How can I spice up my relationship?

How can I spice up my romance and get out of my depression? I’ve been working from home and taking care of the kids while my husband has been going to work. We have been getting distant. It feels like. He comes home and tinkers in the garage and spends the rest of his time on his phone watching Netflix or something, and I feel like there’s no desire for anything from him anymore. I’ve tried sending messages, pictures, he says there’s nothing I’m doing wrong, but I’ve gotten really depressed lately and need something to give. HELP, please.

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If he’s say you’re not doing wrong then I wouldn’t worry about it honestly… and try initiating the foreplay n sex with him honestly and he could be going thru depression too men tend to hide it better then women tbh.


Communicate with him and see what he wants or if there’s something he’s missing or bothering him. Also, if you can have a kid free date that helps

My ex did this. He was having an affair with a co-worker.


Following. Sounds like mine

Sounds like he’s depressed

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Toys always help! Even if it’s a toy he uses on you, they love playin… lol
Got into a rut for a hot minute with my man. Want some specifics hit me up!

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Maybe he’s got some issues too. Talk to him n see if he’s ok.


I’m not sure where you live but ! I like to get food and go to the river . We stayed in the car because of the virus but it was nice. Watch a movie in bed together.

Go out a get a mani/Pedi, get a new haircut and go buy sone slinky lingerie and after the kids go to bed walk in the living room and seduce him.

There’s lots of things to try. First, try having a conversation about any fantasies you may have, but some men struggle with communicating those, so it’s like pulling teeth. If that doesn’t help, there’s lingerie and toys (together and separately). I also find that it helps, especially after spending so much time together, to have a nice date night. Dress up, drop the kids with a grandparent or someone, and go to a restaurant if they’re open or just have a fancy picnic like they used to in old movies.

First things first, separate your depression from your relationship. Figure out what all is making you depressed, its most likely not ALL about your relationship. There are plenty of counseling and therapy services available online or over the phone. Even look into some couples therapy. Times are tough right now, there’s a chance your hubby is going thru something himself

Wish I knew, I’d ask a man.

I was this way, they put me on anti depressants. After I got better my husband sunk into depression, he wouldnt seek help though. Instead found comfort in a bottle and very sketchy night. I’ve had to switch up my meds since then that also helps with my libido. Maybe look into it, both of you.

Go sit in the garage with him. Bridge the gap, reach out. Start doing stuff together after the kids go to bed even if it’s just snuggling up watching a show, cuddling makes you feel very lovey and then continue it to the bedroom with more action. Just go for it


I give the kids snacks and a show and meet hubs in our garage everyday when he gets home :slightly_smiling_face:
We try to spend some time together there and then go on a family walk!

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Instead of messaging him go right up to him and talk.
Jump in the shower w him.
Try something different
Are you feeling depressed because of him or is it something else?
If it’s not him then you my dear need to take care of that on your own no-one can make you happy first you have to be happy with yourself.
Good luck now go do something different🐥

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Idk if y’all drinkers but make yourself a mix drink get the hubby a beer ! And just sit with him … !


Maybe it’s nothing your doing .Maybe he is stressed or something going on at work .I’m sure you both are tired trying to keep everything going as everyone else is the new normal is making everybody crazy .Just talk to him maybe he just needs you to listen as well as he needs to listen to you

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I agree with the comments above ^

He could be stressed or something else could be going on. Reach out to him and join him in your garage. This advice helped me and that’s exactly what I’m gonna start doing.

I had a talk with my Mister. It started out that “Social Distancing” is not between couples so we need to get. Lose and often. I got way close and kissed him he agreed. We have been spending more us time. We don’t have kids to include or account for. Keep making the effort. Garage time, take him his favorite drink. Offer to watch what he is watching. If all of this does not get his attention and you feel better have the hard conversation again. Ask him if he is feeling ok.

This is so sad and common

Try to get a night out just the two of you so you can focus on eachother with no kids around and actually talk

Buy some lingerie, he will notice that, and it might make you fell better. I did it randomly a few months after we had our 4th baby. I felt good in it and he enjoyed seeing me in it. It could break the ice and turn into a conversation or something else you both need. :woman_shrugging:t3: hope everything works out.

Put a robe on with nothing underneath and go “surprise” him while he’s out tinkering in the garage…have a lil quick bang sesh in the garage spur of the moment sex is always intense and exciting :wink::wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haven’t had any in 6 months. Good luck