How can I parent my unruly child?

Strip her room bare, and make her earn everything back

Look up ABA behavior tactics. Apply a reward system with the reward being what she enjoys the most. ABA has helped so many kids with behavioral challenges.

Set up a reward system. She has 6 stars on the chart. If she gets into trouble remove a star. If she lost 3 stars (on the chart) she misses out on an afternoon activity (playing out side, going to the park, having friends over for the afternoon ect.). If she loses all 6 stars than she goes straight to bed after dinner and misses out on anything you do after dinner.

Shes 8 continue to discipline being thats all you can really do…

Have her pick a fun thing to do on a Saturday, if she misbehaves then she can no longer do or do that fun thing. Have family game nights, if she pulls the attitude then she doesn’t get to join in. She gets to be in her room with no devices or tv

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Do you show more love to your son than to your daughter? Just asking ?

Well you have one or two choices…call her out and tell her to knock off the entitled bratty behavior or take her to a therapist and get all these diagnoses and pills and make excuses for her for the rest of her life. Take a stand with your children people.


Lol you just do it, no one ever said parenting was easy! It’s actually far from easy at times! Beat of luck to you love. I would definitely address any disrespect though because respect is a huge trait needed to make it in life. Also definitely seek someone for her to talk to that isn’t you guys(parents). Some kids are more open with other people. I hate to say it but maybe something happened or is happening, at school or anything.