How can I start potty training?

Hello mamas,…
So I have a now 2 year old who just turned 2 last week. And I was wondering how long did it take for your 2 year olds to be potty trained. I want to get him off size 6 diapers and try to use night pull ups. And are they leak proof in case he sets himself. TYIA​:heart::rainbow:


The right time is when your kid is ready. If he just turned 2 it might be too early.

2 might be a little early for boys and I would skip pull ups…they say since pull ups and diapers feel the same to the child pull ups may slow the process down…go right to underwear they have plastic ones you can put over the underwear and they also have padded ones…


There’s a bunch if videos of parents potty training different aged boys in 3 days on YouTube

2 is a little early for a boy…unless he is inquiring about potty, and using language. If he has no interest and does not ask, just encourage him and he will be ready around 3. They still have accidents though, after 3.

2 weeks. We ditched the diaper completely. No pull/ups. Take a day or two off. Stay close to hone for 2-3 days. Short outings (10-15 min max)… dit on potty 2/3 times per hour :ok_hand::relaxed:

My son is 3 now and has been fully potty trained since 2 months before turning 2. I started with introduction to the potty chair with the diapers still, moved to pullups and then to big boy mode…all in 2 weeks. Consistency is key and monitoring liquids before bed too. Good luck! Boys can definitely be more difficult lbvs

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My son is 2 yesterday he took off his diaper and said poop… So I was like u wanna sit on your potty and he was like yeah so we went and sat down on the potty … He didn’t go but that’s progress… He turned 2 in September… there’s no need to rush the process when he’s ready he will let u know… do u have other kids ? Or is he around other children that are potty training ? If he starts seeing others do it he may start getting interested …

Just start getting him familiar with the potty. Let him flush. Let him put toilet paper in it. Let him watch y’all. He will either take interest or not. I agree with above - 2 can be early. My 2 yr old has a big sister so he’s started getting curious. We got him a potty seat and he’s pooped on it 3x in the past month but only when he tells us and when he wants to.
He hasn’t had any interest in about a week or so now so I think we’ve still got a little ways to go

4 girls , started at about 2 yrs 3 months they all learned very quickly , and I used the thick undis cloth while at home so they could get used to cloth only used pull-ups if i had to be out

With everyone saying it happened for their kids at this age etc. I wanted to say if he doesn’t meet those goals it’s alright. I freaked myself out on how long it took my daughter to be comfortable going #2 on the toilet and when she was ready it happened and we haven’t looked back. Shes now 8 and fine.

I started potty training my daughter and 1 and by 18 months she was potty trained… started off by putting the kid potty in a familiar place and then moved it to the bathroom eventually and also used a sticker chart and pee and poo treat jars

The right time is when he says its time. DO NOT FORCE ur child or it will make him not want to try at all

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Boys are lazy about potty training. That’s not me saying it, that’s what drs will tell you. I had 2 boys and both would not potty train until I scheduled a few days off and let them run around the house naked. I put targets in the toilet… If I remember correctly, Cheerios had to suffer this task. The first time they have to go number 2, they might have an accident, but t the next time they will run for the potty chair hahaha

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You cant make him go ,boys are hard to train.wait till he is ready

I cut him off of diapers during the day, yeah he peed on stuff but he learned quickly. We cut off diapers at nights after a few months. Gotta control how much he drinks I the evening lol

My son was fully potty trained including nights by the time he turned 2. At 15 months he said “I wanna pee on the potty” so I bought him a cars potty. He used it that day. By 18 months we switched to underwear and only used diapers at night. By 20-21 months it was underwear only and by 2 he was fully potty trained without any accidents (except for like 2 or 3 times when he was really sick and couldn’t make it there in time)… The key is consistency. Once you decide to do it don’t flip flop. Stick to it.


My son was older he was about 3 and a half because he never showed interest in going going took me about 6 months most of the time. He would sneak outside and do his business :joy:

My boy was 2 and it took 5 days. Got rid of the diapers, put the potty by the TV, turned on potty you tube videos and kept encouraging. Before that I’ve always told them from when they were little… hey you should pee or poop in the potty where mommy and dad go! When he peed, I jumped up and down showing my excitement and gave him a small treat. Showed him dumping it in the big potty. Then he went number two and he got a treat and watched me dump it. After a couple days, moved it to the bathroom. Taught him to pee outside (had to show him to point it) Pull ups at night after that and no more diapers. Hes 3 in July and has been out of pull ups at night for a few weeks. Reminding to use the potty and asking every 30 min or so and consistancy. My girl was trained at around 2 as well. He also ditched the little potty a couple months after and sits backwards on the big toilet, it works :joy:

Don’t know if it was said already but we used to cloth diaper and once potty training started we would put on pull ups then a PUL cover on top so it didn’t leak in case she was peeing like a horse that night but never any issues

I’ll add that my oldest (now 1 month shy of 10) literally potty trained with no accidents in less than a day.

My youngest (just turned 2) started 3days before her birthday and she’s not as fast as my 1st but she will tell you that she has to go potty so it kinda depends on where the closest bathroom is.

15 months off all nappies. Nights as well.

I started potty training my oldest around a year and a half. I told her that if she used the potty instead of a diaper from now on, I’d buy her some Nikes…she loves shoes, so that worked pretty well. My son though, I tried for forever and it just didn’t work. When his step dad and moved in together, it took him three days and he had my son completely potty trained.

I potty training my 14 month daughter i did ues pull up but it was holding her back because she doing pee/poo in pull up so i change her in underwaer some day she do it in her potty some day there’s accident but she was 2 fully trained then

My daughter was completely potty trained by 2 even at night. My boys on the other hand not so easy. But my youngest son I tried at about 18 months and he wasn’t ready so we stopped trying and just left his potty out so he could sit on it when we went and then about 26 months old he kinda woke up one morning and decided he wanted to use it and has been going in it since during the day. And about a week ago he started waking up at night asking to go potty. And has been dry through the night. But pull ups work about the same as diapers yes they will leak at times but most of the time they don’t

I put on potty videos for my daughter she loved it and used the potty right away. But it took a bit before we didn’t have accidents. In a few of the videos it says to have them stay in one for a day naked with a potty. And let them know it’s ok to stop playing and go potty.

My daughter is 3 and still has accidents mostly in the morning if we dont wake up at 7 to go get her on the potty. My kid is weird and thinks she needs permission for everything thats why. She thinks she has to wait for us to get her out of bed to go potty because thats been our routine. She is mostly potty trained though we started at 2 so she knows how it all goes down she just has slip ups