How can I tell my employer that I am pregnant?

I just accepted a new job as a nurse and I am just now 4 months pregnant. I found out as soon as we moved to another state and not working is not an option. I start soon and need advice on how to have the conversation with the woman who hired me.


Legally you do not have to disclose at all. I’d personally wait till you are at least passed your probation period if possible.


Wait until after your probation period. Not all states or employers are mother / family friendly as we’d like them to be.

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Legally you don’t have to tell a perspective employer that you’re pregnant. Even if you’re visibly showing you don’t have to mention it. Whether or not you tell them (And when) is totally up to you. That said, Federal law doesn’t prohibit an employer from asking if you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Just tell her along with how long you believe you will be off. Honesty is always best

Really don’t have to tell them. You can’t be fired over it. You will be able to take leave but unpaid.

I knew before I started my jobs & just waited till after my probation period to tell them

No you don’t. Doing that has only caused me problems, and they wound up finding an excuse to fire me shortly beforehand.

You don’t have to. But you just say you have a dr appt xx date and need off

You don’t have to tell them you are pregnant at all. I would also wait until after the 90 day probationary period.

As long as you still meet the job requirements nothing should affect your job. I would just let her know discreetly also so they can be aware that you will be leaving in about 5 months or so.