How can I strengthen my uterus?

Hello I’m wanting to find ways to strengthen my uterus. I heard sterling silver toe rings. Also different herbs. I lost my baby two years ago because my uterus ripped open… I carried her to almost 35 weeks… if I decide to try again after talking with a doctor again I want to do everything in my power to strengthen my uterus… I’m just wanting to see if any of you mamas had any similar experiences and advice on strengthening my uterus (could you post private without my name please)


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I strengthen my uterus?moht

You can also adopt, foster or ask a Dr if she would do a c section at 33 34 weeks. Many babies are born premature. Ours were 31 week premie twins.


Call your insurance company for a pelvic therapist. They are specialists in the field.


A baby born at 34 weeks should’ve had a great chance of survival
Personally I would ask my doctor and not put much weight into the advice or nonmedical professionals and old wives tales


I worked ob gyn for 16 years. I have never heard of a way to strengthen a uterus. You are going to need to speak to a high risk ob Dr to see if you can safely carry a baby again. I’m real sorry that happened. It’s very very rare for your uterus to rip open.


Ask for Progesterone suppositorys that what they gave me to help my uterus after multiple miscarriages

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I’m sorry for your loss. I can understand the hesitation to try again. Talk to your doctor. Did you ever find out what exactly happened to you? Pelvic floor therapy may help. Also some therapy with a mental health professional to help you grieve your baby.

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What do you mean by ripped open? This sounds like uterine rupture. If so do not get pregnant again. You will die. This means the tissue is weak. It will gappen earlier and earlier. Just adopt. Just my very educated opinion and should not mean you shouldnt talk to a doctor


It’s not possible to make your uterus stronger

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My birth tore my moms uterus into pieces she was told she would never have another child, she did 8 years 1 month later. All she did was drink aloe vera daily.

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unlike many who say it helps to go into labor actual is used to strengthen uterine muscles. Raspberry leaf tea.

The uterus is very stretchy and is designed to carry children. I think you’d need to find out about options that are not common- there’s a procedure where they sew/ stitch the cervix but only under specific conditions. If it occurred internally- (your uterine tear)I have no ideas and a medical profession n would have to advise you because that sounds like a possible high risk situation.Good luck.

You need a cerclage they are done around 15 to 20 weeks my daughter lost two babies and had her rainbow baby and she had a cerclage with that baby

Please speak with a doctor.
If you have the money, or a willing loved one, surrogacy may be your only option to have “your own” baby.
Please consider if you’re led to take in an existing baby, or one about to be born.

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Red raspberry tea…my midwife had me drink it thruout my pregnancy and during labor…36 years ago…best wishes to you !

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You can have your Doctor do a cerclage. If your Doctor thinks it would be ok then do that. That doesn’t strengthen the uterus but it has a stitch in the uterus to hold it together.

You can have it stitched up, my friend had her son at 24 weeks and he was so so poorly, they said maybe a one off then her next son passed away as even earlier, she fought they stitched her cervix or similar and she’s had a healthy full term baby boy x

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Have you had scans and a mri you may have a different shaped uterus caused it

Please be very careful to the advice you listen to. You have a very serious chance of dying if you get pregnant again. I would start saving for a surrogate