How can I stop postpartum hair loss?

PP hair loss issues: Any remedies or tricks to help postpartum hair loss? My hair is incredibly thin. I started prenatal vitamins again. I have a thyroid issue as well so I think that’s causing hair loss too. Please help!!!

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i have thyroid issues also

It’ll take some time but it should grow back. There’s postnatal vitamins as well. Try not to put your hair up, there was research that silk pillow cases helps too. I’m using grow back Marc Anthony spray. It’s about 8ish bucks on Amazon I think you can find it at Walmart too. They also have a shampoo and conditioner

I use biotin. It’s helped a lot

I started having really bad hair loss after getting separated. I starting using a cowash by As I Am for dry itchy scalp, twice a week and it’s decreased drastically. I really massage into my scalp with my fingers for a full minute, then use a scalp massager/ scrubber thing I have for another minute.

That’s actually pretty normal unfortunately. I would recommend biotin and vitamin d3 supplements

Nisa Daniels , ek en jy sukkel met die probleem. Mieskien kry ons hier raad.

Or skin , hair, nails vitamins