How can I potty train my daughter?

Anyone else have a stubborn 2.5 year old girl who just won’t go in the potty! Like I feel she’ll never be potty trained, she screams


My pediatrician recommended not turning it into a battle. That it would just be harder in the long run. They both were potty trained by 4. Good luck!

Have her around a potty trained child close to her age! I did that with my son and he’s fully potty trained at 3.

I read to my kids to get them to sit on the potty and then gave them a sticker they could put on a bristle board to make a picture if they went. Stick you your routine, don’t give in.

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Don’t force her, she’ll start when she’s ready

It’s ok to wait.
Our sauger just turned 4 and is poop training right now. She’s so excited to show us when she’s gotten it right. Much better than her being angry and throwing a fit every time over a year ago.

Glad we waited, despite the frustrations

The one thing I did learn while potty training my daughter was not to push her. Because pushing her only made her not want to do it.

I mean I did try the sticker chart thing, candy, prizes… she went when she wanted to.

One day, she just started using the potty and has ever since :grin:

My kid didn’t do it till she was 4. I didn’t force her either. We tried every year since she turned 1. One weekend her grandma spent all day with her and kid came home potty trained and we just had to remind her of the potty breaks.

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Take the nappy off completely bar night…mop on standby will eventually click

Make a chart with stickers😃

Keep her naked at home as much as possible. She will pee when she has to, you will be there to congratulation her. It’s a good time :slight_smile:

My son was 4. He could read and wouldn’t go in the potty. One day, he just decided to use it. She may just not be ready…

Put cartoons stickers on seat make it fun

Don’t force it if she’s getting that upset. Back off for a bit and just use positive encouragement. She’ll get the hang of it.

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She will and it’s funny because it kinda just happens from my experience, I was so nervous also thinking she would never learn but she did. Keep a potty in the living room and have an open door policy, it will all come together momma, don’t stress

Put her on the potty as soon as she wakes up in the morning and after any nap. Allow her to sit there with a book blanky stuffed animal… Whatever her comfort item is. When it’s TV time sit the potty chair in front of the TV and allow her to go potty while watching her favorite show. Also set up a reward system where u clap and loudly say yay! Even if she only sits there. Sometimes u have to make it a game. Mommy is going potty now it’s your turn. Little ones love being praised so I hope this helps someone out there.

I also started putting her training potty in the living room with me. She didn’t like being alone.

Kids will go when they are ready

Don’t force it. I “forced” my son and he took almost a year before he really got it. I waited until my daughter showed signs and it took 3 days.


I’ve tried so hard. It’s been a struggle. My little just turned 3 this month and she still isn’t going. I’ve tried everything. Her ped says she probably just isn’t ready and forcing it could make things harder.


She might not be ready yet. Find out if she has any issues with the bathroom or perhaps she isn’t comfortable letting her waste no longer touching her. My son was like 5 yrs before he would #2 in the toilet. Believe me…lots of counseling to figure that one out. Now he loves to stay in the bathroom for about an hour…he’s 46 yrs old.

Daycare helped me I think she had no option they make them go and I loved it.

My son wasn’t completely potty trained until he was 6. He would scream (mainly going #2). My daughter didn’t have any interest until 3 and she was potty trained in a weekend. Don’t know what happened but one day we were going to the store an hour away and she hadn’t peed in her pull-up for 4-5 hours at that point so I put her on the potty and she finally went after crying a bit. After that, it was pretty easy. There was a lot of praise involved. My 2.5 year old has shown some interest but not overly so. He’s gone on the toilet a few times but we aren’t quite to the point of him saying when he has to go. Hang in there mama. It will come. Trust me, I thought my first would never get potty trained! Lol

I waited until my son started showing interest. I didn’t force it. He’s almost 4. :slight_smile:

Mines same age! Won’t use potty or toilet… I don’t think she’s ready yet. I tried to force her to sit on it when she was around 1.5 and it scared her. Wait till they’re ready.

Mine finally did it on her own a month before her 3rd birthday. One day she just decided she was done wearing diapers.

Put her in potty training undies. And make sure sit on the potty a couple times per hour. Do not use pull up. Find potty songs , give her a book. All my kids were done by 2.

