How can I stop my black clothes from getting lint on them?

So every time I wash black clothes there this white lint on it always every single time I wash clothes is this normal do your washed give of linttys to your black clothes. Also is there a way to wash a washer lol clean it out I tried vinegar and also bleach but nothing help please.


I think some lint on dark clothes is normal. That’s what a lint brush comes in handy for. And I just discovered this product last week. They sell it in a 4-pack at Walmart. It worked great on my front-loader! Washing Machine Cleaner And Wipes | Lemi Shine®

I just run a cycle without anything in it…that seems to help some, but you’re always going to have a little bit of lent on your clothing.

In the detergent isle there are numerous washer cleaners.

Dont use sta soft. Onli cold water

This will sound crazy but I came across a tip to use mouthwash to clean a washer. I buy it from dollar tree or dollar general, doesn’t matter what kind, large load with half the bottle on hot water. Sparkling clean! If you are one to use fabric softener in the dispenser within the washer make sure you add a little to that as well. Removes it as well. The best thing that I’ve come across that cleans it so efficiently.

Rinse your washer occasionally. Lol. I rinse after a heavy wash cycle.

Rinse ur washer by putting laundry soap and doing a rinse cycle. And for the clothes for now lint roll the white lint off of them

Along with all these tips make sure not to wash fuzzy things like towels or blankets with your clothes and always leave your washer lid/door open that will helps tons

Black always has lint on it. I gave up trying to not have lint