How can I start breaking my son of cosleeping?

I’m about to buy my own house, and my two 1/2-year-old will finally have his own room. We’ve been sharing a bed/ room since he was six months (don’t lecture me about it), and he’s super attached. What’s a good way to start breaking him of cosleeping every night once we move into our own place? He’ll be in a crib bed with one rail off to get in and out since he can climb out anyway.


Put a bed in your room and gradually move him out.
It took me 6 years to accomplish it.


I’ve coslept with my 2 year old since the beginning. We just started getting her to slept on her own. We first started by getting her to sleep on her bed in our room so she got comfortable then moved into her own room. Made the transition easier.

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Yeah my kids was all stuck in a room with me and then when we got our own place they still ask to sleep with me or in the same room with me. Lol I don’t think I’ll ever get out of cosleeping

Don’t put him in a crib at 2 1/2 that’s crazy get him a big boy bed & make it fun to have his own room let him pick out the bedding


What i did with my first one was put him in his bed read a story or 2 and then i sat next to his bed a read my own book til he fell asleep we did this for like 6 mnt he is 12 now and will still sleep in my bed every now and then

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No advice. My 4 year old daughter still sleeps with me! Lol

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I started with naps in his own room, in his own bed!! And made sure he loved his room and wanted to spend time in there, not to mention his night light works wonders. And I went to bed later than him so even if he fell asleep in my bed when it was time for me to go to bed I’d move him to his own room. It took a lil while but he’s been in his own bed for a long time now! It’s a process but worth it! And he knows if he’s scared or has a bad dream mommy is close by!:blush:
Good luck mommy!


After 2 1/2 I locked them in until they went to sleep esp my youngest would escape ( as in THE HOUSE) at all hours of the night I’d unlock if I heard him crying or when I got up at 6


No advice as every child is different and every parent has a different parenting style I just want to say good luck!
it will probably take a long time, maybe years !

My 4.5 year old son is still in bed with us. My younger son passed away in March at 17.5 mo from what is considered the older version of SIDS…it’s called SUDC. He died in his sleep in his crib. I know this isn’t what you’re asking, but just what I have realized from losing my son…kids sleeping in their parents beds (once they’re old enough that it’s safe) just doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. At this point, I would be fine with my kids sleeping in my bed until they move out.


Good luck patience perseverance prayer … remember whose fault it is control your anger with your child .

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Hype up his “big kid” room, his own space, stay in his room with him reading or watching a movie. Figure out a bedtime routine that will comfort him and just stay consistent with it. My kids slept with me or near me until they were about a year each but they know they are supposed to sleep in their rooms now. If they are scared or don’t feel good I lay in their room with them.

I started with a bed toddler bed in the same room. When my daughter was about a year and a half I moved her into her own room and hung up Christmas lights as night light. She LOVED looking at them. I told her she can only see them if she sames in her own room and bed. Worked like charm.
With my son, he went straight from his crib in my room to a toddler bed in his own. It was a rough first couple weeks but sticking to it and not caving is best. I got up probably 10 times a night putting him back in bed. Heck, he’s 2 1/2 now and still gets up once or times a night most nights.


Consistency. As much as it sucks for you the pay off it rewarding. If he gets up go put him back. Over and over and over. He eventually will just get used to it. But it takes a bit and sucks for you but the second you just give up and let him back in your bed you basically start over. :heart: you got this

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You’ll miss it someday! At one time we had my husband and I and 4 little ones. Feet, elbows and lots of cuddles.


get him excited about his bed :slight_smile:

No advice. My son turned 3 in November and still to this day comes and climbs in the bed beside me every morning. Early morning or late at night. :woman_shrugging: I just snuggle lol. He does fall asleep in his own room lol

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have him pick his sheet color and plushies

I started with a mattress on the floor beside our bed first then after a few weeks put it in her room

No advise. My daughter slept with me until the summer of her 5th Grade year. We used to tease her and tell her that when she came home from prom she was going to tell me to scoot over. :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


I started moving my daughter over around 4. (Single parent until then, I liked the snuggles. Lol) I let her pick out night lights, bedding and bed times stories. lots of patience, too, cause they will get up. We def went to park or took really long bike rides so she’d be worn out by bed time.

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Please don’t do like the one comment and physically lock your child in the room. That will cause more damage than not. Our kids each slept in our room until 2. They had their own toddler beds and cribs of course, but at 2, we hyped up them being big girls, and it was all about consistency. But we also have a small tv in their room for their lullabies at night. If they get out of bed, put them back. It’ll be hard at first, but once a routine gets down, it becomes so much easier.


