How can I stop my 3-year-old from grinding his teeth?

My almost 3 year old has suddenly gotten in the habit of grinding his teeth!!! How do I stop him??? My older 2 never did this!

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All my kids grind their teeth while they sleep. It’s so annoying

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My little has started this :woman_facepalming: I tell her to stop and pat her chin

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I would talk to a dentist and see if hes old enough for a mouth guard. My husband and my step son(6) both grind their teeth really bad :woman_facepalming:

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If it’s really bad, I would speak to a dentist.

My daughter is 5 and does it. I asked the dentist this past month about her doing it and the dentist said they don’t do anything unless it gets to where it’s messing there teeth up that it’s usually a habit they sometimes go through.

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Ask the dentist for a mouth guard

My son done it, nothing stopped him. I just eventually ignored it and he stopped. He has never done it again and he will be 3 next month

We told ours to stop doing it for sometime he then stopped. He is 3 too.

Ignore it and they will stop. Keep bringing attention to it and they will do it for attention. That’s what worked for me.

My 20 month old does it during teething pain. I give him a popsicle or ice cold water to sip on and he stops.

For 1. Dont compare your 2nd child to your first.
that’s assanine as hell

It could be a sign of sleep apnea

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Mouth guard on a child well not work. It well inhabit the growth of the jaw and it well cause more damage then good. There really nothing that can be done for grinding. A child well likely out grow it when they get their adult teeth.

My then 4 year old used to grind his teeth REALLY bad. It’s a phase. It will pass. Please DO NOT put anything in the child’s mouth! That’s a HUGE choking hazard!!

My grandma use to put candle wax on my teeth. I have no idea why though

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Our Pediatrician and dentist both said it’s normal and just watch if it continues for several months intervention may be needed but that it’s normal short term :blush:

I use to buy my oldest mouth guards. She would wake herself up with her grinding.

My son did it to the point his baby teeth were squeaking when he did it. Its hereditary but thank God he grew out of it .

My oldest did. She eventually outgrew it. Dentist wasn’t concerned.

Go get a simple night time retainer for him to wear to bed- that’s what my mom did for me and it worked

Go to the dentist they will most likely recommend a retainer/night guard for his age if it’s bad enough

Get your doctor to give her medicine.It could be she is eating a lot of sugar stuff.

My son had that problem when small

My husband is a blessing.