How can I manage my postpartum depression?

I’ve never had postpartum depression before, and after having my daughter, I have it… I don’t know how to deal with it. I need some advice because I feel like everything I do is not good enough for my children. I have times where I want to be alone in my room and don’t want to come out. I basically shut the world out and want to be alone… I love my family so much. My children are my world!!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I manage my postpartum depression?

Talk to your doctor ASAP! It can possibly get worse, reach out to someone and DO NOT be ashamed! I’ve been there and I left it “untreated”.

Sending all the good vibes your way! :heart::heart:


See your dr. SOON!!!


You talk to your doctor if you need referrals or you find a counselor who specifically deals with postpartum depression. Counselors are trained to help you take the steps to deal with it. Hang in there momma. The kids don’t need perfect. They need love and you have plenty of that :heart:. Prayers

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You need to talk with your OBGYN. Ive had it,and to be brutally honest…its hell. Please remember YOUR worth. You are more than just a mom and most importantly,your greatest blessings in life call you mom. To them,you are perfect and truthfully they are the only ones you have to please. You’ve got this mama,your not alone. :heart:


Don’t be afraid to go to your Dr. and always remember even on your worse days your babies think you are the most amazing person. Your their entire world and your always enough for them. I have days and we make movie days out of it stay in comfy clothes and my kids get to snack. It will pass just take things as they come day by day or minute by minute.

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First point reach out to your doctor and be open to medication and counseling, also reach out to your close friends and family tell them your experiencing this and may need extra help with your baby/children and housework, cooking and even time for you to go to the gym or get her hair or nails done u need some you time too

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I had it with my first. Was shocked how well an anti depressant worked. Paxil (Paroxatene). Sometimes you only need it short term to pull you out of the darkness.

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consult with a physician and request counseling as well.

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See your doctor. It’s not shameful. You need to be your best from your family and yourself.

I had to be on an anti depressant. Had it with my second. Was like had a veil over my mind not allowing me to participate and be happy with those around me. Felt disconnected,miserable, and like a horrible mom to both my kids bc my first wanted to go out and play,but i couldnt take her due to having a baby…and my second had her days and nights mixed up to where only slept 30 minutes at a time at night and it drove me crazy to where was just tired and miserable for first three days until she straightened out. Started sleeping 3 hours at a time on day 3 and kept at it
Was so relieved. My husband had to help out a lot those three days

First, see your doctor. Make sure that they check your thyroid. Counseling is great if it’s something you’re comfortable with, but it’s not something that works for everyone and you shouldn’t feel obligated to do something that you’re uncomfortable with. Healing is different for everyone. For me, it helped to engage in meditation at the start of my day and to get out of the house. I used to love going for long walks around town. My mind always felt so clear and refreshed when I returned home. Make time for yourself and find something that works best for you. :heart:

I alao have PPD go see your DR. AsAp it will help you so much!

Go see a Dr babe its a very common thing you are not alone :heart::heart::heart:

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Accept breath and think positive :heart:

Talk it out
Cry it out
Express your feelings

I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time​:disappointed: Definitely tell your Doctor exactly what you said here! Do it now so you can be the Good Mommy that you are​:kissing_heart::pray::heartpulse:

I had extreme post partum and didn’t know….it lasted for more than a year. The greatest thing you can do is collaborate with your doctor and a therapist!!! It’s 1000000% worth it. I’m currently pregnant with my second and I have my therapist, psych and OB all in communication to help it all go as smoothly as possible!!! YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS

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See your doctor ASAP! Take it one day at a time. Do NOT feel ashamed, this too shall pass!!

Talk to your doctor.
This may not be the answer you want, but PPD can be serious.
Untreated can lead to chronic depression or in severe cases even psychosis.
It’s ok to ask for help. Really. Doctors know women get ppd. They know humans in general get depression and anxiety. So it’s ok and the best thing you can do asking for help.
What’s not ok is to know you need it, be too stubborn to ask for it, and your children suffer for your pride or stubbornness.

I’m sorry you’re going through it . I too suffered from postpartum depression. I left mine untreated and had to be hospitalized. I wish I would have went to the doctor sooner ! Please reach out !

I had terrible ppd with my twins which went untreated and then spiraled into a terrible depression cycle and I had to be hospitalized a few times. Please don’t let that happen. Go talk to your doctor. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Don’t be afraid of medications if need be. I’m so sorry your going through this. I know it’s so difficult. But getting help is the best thing you can do for yourself and your children. I will be praying for you.:heart::pray:t2:

This is the type of situation where it 100% okay to focus on you a healthy mom a healthy baby go talk to a therapist because that alone can do wonders for your state of mind the longer you “ignore” you the worse it can get

Talk to your doctor!
I didn’t experience ppd with my first, but did this time around. I went into denial until I had one bad thought and contacted my doctor immediately. I was put on Paroxetine, and it pulled me out of the darkness. I’ve been on it now for over year, I thought I could go off of it but was wrong.
You’re not alone in this. Peace and light your way, mama :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Talk to your Dr. They can refer you to some therapy or counseling just to help you get through it!