her cot apparently

Stop going and getting her.

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My boys were the same way but I just kept telling them they were fine an they were the only ones in their room an after a cpl wks they both loved sleeping in the dark an now cant sleep with a light on

Sleep meditation videos on YouTube!!! They come with peaceful serene videos and calming music or sounds that help you ease right into sleep before you know it. They use these videos for sleep study patients to get them asleep quickly but smoothly

Read a story,or listen to quiet music.

When you take your child to bed… Try reading a story or two. Take an hour or so out of your night to have complete alone time with your child that sometimes can soothe their anxiety a bit. I’ve never really been a story reader but when I tried it with my 3 year old I noticed he went to sleep a lot quicker. It’s just that 1 to 1 time that they love before they go to sleep. Can help their mental health a lot x

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Luckily my two have never liked to sleep next to anybody they both love their beds. I think it all falls back on what you do when they are newborn. I’ve never let my children sleep in my bed EVER mainly because of how unsafe it can be because I’m a deep sleeper. But people do and that’s fine. I think if they get into the habit of sleeping with a parent it’s going to be really hard to get out of that habit. Same with you giving into your kids. If the child knows you are going to give in soon they will carry on. We did it with our mom. X my daughter used to cry a lot in bed and I used to put on some soothing music and a projector so she could look at the ceiling until she fell to sleep. Xx. I think when they are a bit older they probably need something exciting in there to make them want to be in their room for example a tent over their bed or something . Xx

I used lots of night lights, stuffed animals and a blankie!

Also in the beginning we had to let her cry it out. My husband caved a few times and she came right back to our bed which was annoying! But she’s finally sleeping in her own bed without any issues.

Follow calm and bright sleep support they are amazing. Really helped when my 2 year old stopped wanting to go to sleep in her own room or sleep through the night she’s now sleeping 7-6 in her own room no wake ups x

We had a similar struggle and on top of night light, blankets and stuffed friends we used lavender spray. You could name is something to help with the security like “monster spray” we would spray the babies, blankets and pillow for him and we also did white noise machine or ocean waves to help him relax

Shes only two. Shes been on this planet for 2 years. Give yourself and her a break. :slight_smile: she’ll eventually want to do it her self. Keep encouraging but don’t pressure or she’ll resist. I moved my little ones bed next to ours and sometimes she’ll sleep in it. Just easing her to it without causing stress for her.


As hard as it may be to hear, your setting yourself up to fail nightly. Your giving into the one thing she wants (you). You can ease her from the door let her know she’s okay & that she’s got all she needs to be comfortable and immediately leave again. keep it consistent or the routine will never change.


My daughter is 2 and co sleeping with me what I do is I let her sleep with me til I know she’s out then carry her and put her in her crib and she will sleep til like 3 am then I bring her back into my room and she falls back asleep she won’t lay back down in her crib but I keep on doing that til she sleeps all night long. My daughter never takes naps she is subborn on those she gets up at 6 am and won’t go to sleep til 7 pm and I try putting her down for naps and she won’t go down it’s amazing how much energy she has.

I used to get in bed with my son when he was like that xx they need reassurance from you! Yes a toddler bed is not fun to sleep in but when she sees you sleep there she will see it’s not a scary room

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Maybe she’s scared of being alone? My four year old son won’t sleep in his room unless someone sleeps in there with him. Maybe a night light and a pet if he’s not allergic might help

Check supernany. I think she calls it seperation anxiety technique. Put kid in bed say good night , sit on the floor facing away from them and dont say a word. They get outta bed put them back. Dont say anything. Repeat until shes asleep. Worked for my son lol


Id stay in her room until she fell asleep. Then transition to as she starts closing her eyes walk out. If she start waking up id stand outside her door and remind her im still there and for her to close her eyes and getback into bed.

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First of all, be firm and don’t go get her. She knows if she will keep crying you will always go get her. Have her fav stuffed animal, blanket, read a book and tuck her in. Maybe go in every 5-10 min to reassure her but don’t go get her out of the bed. It may take a few nights but she will learn that she will have to soothe herself


I can’t give too much advice I only got mine out of my bed in March and he’s 4 :joy: but a nightlight and our rooms are across from each other so I wud leave the doors slightly adjacent just to give him peace of mind and eventually closed them after a few nights. Hope it works out for you :blush:

My 2 year old has been in his own bed from 7 months but lately he has wanted to be in my bed all the time!! - I get him ready for bed on my bed and read him a book or watch part of a film and then I take him to his own he then will shout and cry for a little bit but I just find doing something like the hoovering or going in the shower -drying my hair etc helps send him off as he can hear me about the house.

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Sometimes, removing the crib before they are ready results in this. If you wait till they are ready and able to understand, that it it’s a huge deal, big huge accomplishment, your child will be so proud. Make it a big deal progressing into their own bed. It’s ok to revert back to a crib for now. Giving into the crying is not going to change anything. Be firm momma, stand by what you said and you will get there.

How are nap times? Try making her space a place she would go even during the day. Read books in her bed, share quiet time there. Make it a place not scary. Play games or “practice” sleep times.
And stop going to get her…and if she comes to you gently walk her back…might have to do it 100 times but one time it will work!


My son probably going to sleep in my bed until he’s 35 or gets a girlfriend first :rofl: they are only little once and enjoy them and cuddle with them until they grow up into teenagers and u going to be the one begging for their attention :laughing::joy::rofl:


Stop going in to comfort her. Leave her to cry. Its tough but it works. Children are smart. They know how to push your buttons to get their way!


