How can I manage my post partum hair loss?

Has anyone dealt with Postpartum Hair Loss? Did you take anything to help with your hair? Did you ever make a doc’s apt if so, did they prescribe anything?


Its only temporary. But also get blood work done to get ur hormone levels.

Omg yes I remember this I went bald in some spots it was horrible. I ended up buying a cream Africans best and put that in my hair everyday and all new hair started growing back in the spots where I lost it.

It got better for me around 4-5m but there really isn’t anything you can do. Def check to make sure hormones are ok but baring an issue there it just takes time

It happened to me and I had no idea until I seen a picture. I had a receding hairline, but it grew back like crazy. I haven’t seen that much baby hairs since I could remember.

I take biotin every day. Even my eyelashes are longer! It takes about 60-90 days to really see the results.

I thought FOR SURE I would be bald after my 2nd daughter cause it was just not letting up and I was so so worried. But 1 day, and it really just happened out of nowhere, after like 6 months or more lol, it did just stop and it took a while for my hair to get back to "normal’ but it finally did. But then I started having a reaction to my BC about 2 years ago(right when I felt like it was thick and looking nice again, of course right​:woman_facepalming::rofl:) and my hair is thinner than it has ever been in my life! I got my bc out about 2 months ago but even before that I was able to combat it a little with gelatin pills and also this Tressemme shampoo that I found. It’s got a black cap but the bottle is see through and the actual shampoo is green inside. It’s for hair loss, I guess it’s got glycerin in it​:woman_shrugging: but between the 2 it did seem to help and thank God since I got my BC out I seem to be normaling out again​:sweat_smile:

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I remember after I had my triplets my hair started falling out in clumps. I had a bald spot on both sides of my head. It took about a year but it all did start growing back. But i agree that you should get blood work done just to be safe. Good luck!

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Activv. Its the best. Ask ur hairdresser to get it for you.

I’ve been dealing with it for 2.5 years… get your hormones tested my prolactin levels are still high

So I have two kids and the second child I knew to expect it but it’s so drastic I still cried as I pulled out wads of hair. It will pass I’m sorry… after my hair stopped falling out…by the way it stays in until you finish breast feeding… but once it all fell out I got my hair cut and colored it felt great!!

It comes back. It’s only temporary

Get ur thyroid levels checked. Pregnancy effects the thyroid and hair loss is a symptom

I lost a lot with my daughter 4 years ago. It made me never want to have another cuz I lost that much hair. Drs said there was nothing could do and there’s no way to prevent it. It just happens to some. Now I’m 5 weeks pp with my son and I’m terrified it’s about to happen again.

I took my vitamins and washed my hair in a baking soda paste and rinsed in apple vinegar twice a week.

My hair fell out for about 2 yrs. It’s growing back now. I had to cut it in layers so my baby hair blends in better. It should quit on it’s own. I take 1200mgs of vitamin E. For night sweats. I chose not to go on prescribed meds.

Shave ur head and let it grow back. :woozy_face:
I did that bc a hair cut did NOT help after #2. It did help after #1 tho.

PRENATAL VITAMINS❤ i swear they are what helped me get pregnant after almost 5 years of docs saying it was impossible, started taking them and 1 month later i was pregnant, after i had my son i quit taking them and my hair started falling out and iron dropped back low (i am anemic), i felt so drained and wore out all the time. So… I started taking them again and it truelly has been the best, it has helped with so much more then i ever could have imagined. I get the kind fish free, because i am allergic to fish/seafood


Mine was pretty bad till the 6 month mark, then lessened and stopped at around 13 months for me and is back to normal, i thought I was going to go bald, but cant even tell now, I just let it do its thing knowing it was pretty normal.

I just let it fall out and return to normal. It will stop, however your hair may not be the same it was pre-pregnancy. I have this weird spot right at the front of my hair that has developed into a curl… The rest of my hair is super straight.

It will stop and then get crazy thick. Mine did

Wait so we are supposed to lose our hair after having a baby… My daughter is 3 months old and I’m NOT breastfeeding and non of my hair has fallen out… Is this something that happens to just some women or is it supposed to happen to all women??

This also happened to me with my previous babies, but this time around I continued taking my prenatal pills every day and also Iron pills which I believe is helping me because it has not fallen at all this time around and Its been 7 weeks since I delivered :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Iron supplements, prenatal vitamins. Both helped lessen my hair loss with my second. With my oldest I lost sooo much it was devastating.

Take biotin and continue taking your prenatal vitamins it helps a lot.

I took a shower about 2-3 months after my son was born and was literally pulling out clumps of hair. I freaked out. It’s a hormone thing. Eventually most of it should come back in it just takes awhile.

Please go to your doctor and ask to have your thyroid checked. Make sure they check T3, T4 and TSH. Most doctors don’t know to check all three. I was cold & tired and my thyroid meds fixed that pretty quickly.

My doc said take more b vitamins

I lost a lot of hair after all 3… I followed my hairdresser’s advice and switched around where my part is. And I used thickening shampoo. I used Nioxin shampoo and conditioner for a couple of months. And then switched to a cheaper brand. Can’t remember off hand what the brand was. But it was something you can buy at Walmart, Target. Any shampoo that says full body… my hair eventually grew back. So no worries. But I know what it’s like looking like I had a receding hairline. Good luck to you!!

I used Nioxin, kept taking prenatal vitamins, and, took a hair nails and skin supplements. Helped a lot.

I did. I just waited it out and eventually it started growing back fast and furious. With all 5 pregnancies.