How can I redirect social security payments?

Hi! I recently obtained temporary legal custody of my god son (8 yo). He receives ss payments and I was told by cps that I need to have his payments redirected to myself and my husband. I’ve never had to deal with anything social security before so I was wondering if anyone knows the process for redirecting payments??


I would assume you go to the as office and bring his social, birth certificate and papers showing you have custody.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I redirect social security payments?

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U have to go to the social security office and show proof u have the child and give them ur bank info


It’s pretty easy. Go to your local ss office. Take your guardianship papers. You can fill the form out there and they can process it there for you.


You have to go to the social security office and prove that he is living with you. Bring documents such as school enrollment (with your names on it), CPS documents, insurance documents, etc. I’m not saying you have to have those specific documents, but you will need proof that the child is in your custody and will remain in your custody for a period of time.


You’ll need to call social office and let them know asap.


Call social security immediately to file for Representative Payee and supply all legal paperwork to them


Call the social security office. Knowing them, they’ll want proof that you have custody of the child, their birth certificate, as well as some documents from you. Like your license and birth certificate. Your best bet is to go to the office with your documents, because they don’t accept copies. When I adopted my kids and had their last names changed, I had to send my actual license, not a copy, along with adoption decrees, birth certificates, my marriage certificate, and either letters from their doctors, or from the school they attended. That was just for updated social security cards with their new names. I’d imagine they’d want similar documents especially where money is involved.


I’m pretty sure you have to call. Google Social Security Administration and they’ll tell you everything you need to know. Good luck.

Go to your local social security office with the custody order. You can also call(call early because the wait can be long) to make an appointment vs sitting and waiting for your number to be called.

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Does he receive Social Security (through a death benefit for a parent’s death) or Supplemental Security Income (for individuals with certain disabilities)?

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Call the social security office and ask them… They will be able to tell you everything you need to do

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Call Social Security office and tell them he is with you now. Send them documents that proved who you are. Good luck

CPS couldn’t help you contact them to figure all that out? I’d probably ask them for help


Contact the social security office they will let you know what to do

I do believe you have to ring them to ask for a form to be sent out. Fill out the form and the payments to the child’s parents will stop and should start going into your bank

Go to SS office they can do it for you just bring your paperwork


Make an appointment and go to your nearest SS office. You will need all pertinent paperwork.

Call the social security office.

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I am in this same situation

If he’s got an account online you can do that

You’ll need to go into the social security office and provide the original paperwork showing you’re the legal guardian(s).


You need to get a appointment at your local office , you will need proff of the custody , the boy information and his social security number, his birth certificate, and your bank account information, the process is very easy and should not take a lot of time

Call ss and tell tgem you have custody. It shoukd come on a card. Just use the card

Call the social security number

Call social security Monday and get it done asap the 1st is almost here

You just need to call 800-772-1213 and tell them you need to apply to become his representative payee. He can only have one payee , so it’ll have to be either you or your husband.

You’re going to have to go to the social security office with proof that you have the child

You have to call Social Security

DONT USE WEB SITES ON FB…TOO MANY SCAMS. Call them or go to your local ss office. Just my opinion


Go to their office. They can give you their process. Not FB. :woman_facepalming:

Direct deposit is the best way, I received those benefits for my daughter in the past. Direct deposit is best.

The foster care social worker should assist you. You’re going to need a lot of documentation. Call your local social security office. From expirence what the 1800 number can be different than what your office wants.

You have to call. At least in AZ the ss offices are not taking walk ins and very rarely appointments. I got my granddaughter last year and had to become her representative payee. After the appointment you will need to mail, or drop off on a drop box, your legal documents, they are mailed back to you. It took almost 4 months for me to get the first payment after the phone appointment

Go to the social security office with proof of custody

mine is direct deposit call bank

You’ll have to provide documentation of temporary guardianship.

Call Social Security and ask….

This would be a question for the social security office and the lawyer that helped you through legal process…

You have to go to the nearest Social Security Office to you and bring the documents that show you have custody of the child. You might want to call before to see what documents of yours they will want so you only have to make one trip.