How can I start the transition my 6 month old from a bottle to a sippy cup?

My son has just turned 6 months old and I’ve been reading a bit that now is a good time to start transitioning from a bottle to more of a sippy cup. Any mommas do this? What kind of sippy cup did you use?? Any other advice is appreciated!


I use the Munchkin 360

I wouldn’t change to a sippy cup until he can hold the bottle himself. My daughter is 8 months old and still uses a bottle. That’s just me though.

I used the 360 cup with handles. It’s small and helps to get them off the bottle easier because it doesn’t have a nipple like some sippy cups do

I started using sippy cups with handles and soft nipple (advent brand) when my son was 5 months whenever I fed him with a spoon I gave him water in a sippy cup to help transition

My dr recommended a sippy as well at 6 months my baby was not having it…

I started with the nuby ones that had a bigger bottle nipple and would occasionally switch it to the sippy cup nipple till he didn’t refuse it

Nuk brand silicone nipple or munchkin

All depends on your child, my first one was a lot more forward with this she was having a sippee cup at 7 months. She was off the bottle at 11 months and had a straw cup with her formula,
But she didn’t walk till 18 months
My second is 4 months old already rolling but still feeds like a newborn every 3 hours… They r all different try it see if it works, if not that’s fine,
They r all individual xxxx

I used a sippy and a bottle until I ditched the bottle at 11 months. I liked the nuby two handled cups for a younger age or munchkin also has a weighted straw cup that has two handled that’s also an awesome cup.

A nuk one. We only put water in it but we got a bigger one so he can take naps with it with his milk in it so we can slowly transition him.

My seven month old started drinking out of my cup at five months. She’s breastfed and sometimes wants water. I dont see the problem in transitioning early, after all babies aren’t going to be using bottle like that to drink out of their whole lives. If baby can sit up and swallow fine i dont see the harm.

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i used a sippy with a soft nipple still and handles. handles also help them learn to hold their cup themselves atleast it helped my daughter. shes now 13mos and uses sippys with soft and hard nipples and with or without handles. find what works for your baby and go with that!

Start closer to 11-12 months

I love the contigo cups for kids, they can hold it themselves and suck like a bottle without having to tip it up

If you choose a sippy cup, make sure you know how to take it apart, for cleaning

I personally think thats too early to do the switch… More like start at 9 to 10 months

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generally yeah it is a good time to try it out. When the littles start getting teeth is a great time to really get into sippy cups and normal cups cause you can get bottle rot which isnt fun. If your little is used to having a bottle at bedtime this would be a great time to start weaning her/him off of that as well.

The day she turned one was the day that I threw all bottles away and we switch to sippy cups. We never switched at 6 months, I’ve heard of people trying around 8 months but never this early. I think it just depends on your baby

We’ve used a nuk sippy and an off brand for our 9mo. The nuk has 2 nipples, 1 is simular to a bottle nipple and one is a sippy cup nipple. Both cups have soft nipples. He has a harder time with the sippy nipple. It runs out of his mouth because he chews on it more trying to figure it out

This is what my son used around that same age


I used cups with small handles on both sides. I started mine as early as they wanted 5 months, 7 months. Its whatever your child is comfy with. I got rid of the bottle asap. And when they mastered the sippy I started giving them just regular cups with straws and stuff. I also gave my kids water at young age also.

Every child is different! My oldest let her bottle go right around a year old, but my youngest is a different story, she’s 19 months old and still has to have a bottle when she goes to sleep at night or during the day for naps! She will drink out of a straw or sippy cup during the day. Drs May recommend to start them at a certain age, but a child will start using them when THEY are ready, not when everyone else wants them to be! It never hurts to try though, your baby may take to using a sippy cup early! We did start with a little water in the sippy cup to try, but she wouldn’t really even try one until we started putting her milk in them! Just don’t get discouraged or feel like he’s behind if he won’t use one! As mothers we have to do what we feel is best for our children, not what everyone else thinks is best for them!

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We like the 360 cups! It took a while for my daughter to actual understand it, though. I actually let her take sips without the lid on so that she would get the idea, and once she understood, I started giving it to her with the lid. My favorites are a “Nuk” brand one, and a “My First Years” Disney cup. We also have Nuby ones, but I’ve noticed they leak a bit more.

Yep Mothercare I think

Pls pls pls, start getting into the habit of brushing her teeth/gums. :heart:

We didn’t do a transition until closer to 11 mths. Each fam is different…do what u want. Dont force it too hard and stress about it.

My daughter started at 5/6 months no hassle, my son refused to start until he was 2 YEARS , I find that the sippys with the soft nipples do the best

Use something with a straw or something that transitions to a cup; otherwise, you will likely see delays in speech. The traditional soppy cup confuses tongue and teeth placement.

My 4 yr old was weaned off the bottle at 8 months . Went straight to straws and cups .

You can definitely start at 6 months but he might not take to it so young. Just try here and there with it.

Soft spout from Nuk. The 360 is a bit more for older kids imo

We didn’t introduce my son to a sippy cup until he was 13 months old at that age nothing wrong with them drinking from a bottle still

I started at that age with both of mine. Small sippy with softer nipples and handles on the side.

My daughter was introduced at 4 months and she took it without a problem and used it during the day and bottle at night. By 6 months she used straw cups and 360 cups and 9 months used regular cups. By 10 months she completely rejected formula and bottle completely on her own and was put on cows milk and ate table foods and snacks during the day. Each kid is different and you can give it a try I did all this on my own to see if she liked it (except the milk waited to get the ok from her ped) and she did. If you think baby is ready try and if not give it a couple weeks and try again.

I started my son at 4 months I use the tomee tippie products and we love them