How can I prevent coackroaches from coming in my house?

I had neighbors move in a few months ago and I just seen a cockroach in my bathroom around the air vent. My parents had them bad when I was 15 after getting them from a hotel room and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to live with that again. What can I do to keep them away google says don’t kill them because it will attract more and if you see 1 they don’t travel alone! I plan on calling maintenance THE SECOND they open and reporting them and asking for them to set traps! Absolutely disgusting.


Put some of this around the perimeters of your home

Get Surrender!! Best by far, it’s for ants but I used it for roaches and it won!!!


I used the bay leaves cause it was safe around my kids back in the day


I got the pest control out last time I got them. The strata did the common areas so all the roaches went into everyone’s units. Never had a problem after that. That was years and years ago. Better off getting rid of them once and for good. They didn’t spray either so I didn’t have to leave my unit or take my dog out. He put drops of this stuff everywhere, that hardened. Was up high so dog went nowhere near it. Best stuff ever


Oh man I no advice aside from tell maintenance to come spray everytime theyre around for it. When i lived in an apartment my neighbor refused to allow them to spray and I was always getting them bcuz the neighbors apartment was infested. Gross.

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If you live in apartment everyone needs to keep up on it… if not you will just keep getting them back


Call the landlord and request pest control. In the meantime, clean every day (they will eat the dead ones and eggs can still hatch on the females), make sure there are no food or water sources (garbage out every day, no crumbs on floors/counters or open food, no water left in sinks, make sure no leaks from pipes under cabinets, etc). When pest control comes, clean out all drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Ask pest control to spray with a growth inhibitor (makes them unable to reproduce) and bait. All surrounding units (side to side, above and under) need to be treated and housekeeping checked by management/pest control as well. If pest control will remove and treat behind outlets and switch plates, even better. Make sure to keep an eye on the fridge, they love the heat from the compressor. Declutter - roaches can feed forever on the glue in cardboard and on envelopes.

I manage apartments and have handled units with roach infestations a few times :slight_smile: good luck!!

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Unfortunately, apartments aren’t always responsible for spraying. You can report the neighbor, but it doesn’t always give probable cause to enter their house. They simply just asked our neighbor and they said “idk what you’re talking about”… we knew it was them bc they were in the hallway arguing about the grossness of their apartment and their bug friends. We lived in an apartment a few years ago, and our gross neighbor gave roaches to us. (We managed to avoid the bed bugs thank god!). We tried everything and they just continued to get worse bc the neighbor wasn’t treating their place. It turned out to be a temporary fix, and they’d come back. We eventually had to spray and clean out everything and move (we got a few sprays just precautionary) and got rid of them. A lot of the stuff they sell does not work, and will require an actual exterminator. Especially German roaches, bc they’re so damn stubborn. Wishing you the best, and remember this is NOT your fault or anything to be ashamed of.

I put bay leaves all over


Combat jell takes a few days they will take it back to the nest really good stuff


There’s a bug group called antmans hill… if you post a picture they can tell you what it is and the best way to resolve the situation!

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The best stuff I have used ws the stuff that looks like it’s oin a syringe…


We lived in apartment building that was infested so bad. We left everything in the kitchen and moved. Turned out they were living inside walls as well as behind cabinets and appliances. They couldn’t 100% treat it until the building was empty. Because they would have to make holes in walls to spray it. Later found neighbor below us was the cause. She had millions of them in her apartment.


Report it to the office and see if they will schedule a weekly spray for like a month. Don’t leave any food out at all. Make sure things are sealed tight in the kitchen and pantry. I’m sorry they suck and once you have alot they are very hard to get rid of.

Clean with vinegar and lavender. They don’t like lavender


If your lease states pest control is landlords responsibility, then contact them and let a professional handle it. Let office know it’s coming from adjacent unit so that it gets treated as well. Pest control company should provide you with a to do list prior to service. You’ll never get rid of them if your neighbors don’t get a treatment too.

