How can I support my child coming out when their father will not?

My child came out as non binary and their biological father (we have been seperated almost their entire life) does not support them. While their stepfather and I shower them with support, and welcoming the change, and how proud we are of their decision and the strength to come out… they are persistent in seeking father’s approval. It will never happen. Please provide us with resources to help support our child with accepting themselves as well as how to navigate their biological fathers disapproval. Are there any reading materials you recommend? Apps? Articles? Etc.


You cannot change a person. You just continue to support and love your child.

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You are supporting your child. Thats all you can do.
You cannot change a bio parent, and considering there is little to no contact or involvement in the child’s life between them, there is nothing for you… to navigate.
That said, contact your local/ online LGBTQ organizations for resources of all kinds.