I just bit the bullet when he was 16 months and put him in his own room with a baby gate and a low sleep bed 3 nights in and he loved it he’s 2 and a half now and shares the bedroom with his 15 month brother who just fell into routine too x

Get him involved with setting up his room. Let him pick out his bed stuff. Get him excited about his own space. Good luck!


Gonna have this problem with my daughter soon she will be a year and is so hooked on da boob and mom lol
Good luck

Prepare yourself for him deciding he’s going to sleep all over your house. I’ve found my kids passed out everywhere you could probably think once they weren’t coming into our bed anymore

Cuddle him and his own bed and sneak out when he’s asleep but leave door open for him to come into your room if he wakes up

My 1st slept in her bed in her room, from day 1. (sometimes I think why did I brake the mold, lol)
My 2nd has always had her own bed & slept in it for naps but my bed at night. At 1.5yrs old she picked her own bedding for her big girl room. I would read a book to her then put a movie on in her room. She usually stayed in her bed. Only when she has a bad dream does she come into our bed.
My 3rd we got when she was 4yrs old. She doesn’t really sleep (ever, dr prescribe meds & all) but she wont get out of bed until she told she can.
My 4th… omg he’s the worst. He has his own room like the others. He has a Smart TV like the others. He has his cat like the others. We tried the big boy hype thing. We even tried him sharing a room. We tried cry it out method. We tried super nanny method. We tried him going to sleep co-sleeping & put him in his room. He is still in my bed from start to finish 4 nights aweek. The other 3 he falls asleep in his bed but by morning he is my our bed.

Good luck ever child is different! I would say whatever you try stick it out for at least a week before trying something new…

Just talk about it… “When we move your gonna have your own room and big boy bed” start a new bedtime routine and stick to it… now as a single mother of 1 my daughter had her own room but honestly she slept with me till 8/9 cant quite remember. And i loved it. Our intimate talks at the end of the day. Great bonding for us

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I have to go lay down with my boy until he goes to sleep. He just turned 10 and just started sleeping in his own bed :woman_shrugging:

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I lost my son when he was 21…He slept with me till he was 10…He begged me to never tell anyone…


Put him in bed and lay on the floor beside the bed. Wait til he falls asleep then go to your bed. Works like a charm

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my daughter and I coslept most of the time until shortly after she turned 4. I always had a one bedroom apartment and even though she had her own bed, she would always crawl into mine shortly after I’d get her to sleep cuz she’d wake up and just want to be close. I’m her only parent so I allowed it cuz I am her comfort and it helped me sleep better too. after she turned 4, I was able to get a house and she had her own room with a twin size bed. I’d lay with her until she fell asleep, and when she’d wake up I’d come lay with her again. some night she still crawls into my bed but I don’t mind. just make sure you do baby steps, like laying with your child until they fall asleep. make their room their comfort zone, not a place they feel forced to sleep. eventually they will sleep more and more in their own room. just take it day by day. your child will still want to sleep with you because you are their comfort. just be patient

Teach him how to sleep in his own bed like a big boy but don’t forbid him from sleeping im your bed either. You are his comfort and he needs to know that if he is scared, hurt or sad he can still come and be by his mom for comfort and love no matter what.

I can’t give advice on how to do this because all children are different but with my daughter we explained it to her in a way she could understand. We told her she was a big girl and had to sleep in her big girl bed by herself but if she ever needed anything she can come get us.
My girls are 11 & 8 and will still come sleep in my bed if they are scared, lonely or anything that they need bc they know that they can.

I actually don’t have a bed I share with other people I actually ended up dragging the mattress on the floor of a single bed so I could have a sleep

Mom ger him excited about having his own room . Malk a big deal about it but also understand its a strange place for him. Be prepared for trips putting him back in bed. May think about getting him a big boy bed so you can lay with till he goes to sleep. Twin size. If he comes to you bed make him uncomfortable, crowd him , steal covers, no pillow . Then put in his bed .

Starting to sleep in his own bed in a new house might cause stress on him. Maybe you can fit the crib in now to start the habit of sleeping in separate beds. If not, definitely try to hype up the big boy room, and if he insists on sleeping with you let him (try taking turns sleeping in his room and then yours). Or bring an air mattress to his room and sleep there for 3-4 nights

I used to lay down with my son until he fell asleep, then when he entered pre-K I tucked him in and he would go to sleep, sometimes called me at night and I would go to him, when I would often sleep with him I would stay in his room, still don’t know how’s my daughter going to be, she still uses her crib but she sleeps in my bed and then I move her when she falls asleep.

What worked for us was making his room “cool” to him, with all things he liked. We bought a new bed that we knew he’d like, a character night light, character curtains and bedding from his favorite TV show, put monster truck posters on the wall. At first we’d play in there often, just so he’d have a positive association with the room. No negative energy in there or any reason to be scared. Another thing that I think our son finds comforting is I have a video baby monitor in there that I can talk to him through and I showed him how it works. I showed him on the monitor how I can see him and how I can talk to him, so if he ever needs me, or if he’s ever scared for any reason, he can just talk to his camera and mommy will hear him and I will come in there. I think it helped him not feel alone.

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No advice here my son JUST started sleeping in his own room ( when he turned 5 this past year) he told his dad & I that “ he’s a big kid already” it broke my heart :broken_heart: we coslept with him since birth.

Put a chair by his bed start by sitting in the chair directly by his bed until he falls asleep. Day 2 do the same. Day three move the chair a littke but further from the bed stat till he falls asleep. The next night move it further away. Until you are by his door. Then kiss him and walk out of his room. This worked for my son. Its wortg a try. My son was 10 he co slept with me until 3 then i did this and after a week and a half he slept in his own room own bed

I did what Shana Morrison but my daughter was 4. Old enough to understand a star chart. A star for each night she stayed in her big girl bed all night and when she had stars for a week in a row, she was rewarded. I can’t remember what with … it’s been 30+ years ago :blush:

I would get a toddler bed put next to your bed now. Each night tell him he has to start in his bed. It might take a week but he should feel ok seeing you and hearing you breathe then when you got to new home continue first week in your new bedroom with a constant conversation that at the end of the week hes going to move into his own room. That he can come see you anytime but he needs to have his own room. A baby monitor where he can call you anytime he needs helps too.


You’ll have to be super super dedicated and strong. My son wasn’t 2 but about 1 and it was awful!!! We’d read him a story while he’s in his bed and I’d lay with him until he fell asleep but every time he’d wake up through the night, I’d walk him back to his bed. Over and over and over. Most nights it was several times a night. Completely horrible and exhausting!!! So good luck and stay strong. Sorry I don’t have a fluffy, sweet and easy solution lol!!!

Because of medical reasons, our son started sleeping in our bed when he was about 1. At about 2 1/2 or 3 is when we started the process of moving him out of our bed. The first step was putting his toddler bed close to my side of our bed. The beds were about 2 feet apart and we could easily see each other. We had to consistently tell him he had to sleep in his bed. (Don’t give in on this for 1 night.) After he was successfully sleeping in the bed where it was, we moved it across the room, further away and he was no longer in direct line of sight to my face. Once he was used to that, we then moved his bed to his own room. You need to stay firm and consistent. The worst thing you can do is allow him to sleep in your bed even one night.

Lay in his bed with him to fall asleep and when he wakes up and cries. Go lay with him again. He will get use it

Be stern and gentle …be consistent…may be a little struggle because new home and separation…

Let him pick out the sheets,comforter for his new big boy bed.

I still lay with my 3.5 year old. We read a book and then she goes to sleep and i go to my own bed. Her and i also shared a bed for about 8 months. And to be honest i don’t mind laying with her at All. I know she will eventually grow out of it and ill miss our night time snuggles.
And if she does wake up in the middle of the night i go and lay with her. Probably not the most ideal thing to do but like i said one day she won’t want me and I’ll be sad. Good luck to you and congratulations on the new house!!!

My daughter was a cosleeper. She would crawl out of her own bed just to come get in mine,even from her own room. She got so good at it I would sleep right through her crawling in bed with us until she was big enough it started to be uncomfortable. I made her a pallet beside my bed and if she got up in the middle of the night and came in my room that is where I would have her sleep. I explained to her that it was uncomfortable for her to be in my bed too. She seemed to understand. She was around age 3. It didn’t take long before she quit coming in there very often but if she did I had an extra pillow and blanket tucked beside my bed to make a quick pallet. I think the reassurance of knowing she was welcome in my room helped .

Stay matter of fact and don’t get angry. Little steps. Big boy talk. Choices. Favorite blanket, stuffed animal, etc. Soft music, soft light or star/moon projector. Be consistent & firm. Patience.

Let him pick out some cool, new sheets for his bed!

Stay by the crib until he falls asleep. If he gets out put him back in bed. If he wakes up and gets back in your bed in the middle of night, take him back to his bed and again wait until he falls asleep. It’s time consuming and tiring but it works. I learned this from the Super Nanny show.