She knows you too well, let her cry it out. It’s not abandonment it’s showing who is stronger. You keep giving in and that is what she will do her entire life. Do not give in to your child.

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Personally I let mine cry. As long as she was fed n clothed n dry diaper (if not already potty trained) but that’s jus me.


Get a rotating star projection light and play some lullabies

Bed tent! As seen in TV version works perfect. Sound machine by Home Medic. Glow stars on ceiling…

I get mine to sleep first then lay them in their bed.


She’s still so little, this is the age that separation anxiety hits big. You are her safe space, her comfort.
Do you send her to her room for time out?
Have you tried a mattress on your floor first, baby steps, no teenager is still in their parents bed, it will happen


Night lite, I usually lay with mine until they are asleep, I use a noise machine…

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My three year old will probably sleep with me till she’s 50 by how this is going hahahaha

Can you just lay with her until she falls asleep?

Tell her that she is going to sleep in her bed and let her cry.

Try something that smells of you xx

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Play classical music

There isn’t a one size fits all. Thankfully I have a few kids and for us she has to have her cup of milk she can take to bed in her fav cup, her fav soft blanket, favorite stuffed musical cat, her tv is on low volume to her fav show (octonauts) and she has two sisters who share a room with her (which she loves). I have two small night lights in there for when the tv goes into sleep mode, I let them decorate the walls in a way that makes them feel more comfortable and want to be in there. Here soon I’ll be purchasing a star projector to help kinda soothe them at night. Kids are kinda finicky at that age and sometimes it’s just hard for them to transition and takes time and patience. If kiddo has a pretty good vocabulary ask them what they may like. Try a routine, aka warm calming bath, comfy pajamas, soft Comfort items, maybe cuddles until they fall asleep and sneak them to their bed.

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I’ve been transitioning my daughter to her bed for what feels like years…
She’s 5 and it’s been a process, making her love her room… I’ve made sure the stuff she likes are on the walls… made it pretty for her liking. Let her help make it hers. She just finally decided she’s ready.
Good luck to you! It really just depends on the child! You’re doing great!

When my daughter had her first bed, I had to get a night light and a light that projected stars on ceiling. Also had to make sure she had her blanket and pillows all around her since it made the bed feel less big. The biggest thing was that for a month I stayed in the bed with her and read/sang to her and rocked her until she fell asleep. It took awhile for her to feel comfortable sleeping in her own bed.

Lots of stuffed animals to make her bed more cozy. She is used to sleeping in the confines of a crib. Now she feels unsafe and vulnerable.

Some of your belongings in there that she knows it’s mommies and she’s here. Spend more time in there make it fun during the day to the point that’s where she wants to be. She will come around.

Mine was lime that too I put her music bathe her with Johnson calm baby wash it works

Does she like music? We got a sound machine for our son and we play it when we do our bedtime routine so he knows it’s time for bed. It helps relax him

I had to put one of my t-shirts on their pillow for them to sleep in their bed and one on a teddy bear for my youngest.

Mine is 7. She still will not fall asleep in her bed. She has to have cuddles in my bed until she falls asleep then I put her in her bed

I’ve recently found success with a weighted blanket, nothing too heavy just enough to give them a little pressure/weight and feel secure. Also try some Lavender essential oil, I put some on a cotton ball and place it out of reach, the scent is relaxing and calming. I also mix it with coconut oil and rub her down after a bath.

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She’s still a baby and needs the comfort and reassurance of mom. This is normal. Sleeping with her at 2 does not mean it’ll be ‘forever’.

she needs a magic wand to chase away all the monsters. preferable one that lights up. everyone knows monsters are afraid of lights. buy extra batteries.

With my daughter we first made sure she was asleep before putting her in her bed and after a few nights we put her down while she was awake but stayed with her till she fell asleep and slowly got her used to falling asleep in her bed. She still cry for a few minutes now but then will settle down and go to sleep on her own

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Well my two year old falss asleep in our bed, then we move him to his bed. Sometimes he wakes up at night and we bring him back and sometimes he sleeps in his bed all night. Maybe you could try the same. He also sleeps with a blanket (or twoo, or three, plus his teddy and his bunny and a couple of hot wheels cars and whatever he manages to bring along :rofl::rofl:)

Stop going and picking her up. Its hard to hear them cry but you are setting the routine by giving in.


Just got my son in his own bed at 5 he will only fall asleep in his bed if I guard him meaning I stay in the living room where he can see me from his bed :rofl: 🤷

My 7 year old still doesn’t go to sleep by herself

Put a Radio playing music in her room. It may help her sleep…

Number 1, who tf is laughing at this post? Number 2, this is so common. You need to be firm, but kind course check on them. Read some bed time stories and a night light if they’re scared of the pitch black room, help make their bed their nap time place so they feel safe and begin to associate their bed with sleepy time. I remember when I was a child, my younger brothers had their own schedule of when they were ready to sleep alone. My second youngest brother loved sleeping on his own and the youngest had a hard time and it took him longer before he was comfortable to sleep alone. You got this momma!

I let my son fall asleep in my bed then hes moved to his. Doors are left open for him to come in IF he wakes up and crawl in bed with me. Then do the same once he goes back to sleep he gets put back in his bed. Hes gotten used to being in his bed more so he doesn’t crawl in bed with me too often.

Buy sunday school voice overs and play for her in her bedroom. …the voice overs which recite bible verses but for children’s version