How can I move on from my ex?

So I have been divorced for about 4 yrs. Me and my ex have a very good relationship we have a almost 6yr old together. He comes and goes at my house to see our son as he can due to working hrs. And is still part of the family. So last night, he went on his first date after our divorce. Even though I gave him to advise and am very happy for him etc, I have these terribly mixed emotions. Firstly I’m already worried if she will accept my son and how this will affect my son. My son is my whole world. I don’t want him back. We have tried that before romantically; from my side, it will not work. He’s a super awesome man but not husband material. I feel that he’s now ready to go on with his life, but when will it be my time, how do you find someone new, how do you start a relationship with having your child’s best interests at heart( I have full custody, my son is with me 24/7, he refuse to go to his dad’s place, long story) My parents live with me personally, and health reasons I can’t leave them. They are part of my daily routine. I feel that how will I ever have a normal life again. How will I move on? Seeing him moving on brought all these emotions and things to think about. Will I ever find love again, how and where? What will it do to my son?Mommies, I need advice and comfort


Its takes time, don’t think life has left you behind.
You’ll find someone great for your family.
And you’re jumping the gun cause you’re anxious. It’s a 1st date, doesn’t mean she’s meeting your son tomorrow
It’s a step at a time.

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I saw a post on Facebook the other day that went something like this. “Today isn’t my time for late night parties or staying out til 2am, but it is my time for reading bedtime stories and kissing little owies away.”
Live in the moment. Everything happens when it’s supposed to.


It will all come together when it’s right for you. There are apps, and online groups, and local clubs, and soon enough bars and events in town. You just won’t bring your dates home for a really long time, that’s all. Your husband will have to come over to watch the boy on your date nights. You need to make finding friends (which can lead to meeting new people and eventually making romantic connections) a priority. You need to make yourself priority. Clearly you haven’t done that thus far. It’s time. It’s ok to take breaks to focus on your needs sometimes. Remind yourself of that, and be patient. It will happen if you encourage it and take things one day at a time. Maybe start with picking up a hobby that encourages meeting new people. Like joining a ballroom class (when it’s safe) or joining an online group where you have zoom meetings… maybe for single parents, or bird enthusiasts, or a book club, whatever you’re into. Do that with other people - new people. It’ll happen when you’re ready and open to the experience. Just don’t give up on yourself.


Time. It just takes time. My ex was dating within minutes of us splitting up. It’s been 6 years and I still havent dated(by choice). Our son is 21 and lives with me (saving for school) and their relationship is fine. It is just time. You’ll get there.

Download tinder, its a safe, easy place to start.


if she doesn’t “accept your son” that should be his sign to walk away. that’s pretty much the end of that story. Mine accepted my kids, and my pets, I accepted his. If she can’t, and he goes for that, that is his problem and his alone, as your kid still has YOU

You’ll find someone when you least expect it. After me and my first sons dad broke up I downloaded tinder, plenty of fish etc but then the right man fell into my life at just the right time. My son loved/loves him. Him and my sons dad get along great.

Just make sure you’re ready to be in another relationship! And don’t feel rushed to have him meet your son❤️ good luck momma!

Love won’t just fall in your lap. You have to place yourself in situations where finding it is possible. It means putting yourself back out there. A dating site. A group hobby. The gym. A playgroup. Something! Anything! Write down your weekly schedule and see where you have some time to yourself and schedule events into that. Could be once a months. Could be once a week. Regardless, to meet people you have to actually put in the time to meet people. :wink: You got this!

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Well. Are you wanting to move on or what? If you are wanting to move on, then you have to start putting yourself out there. Staying home all the time, you will not meet any new people. You can be a great mom, and still go out. It’s okay. I think you are holding yourself back because you think you have to be with your son all the time. And trust me, mom and kids need breaks from each other. It’s okay.


Big hugs hun x

Just live your life someone special will come along when you least expect it xx

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Your time will come. Don’t rush it. He just got it faster because he has more time for himself. If you have family that can baby sit for a little bit , make time for yourself. The right man will come.

Sounds like you are just jealous to me honestly.

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In your shoes at a point in my life too. Don’t think about it and it will happen when you least expect it. I met my love when my son was 10 was just friends but later we got together when my son was older and we were together for 23 years until he passed. Just concentrate on your son and parents for now. Do you work outside the home?

Don’t worry about getting romantic yet cause I think you are only doing that cause you’re husband is starting to date just keep doing what you are doing

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You are already messing up your son first of all he should not have been knowing

I would definitely start with boundaries as far as him coming and going to your house as he pleases. That will definitely help you in the future

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