Probably not the best method but I’ve tried so many and whats working for us is we have a nice bedtime routine pj’s, wash and brush up, then we lay in his bed and read till he passes out. I tuck him in and turn out the lights.


I started with nap time in the bed and worked up to nights, it did take about a week or so and he would wake up in the middle of the night.
My son was only 1 though so it may take longer for you :slight_smile:
Good luck!

We kept my 4 year old in with us until she was 3 and a half. From 18 months she was in a toddler bed right beside our bed then at 3 and a half we moved her into the spare room :slight_smile: a big thing for us was getting her to go to sleep even in our room or bed without us. Once they don’t need you to cuddle them to sleep its much easier to switch rooms :blush: we each spent 1 night with her in her new room to get her settled and she’s been fine since :heart:x

There will come a day when your babies sleeping with you will be a sweet memory that you’ll miss.:heart::heart::disappointed_relieved:

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I urge you to consider not changing anything for awhile after the move, because it’s going to cause him a lot of stress. To you it’s just a new house, but to him EVERYTHING is different. Let him have one constant comfort.

Hype up the new room & talk about it like it will be exciting and he will be a hero to sleep in his big boy bed. Make sure he has a favorite stuffed toy or blanket & maybe sleep with a pillowcase next to your skin so it has your scent, then use it on a pillow, or tucked under the fitted sheet so he can have your comforting smell.

Maybe camp out in his room with him the first few nights in a new place so he knows there are no “monsters.” I like the idea of the Christmas lights, but a nightlight will do, maybe lavender spray, and maintain his consistent bedtime routine.

Between our bad breath, snoring and farting, my kids decided sleeping with Mommy and Daddy wasn’t so great and usually went back to their rooms once they could walk! :laughing: But we put them in their own space after a few weeks anyway, so they were used to it. Neither one were particularly cuddly babies anyway (:sob: took after their introvert, sensory sensitive dad), always wanting to go somewhere else.

Good luck. Consistency to the point of craziness is your best bet in instilling desired behavior.

Buy him a bed. Once they can climb out it can get dangerous. Be enthusiastic about his big boy room with his toys and bed in.

My daughter was the same. We moved house at 2 and she had never slept without me before. We got her very excited about her bedroom, and I stayed with her until she fell asleep for the first few nights. Eventually she didnt want me in her big girl room and was kicking me out! Its been about 7 months now and shes never been back in our room since! :crossed_fingers:

Start by having him take naps in his room. Let him pick out his bedding. Use a sound machine and/or night light. Once he naps in his own bed constantly then start with the night time routine. Put him in his bed red a story turn on night light&/or sound machine. When he gets out of bed take his hand and walk him back to his bed. This is along process but if you stick to it , it will work.

my kids slept with me til they were 7ish :woman_shrugging:t2:

Talk up the fact that he will have his own bedroom and bed when you move let him pick out how he wants his new room to be. Make it fun. You may honestly have no problem transitioning him that way. If you do have problems, I’d suggest laying down with him at bedtime until he’s comfortable being by himself. I would also spend a lot of time in his room during the day so he’s used to it.

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Make a big deal about HIS bed, HIS room, HIS toys. Read books in there. Make a comfortable, positive environment. And like I’m told (a lot) a little tough love may be in order, as well.

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I would put a separate bed in your room to get him used to being in his own bed. Then move it to his own room when he’s more comfortable being alone.

I would start off with buying him a big boy,(toddler bed) and let him pick out the bedspread, sheets ect and then zoom would start with naps in his room. encourage him to at least to start the night out in it.

Put a night light in his room

My little boy slept with me till he was 5 … I literally started talking about going in his new room. We bought new bedding of his choice. One night I said we’d try it. I laid with him until he settled. He’s been in there ever since. About 6 months now. The off night he sleeps with me but that’s usually we’re watching a film in bed or something and he drops. I knew eventually he’d do it , so just went with the flow. Not too much pressure on him x

Ummm yea so both my boys have always had their own room BUT I still had both of them in my king size bed with me. My now 9 year old has been in his own bed for about a year. His bed is in my room :woman_facepalming:t2:. He won’t sleep in his own room. My 3 year old still sleep in my bed too. I’m redoing their room next week so HOPEFULLY they will start sleeping on there.

Following. It was not my plan to cosleep but it happened and my son is around the same age. I’m really hoping when we find a place that he can have his own room it will really help🤞

Give him 10 more years