How can I tell my kids about our dog that died?

Just be truthful it’s part of life that they have to understand and learn from

I told my little boy that our dog was very sick and the doggy hospital sent her to heaven so the angels can look after her… 2 years later and he tells everyone his dogs in heaven with his nanny June x

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We told our 3 year old son that Holly, our dog was very sick, we took her to the animal hospital. The vet tried their best, but she died anyway. We opted NOT to get another dog to replace her, because Grandma, was sick and we didn’t want to confuse the situation, that we could just replace grandma when she died. We did eventually get another dog. We grieved the loss first.

You tell them that dogs arent meant to last forever, but their forever is being part of our families…that dogs live shorter lives but it is our job to make them as happy as possible, and that your puppy did have a happy life with it’s best friend.

We had this happen a few months ago. Our dog had bone cancer that had metastasized throughout his entire body and he had to be sent to doggie heaven.

My kids noticed that I left with the dog and came home without him. We were honest. I explained that he was very sick and in lots of pain even though he didn’t always seem like it because he would still play. We told them he went to doggie heaven (because all dogs go to heaven.) We explained that it’s okay to be sad and miss him but that now he is no longer in pain.

Death is hard but it’s unavoidable. It’s best to be honest and try to help them understand that even though it’s sad, they’ll be okay.

Tell him the truth. Explain the dog was sick and died.


I just had this conversation with my kids just be honest with them. Let him cry on your lap and hold him. Unfortunately we can’t hide then from the bad in life.

It honestly is not as hard as people make it don’t say anything until they notice hes not there And then when they notice just simply state he passed away today And whatever reason he died at that also he was old for he was sick. Its sad but apart of life add. And it’s always nice to remind them of is OK to be sad because when something dies it is a sad thing.

One people set their kids down and say I need to have a talk with you and make it this drawn out sad process that is so much harder then Waiting until they notice and then simply state what happened

Talk to them about the rainbow bridge. Animals who pass away cross over the rainbow bridge to a new realm where they can wait pain free and in luxury for their human companions.

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It’s rough. It hurts no matter what but sorry it’s life and it happens. Perhaps get another pup but take it to the vet check it so it doesn’t happen again at least 10+ years down the road.

They made the puppy very happy

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Tell them the truth. As simple as it gets. The dog was sick, he died, that means his body stopped working. That means he will no longer be with us. If you want to add the dog crossed the rainbow bridge or he became a star in the night sky then it’s up to you. It’s sad, it’s hurtful but this is how life is, death is a part of life.


We had to euthanize our dog in September. We have a two year old and a five year old. We were honest with them both. We explained that he was sick and needed to go to doggy heaven. We chose to keep his ashes and a paw print. We told our kids that when Ranger sent them a present it meant he was happy in his new home but he sent it so they would always remember him. It was hard on all of us and it still is at times. But when the kids get emotional about it we remind them of the paw print and what it means.


I currently don’t have any pets of my own however my in-laws have a pet that my daughter is super attached to and we found out he has a cancerous growth that hasn’t spread they plan to treat him but that doesn’t always fix it all so they’re prepared to have the worst happen. I plan to just tell my daughter the truth (she’s 2, will be 3 in March) and I don’t think I should sugar coat it for her much, I remember as a child I hated when people tried to make light of things and baby talk me like I didn’t understand. I just wanted explanations not some fairytale reason or such. But that is just how I am and I can see my daughter is fairly similar to me so I think that’s best for me to do for her

I’m always honest about it. They’ll be crushed of course but it’s better than lying and them finding out later in life and being crushed because they realized the dog died and that you lied about it. Just have some ice cream on hand or another thing that’ll cheer them up a bit.

Basic truth that puppy went to heaven. He was sick and needed to be in a better place. Our dog of 14 years got old and passed away in 2018. Our entire family was distraught and heartbroken but the kids knew exactly what was going on while she was getting worse

My grandson found his bunny passed away…he had a reaLlyhard time, but we read books and told him the bunny was in heaven with the other animals, he’s still asked, but it’s getting less often!:blush:

The truth. Why lie and sugar coat crap?

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He’s still young enough for a replacement pup. Not saying ur pup could be replaced but it might lessen the blow. When animals pass in our house we explain how God sends people and animals into our lives for a season. But only to borrow for as long as its meant for us to. Then God calls them home to a place much more beautiful with way more toys and treats than we could ever give. The kids actually take it quite well.

I had the same thing when my son was small and I had taken her to the vet and he wouldn’t have lived much longer I told him he was very sick so I let the vet keep her because she knows what to do for her. And he was ok with that I got him another one he never said anything

When our fur baby passed we were upfront with our baby’s and told them he was really sick and passed away but don’t
Be said cuz every time u see them moon know his up in doggy heaven having fun and every time they miss him they say Mumma Bruce’s up near the moon hey it’s sad but cute

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Tell him the truth if he doesn’t understand yet. Have him watch, All dogs go to heaven? We live in country an our boys r 14 ,17, ect. They have learned from the start that they are here to be loyal an faithful to our family until he couldn’t anymore… We have always had a funeral or burial with our kids. Helped them understand. There body’s now in the ground forever but they will be by there sides even if u can’t see them. An alway live in our hearts an memorys
Sorry if I’m confusing, just in genral our lives as a family we have had many family members an furbabys pass … Maybe let him do a plaster of his hand print, seal it with acrylic or modge podge something to seal it against water and put it somewhere special to him an where he played with dog most?

You explain to them the puppy was very sick and some sickness doesn’t get better so sometimes it’s kinder to let the puppy pass away so it doesn’t suffer.
You explain when something dies its no longer with us but he did a great thing loving that puppy and creating lots of beautiful memories.

Death is a part of life and its really only in the western world that we make it almost something to hide and gloss over.

im 100% honest. Id explain the animal was sick and was put to sleep so it wouldn’t be in pain any more. Even at age 4 id tell the truth. my kids are very understanding at ages 6,8,12,13. my 6 yr old is a bit more emotional so it takes a bit more reassuring and hugs. They do see dead animals on the road all the time and it does upset them.

Just be honest with them.