How can I potty train my daughter at home?

My daughter will be 4 in June. She will pee and poop in the toilet at daycare but at home she will only pee in the toilet. She wears panties all day, but at home she will poop right in her panties. At the daycare, she tells them when she has to go pee and poop. She tells me when she has to pee but not poop. I ask her does she have to go, and she says no and then will do it in her panties. I have gotten a step ladder toilet seat so she can climb up and have somewhere to rest her feet but that’s not helping either. Any advice?

I made my daughter go naked for a few days and also bought her a potty watch on Amazon. It’s basically a timer that lights up and plays music every time it’s time to go potty. I made a huge deal of it every time she went and told her how proud I was.

Don’t ask. Just take her every few hours to go potty. And let her sit on it for a bit