How can I make my toddler more comfortable in her room?

My toddler will not stay in her bed at night and finds every excuse to come into ours…what can I do to make her more comfortable in her room?


Positive rewards for staying in her room might work. Maybe a special treat in the morning

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I stay in my daugthers room until she falls asleep. She’s 3. It’s been a couple months in her own room now.

My kids fall asleep in their own bed but almost always end up in mine. Rarely do they wake me up when they come crawl in with me. I just wake up with a random little foot in my side. They’re only little for such a little while. I let them sleep with me if they get up in the middle of the night because they’re afraid.

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It has always amazed me that 2 adults sleep together to be comforted but they expect a small child to always be alone. Dark silence is scary and so are the unknown noises at night.


Light projector on ceiling

Put some fairy lights around the room

It isn’t that she isn’t comfortable in there, it’s that she feels comfort with you, she feels safe with you.


Mine were the same, it’s a security thing, little ones need to be close to parent and so forth, I had to take them back to their bed about 3/4 times a night, it’s hard for them to adjust for a little while maybe put music on or a story tape they like and that may help to relax them. Have a safety light on too so that they are not completely in the dark. Maybe put their favourite toy in beside them so they both listen to their story together.


Yes maybe a nightlight she might be scared of the dark. Depends in her age if she’about 6 ir so have a rule play if you want but not to come out of your room

We ended up with a mattress on our bedroom floor and she could come in but that’s where she had to sleep 9 months later and she stopped coming in because she was ready to be on her own

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Read a book together with her. Stay with her till she falls asleep.

Am I the only on that would rather take all the toddler cuddles now because I know I won’t get that as much when he’s older? :pleading_face::sweat_smile: I have no advice for this situation. Because if we, as adults, enjoy having a partner cuddle with us and sleeping next to us, a toddler wants that too. :pleading_face:


Get some kind of soft sounds like water falls rain children songs birds singing

I wait till he falls asleep, put him in his bed. He stays all night. If I put him in his bed before he falls asleep he won’t stay in his bed.

Sleep with her until she falls asleep. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep first!

Try sleep sprays lavender :purple_heart:

Put toys on her room and a gate at the door. And don’t try to make her go to sleep the second she goes on there


Let her pick out decorations etc.

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Let her sleep with you. It’s completely natural


Have a conversation with her about why she keeps leaving her room. Try a night light if you haven’t already done so. Make sure that no toys that are left out (stuffed toys and the like) are going to cast strange shapes at night - this happened to my sister. Lastly, once you’ve established the real reason for her wanting to come into your room (my suspicion is that she just wants to be with you) just keep taking her back to her room. Don’t converse with her even if she’s upset, just take her back. She’ll eventually get the idea that you’re not backing down and within a couple nights you’ll both be able to have a good nights sleep. Hope this helps.

Give her a tablet or TV because even us adults have a phone or TV usually or our partner to entertain us

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Our 2 yr old still sleeps in our room (we also have a 4 month old). She has her own bed and little area with her dresser and some toys. She will sleep there all night every night. Sometimes she will wake up in the middle of the night and come into bed with us. She won’t even come up to where we are, she just lays at the bottom of the bed, and covers up with her blanket. When her Dad leaves for work, she will wake up and come crawl into bed beside me, cuddle, and fall back asleep. They are little and still need lots of love and cuddles. I know not everyone is able to have them in with them still, but honestly, I can’t fall asleep unless I’m cuddled up to husband (same for him) how can I expect her to sleep completely on her own?

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Really, truly, honestly don’t just enjoy the cuddles with your baby, who right now wants and needs to be close to you it won’t last forever and believe me you will miss them when they no longer have that need or want


Why don’t you sleep alone?

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Ask her what she is afraid of. You could try a night light and book before bed.

We got a fisher price cloud that plays music/sounds with optional lights that helped us.

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Sometimes they just want to feel secure. You are their safe space. My youngest still climbs in with us in the middle of the night. We had a bad storm the other night and my teenager asked to climb in too :woman_shrugging:. I say enjoy the snuggles. You will miss them one day.

Night light light up stars on ceiling

My son and grandsons live with me. The boys always start out in their own room but sometimes end up in my bed, not their dads bed but mine. I love every second they are in my bed because I can snuggle with them. They are only little once enjoy it while you can before you know it they are 30.

I remember feeling this way… now my children all are older and more secure, and stay in their beds most nights. Now I miss those days….

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Maybe ask her what would help her? I’m not sure how old she is but maybe having her help pick items would help her want to stay in her room.

I put my 3 year old to sleep in my bed and then transfer her over to sisters bed. (6 yr old). Hardly ever does end up back in my bed.

Buy yourself a soft stuffed animal. Keep it in your room for a week or so. Spray some of your body spray on it, so that it will smell like you. Give the stuffed toy to your child. This worked for all 5 of my kids. True I love the cuddles, however everyone needs good sleep. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Enjoy that cuddle an hug for as long as the child want to give them time you will always be there mama for life :sparkling_heart:

:heart: I’m a light sleeper and so are all my kids. I can’t sleep with my children and they don’t sleep when they are in my bed. We all need good quality sleep so I made sure their rooms were comfortable for sleep. I kept the rooms cooler (not cold) they had a fan on, a light projector, and a cozy blanket. I learned real quick my kids didn’t want to sleep in their rooms when they weren’t tired, just because it was bed time didn’t mean they wanted to sleep. So I made a routine!! Before bed we always jumped on the trampoline, ran a foot race, stretched in the yard, and got all the wiggles out. I’d give them a warm bubble bath, a towel fresh out the dryer, and then I’d sit with them in their room for a while reading or just sitting with them until they went to sleep on hard days. It always worked like a charm. They didn’t feel alone either and we rarely ever had them come into our room at night.


A light, special fuzzy blanket and get her attached to a stuffed toy she can snuggle with… make bedtime a special routine

Enjoy the cuddles now, because that it disappears faster than you know

Routine, a good night light, a sound machine with water sounds. A water bottle next to their beds in case they wake up thirsty but honestly what really worked with my kids is every time they would show up in my room I would hug them and walk them back to their bed, yes even if I had to get up a bunch of times because it was just for a few days until they learned to get comfortable in their own beds. I would also stay for a few minutes seating down on their bed or cuddling for a little bit until they felt safe.

I would lay down next to mine in her room. Then when she was really really asleep, Not just drifting off, I would sneak out. I would discuss it with her while we were getting ready for bed so she wouldn’t be surprised if she woke up and found me not there. We would talk about how her room is very safe and if she wakes up, all you have to do is grab your stuffed animal and tell her she is safe too and go back to sleep.

I have no answer to this. But I let my daughter sleep with me until she was 8-9 yrs old. At 9 yrs old she started sleeping in her own room she’s now 12. We have a king bed and currently let my 6yr old and 4 yr sleep with us. Thank god for a king bed lol. My two boys aren’t ready to sleep on their own even though they have their own room. And thats okay. How could you said “ she finds every excuse to come to ours “ uh hello she’s a toddler she feels comfort sleeping with you . I would let her sleep with you let her transition on her own when she’s ready to sleep on her own.