If she’s resisting that hard,then stop,she will eventually get it,don’t make it a battle.dontt use diapers.or pullups which is basically a pants diaper,get some thick training panties, make a star chart tape it up in the bathroom ,5 stars equals a small treat like cookie or anything of your choosing,always use positive words and attitude


She may not be ready yet so don’t force her. If she’s in school and sees other kids go then she will eventually want to do it too.

If she’s not ready, she’s not ready. Take a break. Then in a few months or more, maybe create a fun prize thing. Red or blue solo cups, tissue over top of each one, elastic around to hold tissue. Put a candy, little toy or you could even write a fun activity on a paper, put one inside each cup. Then each time she goes potty, she gets to choose a prize. She can push her hand thru the tissue on each prize. You can nail a bunch of cups on a board or put them in a short bin or box. :purple_heart::four_leaf_clover:

My son didn’t get it until he was 3.5 my daughter was 3. They have to be ready forcing just made it more stressful for me. I left it up to my daughter and I can’t even remember a struggle.

Then shes not ready & you are pushing too hard. She will do it when shes ready not when you are.

Put cotton pants on her and it won’t take long.
Take her to buy the potty or toilet seat and step she likes

i don’t believe in that “not ready” crap. some kids will never be “ready” if you don’t start.

  • take her when you go.
  • also, every hour & you make her sit for 5-10 minutes at a time.
  • reward if absolutely necessary
    ^^^ always worked with my kids and all of mine were out of diapers by 18 months.

Both my girls were almost 4 before they were potty trained and it took less than a week once they were ready.
My son is 2 1/2 and shows interest in the potty and peeing outside and we let him do it when he chooses and most of the time he will only wet a couple of diapers a day. But we don’t force it. We’re letting him kinda set the pace. Yesterday he decided he didn’t wanna wear a diaper for a few hours and I told him okay but tell mama when you gotta pee and he did.

In my experience, she needs to feel like she’s in control or it’s her idea. I’d keep introducing it to her and make it fun. One day, she’ll surprise you and will take off with it! Sometimes the longer it takes is frustrating, but there tends to be less degression … My first was 3 when she was potty trained and now our 2 year old is! Keep calm, you’ve got this!!

Put the diapers back on her and wait for her to be ready

Back off you’ve made it into a power struggle

If you make it that she has a problem it will be. Children will potty train when ready, be gentle. Create a fun time & may lead to a great outcome.

My almost 2yr old will go all day at her weekend sitter’s… But home she wants nothing to do with her potty or big potty​:frowning: she has done both in the big potty at home but now she just cries and puts her arms out for me to pick her up when I put her on there… I’m just letting her go at her pace when she’s ready she’s ready…. I have a 21 yr old and 19yr old and they was super easy not this time around :face_with_peeking_eye:

Wait. She’s not ready yet

I had the hardest time with both my kids (now 20 and 9 years old). I started my oldest when he was 2 and he wasn’t having it. Then I just gave it a rest and when he was 3 it was like a light bulb came on and he just started on his own. Same with my daughter. They will do it when they are ready. If you push it, it causes a lot of unnecessary stress for everyone.

She’s not being stubborn, she’s showing signs of not being ready. Give her a break, try again in 6 months. When she’s ready, potty training is easy

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My daughter is 2.5 and is potty trained but only bc she saw other kids at daycare do it in her class room

My daughter is 4 and is just starting but her brother is 3 and been very good with it. It’s different for every child for sure.

Doesn’t potty training start at 14-18 months?? Is it normal that these moms are taking till 3-4 to potty train their child… them pull-ups would get expensive

My daughter was like that and one of the lady said, when she’s ready, she’ll be ready and it was a lot much easier that way.

Wait till she is 3, much easier

Not ready yet. They will when ready. My kids were closer to 4

If she’s fighting it like that then she’s clearly not ready

Both my kids never showed any interest tell they turned 3, then it was like a switch & they started using potty & was fully trained in like a week & never had any accidents even at night. Just give her time. I always just left the little potty out in every room they were in as a reminder.


Don’t force her. That’s the worst thing to do. I tried that with my then 3 year old. He refused to go. I stopped forcing and 2 days later, he started going on his own. She may not be ready.

She’s probably not ready yet.

Both mine just started on their own… worse thing to do is force them

If a child isn’t ready they aren’t ready. Don’t make it a traumatizing experience. Don’t force it she’s a child.

Every kid is different sounds like she’s not ready