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Red ant killer by Ortho. It smells like sulfur disgusting. (No one told me that) but it works. It instantly kills them and it prevents them from coming back. I put it under my stove and I haven’t seen any in a few days. Our landlords don’t care. They hire the cheapest pest control company and they are contracted to come spray every 2 months and come if u request but whatever they use doesn’t do anything. Literally would come back the very same day they spray. I hate roaches.

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That are probably palmetto :cockroach: bugs are they big or small??


Before you panic make sure they’re not water bugs, they look like roaches but arent

Borax and baking soda they can’t

Burp it makes them blow up

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Get some sugar and boric acid, mix them together, spread it around, roaches can’t belch or fart, gas will build up inside them and kill them. My old roommate did this years ago, she had a dog and it was dog safe.


Best thing to do is call an exterminator

Need to bomb the whole place for a day . Usually works. You just have to leave you residence for 24 hours.& make sure you open all cabinets etc.

The problem if you have an apartment is that YOU can put out good bait, like advion, spray after, but if the whole building is not fumigated, they will just move from unit to unit and then back, and most of those companies have contracts for a certain amount of units a month, and it’s not a lot of them. I would suggest talking to your neighbors to come with a plan so everyone does this at the same time and rotate sprays to maintain after, you can use the same every time.

Advion gel. Its on amazon

Best thing that worked for us, after trying all the home remedies!

Spray rubbing alcohol 70% by baseboards. Do this literally on at least a weekly basis. I suggest that as a preventative measure. If you have an infestation then you need to buy foggers and bomb your home. Food and eating utensils will need to be covered, children and pets will need to be removed for at least 4-6 hours. Open windows and turn on fans afterwards to air out. Linens will need to be placed on high heat in a dryer. You will need to purchase a tube of gel called Combat as well and line cabinets, drawers, baseboards, especially in your kitchen and bathroom areas. This should help tremendously. Figure out where they are coming from and watch who/what is brought into your home.

Fire ant killer :smiling_face:
Sounds weird but it works! We use a kill on contact spray throughout the house, let it air dry and then put fire ant killer on the barrier. It eats at them. I also use peppermint oil extract in the vents, windows, doorways and around all the baseboards. They hate peppermint. Being in an apartment, you can’t make them go away unless every tenant treats for it. One tenant not treating makes a huge difference.

***ETA: We haven’t had them for 4 years since we started doing this and we do “maintenance” every 3 months.

Make sure you move and clean around anything that was there before you moved in (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher etc) most of them like to hide where it’s warm and leave their scent for other roaches to come.

They hate peppermint put peppermint incense all over the house

Buy the cocky gel from Bunnings and put it EVERYWHERE… front door /hinges r good to keep them out at night too…
it smells like peanut butter to a roach

Advion is amazing. Walmart and Amazon both have it. Also diatomaceous earth. Food grade. Breaks down their exoskeleton and is pet safe.

Coffee grounds and baking soda mix

Demon powder from Tractor Supply will kill ANY bug there is! Four pack is around $15 will last entire year. Same stuff pest companies use. Mix with water. This stuff works!

Put diatomaceous earth in little shallow containers . I used soda lids , put them on countertops somewhere out of way. Also put some water in a soda lid next to it. They eat the diatomaceous earth and drink water, it’s supposed to explode their insides and die . They move around for a few minutes but die. It works and it’s chemical free! I live in an apartment building and they get them all the time ! I heard they had started seeing the roaches in some apartments so now I am going to do this as something to help control it. People don’t have to be dirty to get some kinds of bugs. Eggs can be on boxes from warehouses on product you buy! Try it! Better than chemicals!


They also hate the smell of Clove oil! So they will retreat!

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Make sure to keep like foods in something they can’t get into so they have nothing to eat but the diatomaceous earth ! Keep dishes done up!

Sugar and baking soda will kill the little fu*kers

Put a sign outside saying, NO COCKROACHES ALLOWED, or clean up your house leaving no food crumbs ANYWHERE.