How can I tell my boss that I am pregnant?

Mommy’s I need help I’m currently pregnant with my second baby. I’m working from home and haven’t told my boss about my pregnancy. I need help on how I should tell them.


how about “Hey boss! I got some exciting news! I’m pregnant!”


However you tell him, include HR.

Why not have HR help you? That’s their job.


Does your work have an HR department? If so, start there.


Depends where you live and your work policy. In Canada, you just tell them whenever you feel like telling them although most tell them around the 4 month mark. Our jobs are protected here so we can take up to 1 to 1.5 years maternity leave without worrying about our job.


I’m pregnant usually works.


Keep it simple. Just tell them that you found out you’re pregnant.

What’s the big deal just tell them


Immediately give them notice that you are pregnant, your due date, and clarification of their policy on pregnancy, also request an expidited answer so that you’ll know what to tell the other companies that have tolerant maternity policies

Whats so hard about it lol its not illegal

??? Just tell him? Whats the problem

Just like what I did when I retired. I told them a month in advance so they could start looking for somebody to replace me since I did so many jobs and some of them I only knew how to do and they dependent on Me to much. Even though I thought I was doing good about giving them advance notice they were shock and a few were mad that i retired. So I say get something from your doctor saying you are pregnant with a due date and turn it in to hr. You never know what will happen and you need to be off. They have been put on notice what’s going on

Is he the daddy? Is that what makes it hard to tell? Lol


Given you work from home I have no idea what the big deal is


Who cares? He’s your employer not your master lol

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I never told my bosses lol

You work from home that’s the easy part right there just tell him

Why do you have to tell them, just be pregnant and send the FMLA for your maternity leave to HR

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