How can I teach my baby sign language?

How do you teach you’re 7-month-old sign language? She will look at me when I say what I’m signing to her, but won’t try it herself. Her older sister (now 5) picked it up like nothing. I want to teach her as it helped me with my oldest and nieces and nephews. Less fussing and made sure she was getting what she needed right away. Any advice would be awesome, even age recommendations and certain signs like stinky bum XD I never learned it or know if there is a sign for that. I know: all done, more, milk, thank you, and hungry.


First thing I’ve learned with children in general is don’t compare them to siblings/other kids. She will learn at her own pace. Second, all I can say is stay consistent and she’ll get it eventually. Good luck!


My mom googled “baby sign language” and all kinds of videos popped up. My granddaughter has learned several signs in just a few weeks of sporadic watching.

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You say the word and do the sign to them then take her hand and do the sign for her and say the word again. Just super quick, 1 second so she doesn’t get irritated that you’re grabbing her. Teach one sign at a time. You can do all the signs to her when saying things but only focus on her learning/doing one at a time. The first one we taught my daughter was please. So when she wanted something I would tell her to say please and I’d do the sign, then take her hand and rub it on her chest and say please again. And then praise her and give her whatever she was wanting. Then we started a new word once she was doing the sign or saying please on her own. My daughter is in speech therapy and this is what I was told and it has worked for us!