How can I regulate my periods with PCOS?

Has anyone with irregular periods or pcos tried anything that helped regulate them to conceive easier? Has anyone also tried any supplements or pills like Fertilaid and noticed it helped you regulate/ovulate and conceive? My periods have been ridiculous lately and need to figure out how to regulate them to track ovulation better, started my period 20 days late on cycle day 63​:weary::weary::rage: I wont do vitex because it made me miss a month. TIA

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I was on birth control pills for 6 months and after that my periods were normal but short and it only took me 3 months after stopping my birth control pills to get pregnant.

But everyone is different you should talk to a doctor for other options

Check out

Nope I have PCOS and I had to do fertility treatments. But once you do them your fertile. I had 3 kids in under 3 years.

My doctor prescribed me metformin

My periods have NEVER been regular. And getting on birth control (the nexplanon) made them disappear almost entirely. I literally can’t remember the last time I had one. For a while, like 10 years ago, I was on the pill to help regulate them. Definitely talk to your OBGYN or PCP to see what they recommend, especially if you have other conditions while TTC

Boyh pregnancy i had a long name test done… they put dye in tubes to unblock any blockages or to see blockages… my next cycle i got pregnant my daughter is 17… my other i miscarried at 11 weeks mot sure why. I also did 4 rounds of IUI and clomid and nothing… so just one baby… im sad i couldnt have a second

I have pcos and used fertilaid to help conceive my now 2 year old. Conceived my first month taking it. Coincidence? 🤷 This time around we haven’t tried but haven’t prevented since our oldest was born and I randomly conceived the one time in 2 months (due to travel and illnessee) we had sex lol. But fertilaid didn’t help me to get a shorter cycle. I ovulated 16 days late for my 2 year old … went for an ultrasound and by LMP should have been 8 weeks and was only 5 weeks 5 days. With this one if I went by LMP I should have been 9 weeks and was 5 weeks 2 days (this was almost 6 weeks ago) … but I truly believe the fertilaid helped to give my system the boost it needed to create the best environment to conceive!

But is it every 63 days? My normal cycle is 57 days and understanding that helped me conceive. Also use ovulation tests everyday after your period

I have pcos and used metformin

I have PCOS and irregular periods and my doctor put me on folic acid tablets and I conceived that same year

I have pcos… haven’t had a period for 13 years. Possibly go on metformin Dr said when my cervix biopsies are back for find out why it’s inflamed. It’s one use mess around but I’m hoping so bad it works

I had pcos and hadn’t had a regular period in years. I started eating healthy and convinced within a month of trying

Vitamin D & low carb diet

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I have pcos have 3 kids only have a period 1-3 times a year my kids for some reason are 3 years apart each naturally how it worked for me

I was put on metformin.
Had two babies then a mc … then diagnosed with pcos, I have a tilted uterus, and a uterine prolapse. They put me on clomid , no luck. Then metformin. We got pregnant right away and two more babies. I take 2 500 mg a day and periods regulated.