How can I start sleep training?

Directed to the moms who DID SLEEP TRAIN THEIR CHILD:
Did you notice a change in their behavior afterwards? Like resentment or distrust in you?


Absolutely not. My son is ten times a happier baby. A well rested baby is a happy baby.


Did the Ferber method and no, she was fine. She figured out how to self cope very quickly and now enjoys alone time in her crib when she initially wakes up.

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Not one bit. If anything she cuddles me more

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Nope all was well, happier and we were all rested. Made life easier by far.

I did shush pat when regression/teething caused issues. No changes in behaviour and he falls asleep within 10 - 15 minutes on his own now with little to no tears.

Not at all! She discovered she could self soothe and go to sleep on her own and was so much better for it and so was I!!! I’ll admit it was heartbreaking to have her cry it out that very first night but me dreading doing sleep training was worse than actually doing it.

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Sleep train as in what exactly?

I did cry it out with my oldest, 14, which I later read that it could cause anxiety later in life… And he is 14, and very anxious. I regret using that horrid method. But the internet wasn’t around like it is now to tell me stuff like that.

My 2nd, 10, was always a great sleeper. He literally came out sleeping.

My 3rd, almost 2, is my baby. I held him to sleep and he sleeps in my bed most nights. Cherishing the hell out of it because I know how unkind time can be.

Edit* guess my advice here is that no matter what you do your kids will still love you. I say research is definitely your friend.


Nope. No change in daily behaviours

Sleep training came natural and easy thanks god :green_heart:

I took bits and pieces of the ferber method and used what I agreed with. Consistent bed time and routine, stayed in the same dark room, didnt talk, offered quick comfort, etc and my son did amazing with it. He was sleeping 10hr stretches by 4 or 5 months. Hes 3 now and still sleeps 10-12hrs a night with a 2hr nap. He thrives so much better with the sleep

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I sleep trained mine and it was great. He slept 12 hours a night straight through from less than a month old but on the occasion he did wake up in the night I went to him immediately. I TRAINED him to fall asleep feeling loved and cuddled and secure. I TRAINED him to sleep peacefully knowing that I would be there in a matter of seconds if he woke up and needed me.
If you mean cry it out then no I was not going to train my child that crying was useless because I wasn’t going to come anyway… I couldn’t imagine doing that to anyone’s child, let alone my own.


Nope. Until he was in 4th grade ge went to bed at 7:30. 4th through 5, 8 o’clock, and middle school he stays up until 9. Most nights he is in bed by his own choice before then.

I have three boys. The youngest is six months. He occasionally still needs to eat in the middle of the night if he’s going thru a growth spurt or is teething or doesn’t get enough to eat in the hours leading up to bedtime but for the most part they all sleep thru the night. Crying it out is hard on mama. But baby will be fine. I set time limits on it. The baby cries for 20 minutes without falling asleep(rare) I go get him and rock him awhile. The older two (2 1/2 and 1 1/2) it’s longer. My oldest doesn’t even cry. He will put up a fight about sleeping but once he’s in bed he’s fine. The 1 1/2 yr old… it’s a day by day. Sometimes he barely cries and other days he freaks out and I have to go help him calm down.

I don’t get sleep training. My children slept in their cribs from day one. Both slept through the night by 8 weeks.


No I didn’t at all. Sleep trained 3 of my kids and my 4th will be as well.

I was nervous about that too. I’m working on it. I will put my daughter to bed/naps and when she cries for longer than 10 minutes I get her out and let her stay up a little longer. But yeah I worried about those feelings as well… as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t affect them in the ways we think it might. Every time I feel guilty about it, I try to remind myself that I’m doing HER a favor and teaching HER how to cope. Good luck to you!

No because I didn’t let him cry for hours. I would reassure him.

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Ferber method. :heart::heart:
It was the best thing we could have possibly done for ourselves and I wish I had started before 9 months. She went from waking up 2-3times a night and needing to be rocked, to sleeping straight through, 12 hour nights. Simply amazing. :raised_hands:
She’s almost 4 now and still as cuddly as ever. Nothing changed other than everyone was happier.

sleep training. is a good Routine. that is all. yes they are going to get poorly and phases of disruption. but if you are still consistent with there routine they will adjust back.
there is nothing wrong with the crying out method. the people that want to pander and run to their kids with every noise are the ones that moan they dont get any sleep!!


Did with all 3 of mine 8, 18 and 21 and absolutely not. They all 3 have very trusting open relationships with me.
If done properly it is a great thing. Sleep training doesnt mean just throw them into bed and walk away. There is a process to it.

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Both mine slept through night at 3 months. They are now 3&4 go to bed at 8. They wake up sometimes but that’s to be expected.

No lol. Why would they

I’m pretty sure every single parent has sleep trained at some point…don’t see many adults keeping their parents up at night.

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Nope I started early like 4 months old just switched his naps around then bedtime he’s about 9 months now and his body is on a timer bed between 7:39/830 and wakes up between 7:30/8:30

Absolutely not! Teaches independence and I have seen it as a great step for both my boys.

Quite the opposite, once they started sleeping better their overall mood towards life in general improved.

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I did with my oldest, and I honestly wish I hadn’t. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Did sleep training from day one. In their room, in their crib. It was mostly all routine routine routine. As toddlers, yeah, they started getting up and wanting stuff. But we redirected them back to bed and stuck with it. Didnt back down…not even one night. (Cause they will remwmber hahahha) my kids are both great sleepers. Only up if they have to pee, then they go right back to bed. Moods are better when they have more sleep and have a proper routine every…single…night. Lol.

I have 4. I sleep trained my sons but not my daughter. They sleep wonderful and are well behaved. She’s 9 and still doesn’t sleep good and she’s hell on wheels lol