How can I teach myself sign language?

I have always wanted to learn sign language but don’t even know where to start…is there a way I can teach myself?


youtube, google… its pretty easy

I absolutely agree. YouTube has wonderful tutorials for learning ASL (American Sign Language). I am so profoundly hard of hearing that I figured learning now would be of great benefit later. I started losing my hearing at 26 and I’m 70 now. Mom and all siblings (myself included) wore hearing aids.

There should be some classes in your area that you can take

There are several types such as ESL-English Sign Language, ASL-American Sign Language so some of the signs are different. There’s books as well that you can purchase but I’m not sure where. I think it’s great you want to learn because you never know when you could find yourself needing to communicate with someone who is hard of hearing or deaf! My sister is deaf :slightly_smiling_face: