How can I prevent my baby catching the cold that I have?

I’m coming down with a cold I’m terrified to get my four week old sick. Currently wearing a mask but has anyone done this and actually avoided getting their little one sick?


Are you breastfeeding? Antibodies will help not get baby sick. Also, he was exposed before you knew you were sick, so keep doing what you are doing.


Don’t worry too much, baby will be ok, they need to get colds to get healthy strong immune systems. BF babies get your antibodies but formula fed will still have some from you since the birth wasn’t long ago


I’m having serious déjà vu with this post. :sweat_smile:

Baby will be fine, especially if BF as they’ll get antibodies from you :heart:


Let it be. It will help baby build immune system

Wash your hands frequently. Personally when I feel a cold coming on I take vitamin d, c, zinc, and elderberry syrup. If your breastfeeding you give your baby antibodies so it helps protect them. Of course if your breastfeeding ask a pediatrician before taking any meds. Also know that cold medicines can make your milk dry up and are not recommended while breastfeeding young babies.

If you’re breastfeeding baby was exposed to it already and it will help baby not catch it. Don’t worry about it too much.

I would talk to the pediatrician as they can give you advice

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I have gotten sick many of times and my baby didn’t. I breastfed and supplemented also. I believe he always got what I had, but it helped build his immune system up. He is 1 now and has never had a cold or flu yet…knock on wood. Me, my husband and I and 9 year old daughter have. If he did catch our colds, they were always a very mild version of mine.

Baby’s have an immune system. Your Baby won’t get your cold.