How can I quit vaping?

I have no clue if this is allowed, so delete it if it’s not, I just need help! But I have been trying to find a way to quit vaping. I have become very badly addicted to it. I constantly have to have it, even through the night. How can I quit without just quitting cold turkey?


There are kits where the nicotine is reduced gradually so you can get off it. Also talk to your doctor about Chantix, patches, etc. Many have found success with hypnosis. You may need several sessions to reinforce it. Good luck!

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I used the Nicolette spray. It made me hiccup everytime I had it but that actually probably helped as my mind was taken off the need for a vape.

Timer every couple hours hit it a couple times an start it over. Make them longer every week


So Im 27 almost 28, been smoking cigarettes since I was 12 and vaping since about 17. Honestly what helped me is candy, like jolly ranchers too suck on or suckers. Also used one of these as well and it helped. Hope you get to your goal of quitting ! You can do it!

Cut down on the nicotine level until you have zero nicotine and see if that helps. Every week go down a level or two.

Find a 0 nicotene one to start with and go from there. Before you can kick the habbit you have to kick the addiction and the addiction is from the nicotene


Stop & think how it’s ruining your body & your lungs could explode. Simple as that!